Jh is taking your hatchet gear

Some new members to the jh have taken a juggalos shirt , shows how big and tough juggalos are that not only does he let them steal his shit but he starts to cry about it and is not man enough to fight.


6 thoughts on “Jh is taking your hatchet gear

  1. Nigga let me see a pussy ass JH in my set (kentucky, lex.) nd me and my ninja will fuck that ass up!!! come see us look me up bitch, yall niggas aint hard

  2. im sick of JH! you people run around denver like you own this bitch and you don’t…JUGGALO CAPITOL OF THE WORLD MOTHA FAKKO!!! i swear to god you step foot near me or my fam you’ll regret it..your not going to strip me of shit..lets see you try dawg..try

  3. I have never seen one of you dumb mother fuckers step to me? If your all so big and tough why dont you come in numbers and back your shit up? I’ve never even heard of this dumb ass shit until today. You guys are a bunch off fucken biggot ass fucks. Id like to see you in denver repen JH cause i guaruntee you and your homies will be eaten dirt and sucking on tampons. Well take you, your wannabe gang, and anyone else who tries to stop us. MMFCLMF

    JH is just abunch of nerdy bitches pullen their fucken 2 inch cocks with a pair of tweezers. Come get me JH bitches!

    Where’s Waldo Motha Fakoo?!

  4. wow look at those responses and you wonder why people hate on juggalos. Everyone always says were not a gang but as soon as haters say something you are so quick to bust out into this white suburban kid gang mentallity. When will juggalos learn the diffrence between what they call family and there blatant jump into gang mentallity. But were not a gang grow up people

  5. Wow. You freakkin’ cowards. Your hatin on the juggalos, but this guy was nothinn but nice to you. You are just assholes about it. (: If you were set on fire, it wouldn’t surprize me.

  6. Ight so you take a juggalos shit and with all your home boys standing around you want him to fight your for it… if it was me i’d have beat your bitch ass for even trying to take my shit… come try that shit with me!!! Vancouver, WA, you got my info come get some nigga

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