Juggalos wear facepaint for religious reasons

The truth about juggalo facepaint exposed – Juggalos wear the paint for religious / cult reasons

To: aclu, human rights, unted states congress and senate

this petition is for the fight of juggalo equality. we are called juggalos we live all across the world but in the united states we are currently facing our biggest hardship of them all. we are being treated like a cult or a gang. we are very religious group. yes we may listen to music that talks of murder axes drugs and sex but that’s all that is music. there was a underlying message from the founding group of this all the Insane Clown Posse. which was a message about finding god and doing what is right helping other but yet being able to still have fun as long as it didn’t mean doing something bad in god’s eyes. there is many religions across the country and the world allot of them have rotten apples among them but they don’t get treated like we do by the untied states local state and federal governments. our religion is not acknowledged by any of them but seen as a joke. I my self have experienced this first hand. I was arrested while my face was painted which is something we do to have fun but also as a way to individualize our selves and as a religious part. I was told by the police to remove it or I would face another charge which would be obstruction of justice. I told the police that I wear it for religious reasons and taking it off before the date it was intended to come off was a violation of my religious rights. they laughed at me.they didn’t believe that we have a religion, and told me at first I was making it up. I did take the face paint off though so I could get out because my fiancé who is also a juggalo had the required amount to bail me out. but that’s not the end of it they tried to get her to leave the police department because they told her I didn’t want to be bailed out. now you may not know me but my fiancé has two boys who I take care of daily while she is at work why would I not want to be bailed out? I’m sorry I’m getting away from the point here. the point is we are the same as any religion out there that believes in god we are not about killing people we are not about hate we are not about being a gang. look at the Muslims they get the same type of treatment as us from the us government they are all looked at as terrorist but are they no. it is only because some Muslims have gone off and blown stuff up crashed a few planes and now all Muslims are bad. that’s not right just like some people who call them self’s juggalos do stuff that doesn’t mean if they do something bad it represents us as a whole that only represents that individual. I ask for any one who believes in this cause please sing this petition whether you are a juggalo or not. because one day it may be your religious choice that is treated the same way as ours. thank you for helping in our fight in religious equality.
rev Joel H Dinovo
also known as rev truth


This petition has 4571 Total Signatures and is just showing the more sinister side of a cult based on what some people consider harmless music .

Sign the Anti Juggalo petition here


12 thoughts on “Juggalos wear facepaint for religious reasons

  1. It is no cult, people jus hate because we ain’t like them. really do they see it through our eyes? uhmm NO cause they too fuked in the head themselves to see shytt someone elses way. we stand for god and follow god. The music is not bad whut so ever, yu can listen to it an take it literally or yu can listen and take ah message from it. its all yo view on it but are us lo’s n’ lettes the ones pointing our fingers at outhers because we don understand them? YU DONTT because we are accepting of others that are different. WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL

  2. icp and the los and lettes that wear paint…icp wear it to rep the clown,outcasts,freaks,oddballs those who were outcasted in school and life they wear it to support them juggalos and lettes some have religion others don’t i’m a juggalette and i’m christian.

    it is not a religion and not all of us wear the paint

    they also wear it to show they are human all the same deep down

    check out the words for lets go all the way by icp

    the vid alone shows the meaning the vid has bloods and crips together not fighting or killing eachother they wanna get rid of hate envy and all

    to bring everyone together

  3. I agree with everything thing you have just said i just wish it somehow explained the miracle that is magnets.

  4. people are just afraid of what they do not know or understand juggalo’s and juggalettes are jus one big fam that backs each other

  5. dude juggalo’s get a bad name i dont know why but juggalo’s are the best to be you have a wide base and no matter what homies always have your back no matter what

  6. How can people think to judge someone because of what they choose? I’ve been judged ever since I was a little kid, for stuff that wasn’t even my choice. Ever since I’ve become a lette I’ve felt like I actually belong somewhere and have people that care about me as much as I care about them. It doesn’t matter what your viewpoint in this world is, but before you decide to judge others for what makes them feel good and whole, make sure that you can walk on water! Nobody is perfect, same as no certain viewpoint is perfect! It’s sad that people feel the need to drag us down continuously just so they can make themselves feel good. High school drama all over again. Whoop whoop! Mcl!

  7. fuck u all Juggalo Holocaust pussy dick suckin bitches here call in ta dis Juggalo Radio and say som shit on Monday Heres da number bigot bitches 714-510-3729 at 9:00 pm eastern time and to u Juggalos And Juggalettes U all should call to ta show som luv
    so fuk u Juggalo Holocaust Bitches

    sincerly Skitzo

  8. I am a juggalo and a Christian.there is messages for doing what is right found in the music….we all are family.we are loved.I am Deadly Lover from the band Rejected Reflection and I’ll always be down.I love my real family, my juggalo and juggalette family.whoop whoop mmfwcl

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