Should the gathering of the juggalos – gotj be banned?

The juggalo gathering – gotj has run many years and there has been many problems with violent juggalos , juggalo gangs , attacks on public and drug offenses.

Should the juggalo gathering still run – gotj 2010 or should it be sent to the land of the banned?

An example of what happened in gotj 2009

* Traffic offenses

* 200 people arrested for drug offenses
* Police got called out for people having guns and knifes
* traffic accidents

* heat stroke/exhaustion
* Parents calling to check on their kids – having to collect violent children

* Information Booths Burnt Down

*15 Juggalos attacked injured , 2 seriously injured

*Rubbish left behind – large cleaning expense

Please sign our petiotion to ban the gathering of the juggalos here


8 thoughts on “Should the gathering of the juggalos – gotj be banned?

  1. Ya’ll cant ban the gathering… i dare u guys to. i will promise u it will be the last thing u ever do…. mcl

  2. It’s not like if you banned the gathering that everything would just end like that noo. There’s some crazy mofos out there that would take a stand. Don’t you think it’d just create a million times more damage by banning it?! Don’t be ridiculous.


  3. you hate spreading inbred kkk wannabes’ all suck ass. come to chicago with your shit even people who hate juggalos here hate your shit even more i cant wait till your white daughters start fuckin julio and leroy just to know what you fear most is going to happen is awsome,AMERICA WAS BUILT BY IMMIGRANTS,and will continue to be the greatest country in the world because biggots are the true minorites here now.How does that make you feel,white,black,brown power is all dying out……… Its all FAMILY POWER now . much clown LOVE Biggots.

  4. This site is pretty interesting….you have the juggalo’s attention, not to mention my fellow lette’s….but does anyone really buy this shit….u can slam and try to bann all you want. at the end of the day, we’re gonna do whatever the fuck we want….simply because we can. you only Have to pay taxes and die, everything else is a choice….yeah crime rates go up when we gather….same is true for any large gathering of people….pack mentality, it’s nature….and speaking as a parent I will teach my child about family and compassion towards ur fellow man. And love and life. And how to have an open mind and heart towards others and their beliefs, obviosly something no one ever taught you people.

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