Police always prepare when Icp comes to town

Two people were stabbed at Wendy’s on East Colfax Avenue Monday evening and police have arrested a suspect who they believe was likely attending the Insane Clown Posse concert at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Police were investigating the motive behind the stabbings in the Wendy’s parking lot at East Colfax and Emerson Street. Prior to the arrest, police had been on the lookout for a suspect wearing white pants and a white shirt and face paint.

The victims were transported to Denver Health Medical Center in critical condition.

The stabbing took place shortly before the Insane Clown Posse concert at the Fillmore.

“Police always prepare when this band comes to town,” said Lt. Matt Murray of the Denver Police Department.


6 thoughts on “Police always prepare when Icp comes to town

  1. wow..you people have issues..running around killing juggalos? were people just like you faggots..just cause you dont agree with the way we were doesn’t mean you have to run around with a stick so far up your ass you can’t even reach it

  2. Haha! I was at that Wendies on the fucking 31st you dumb asses no one got shot! There were about three jumpings but noone got shot you guys need to get a life and quit finding ways to make people scared of us. Just cause your a buncha pussy bitches doesn’t mean everyone else has got to be a pussy bitch with you. FTFO you fucken Fudge packers

  3. and my comment remains the same..i found out that,that is my ENEMY fetus that did that shit and he so deserves to go down..wow thats some fuckin random shit

  4. the ppl who do these stupid things give the rest of us a bad rap bout 80% of juggalos/lettes dont do this stupid shit we go about our live have sum good times but we dont fucking stab ppl at wendys unless they try to steal our frostys then fuck em lmao jk nah man to all my fellow los n lettes DONT FUCKIGN STAB PEOPLE there thats my PSA for the week haha

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