Cops – Featuring Juggalos

Juggalo on COPS

a juggalo appears on this eppisode of cops @ 14:00,cOthers,1,0

so for those who cant see it, some retarded juggalo gets pulled over, license is revoked, and cop smells weed in the car. the cop wasnt gonna take him to jail, then the juggalo beats his own head on his windows. cop puts the kid in the cop car, the kid calls for his dad, who then wants to argue with the cop, and the dad gets arrested also. they found pot, and the kid rat outs his brother. dumb fucking juggalo WHOOP WHOOP

lol lol lol lol lol @ him crying like a bitch when they said they were towing his car

Juggalo on COPS


3 thoughts on “Cops – Featuring Juggalos

  1. Well at 14 minutes it is a juggalo but it seems its a juggalo that wasn’t raised right and if his parents dont know about the weed at all or that his license is suspended (he knew) then they are not doing there fucking job right. this is not an accurate representation of all juggalos. i was raised by only my mother and I have more resepct for the law and everyone then most people. I been arrested not even a year ago and didnt cry like a bitch like he did. I must say being arrested is rather comfterable.

  2. wow id whoop that kids ass snitchin and shit but still dislike cops more because there the biggist gang around the world everykid that got punked in school grows up to become a cop so they can do it to everyone else who they please and get away with what ever thay want like in these videos oh i refernce them to gangs due to the fact they all have the same features as a gang the bigger bully in the civalized world they rep blue and red all wear badges like gangs wear chains, they drive however fast they feel like own there own firearms i mean come on how indifrint are they from gangs drive the holocaust twards taking somthing worthy over what are ya going to get from killin abunch of juggalos but some long prison time and abunch of music and murch ya dont want i know shit that would make your brain split on what you dont know is going on around the world peace out

  3. Wow. To the first comment, it doesn’t surprise me that you got arrested. That is exactly the reason the whole world thinks you faggalos are scum. You try and defend yourselves and image by saying that you guys are really good people and would never do anything to harm anyone. But if someone were to trash talk your beloved ass clowns all hell breaks loose. You guys are pathetic and fucking retarded. Point proven by comment #2. i have no idea what that fucking guy even said. Illiterate white trash…I have yet to meet a faggalo that has been a decent human being. And probably never will.

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