Juggalo holocaust incident

Juggalo holocaust has a meeting with this juggalette and her friends

ropes are fun


6 thoughts on “Juggalo holocaust incident

  1. You guys are a buncha faggots with toomuch time on your hands…. why dont you go whack off or somthing? If you were really gunna kill us then we’d have heard about yalls already. Your a bunch of bitch made pussy haters. Get off our dicks and go find some fucking pedofiles to kill instead of fucking wiht innocent people you fucking biggot!

  2. What is wrong with you people?
    Honestly, what Juggalo pissed in your damn cheerios.
    If you don’t like the music, then fine its all good but to terrorize someone
    because they do not see the world as you do is uncalled for and ridiculous.
    You people must be afraid of difference.
    Just because someone isn’t like you , you think its okay to harass them.
    What is wrong with our society today.
    You know, juggalo’s are everywhere. We go to your church, we shop at the same places and we breath the same air the difference between us is that we are not prejudice against people who are not the same as we are.
    & that’s why we are better than you.
    You can try to wipe us out.
    But we are strong, We will not back down and we will always have our loyalty.
    This is who we are.

    And I am sorry, not because I am “scared”
    I am sorry because you have to spend all this time hating on people that could have a positive effect on your life and because you are truly missing out on something amazing and bigger than yourselves.

    – Lil Killah K

  3. this is my fucking video…and you guys have talked soooo much shit…you guys are sooo fucked up lol you guys really have no lives…and friend led me here, and to see this shit…for you to be all like ima kill thez juggahoes…is fucking wrong…there are real bad ppl out theredoing horrible things…and your here threating me…a girl who likes icp music…and loves othrppl that love it just as much as she duz…wow…you guys make me sick..im fuckin 15 years old you wanna fucking kill me? wow…no lives..no lives..

  4. Wooooooooow. serously ? there are people in the world who friggen rape children and/or murder people. But you idiots are after the juggalos? Friggen retards.

  5. 1. We are not a gang we are a FAMILY 2. Everyone who is a member of the family cares for one another unlike these juggalo holocaust fags who’s daddy hit their mom and goes to get drunk my juggalos and juggalettes have been more of a family to me then yours ever have been so F-U if any one should be murdered think of people walking the streets at night raping women and killing people because they thik its fun. YOU THINK THERES A PROBLEM WITH US. YOU ARE ALL WANNABE SERIAL KILLERS PLUS JUST BECAUSE WE THINK DIFFERNT DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN EXTERMINATE US LIKE ALL THE ANIMALS MANKID HAS ALREADY KILLED AND ANYONE THE GOES ALONG WITH THIS SHIT SHOULD BE TAKIN AWAY BY THE MEN IN WHITE

    Any of my family members wanna talk about something other than these ass holes email me at WickedInsomnia@yahoo.com try putting juggalo or juggalette in the subject or it might get deleted

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