Ignorant Juggalo Denys Syko Sam – A Juggalo Family Member


Alrighty. Let’s get this straight.
Do you have any factual evidence that Syko is a Juggalo?
Prove to us that he says the words J-U-G-G-A-L-O and claims it.

Here is your Proof … Syko Sam is definitely a juggalo and for you to try and deny he is makes you look like a idiot


He includes on the page “Fun Facts of the Sam: I am.. the Sam, a Web designer, a graphic designer, a musician, a photographer, a gamer, a promoter, a juggalo. I am not.. a creeper, a stalker, a rapist, a serial killer, a zombie . . .


3 thoughts on “Ignorant Juggalo Denys Syko Sam – A Juggalo Family Member

  1. why say what you say, do you think you being in this little group dosent make you a cult or a gang well it dose. if you say we are. your worse, your wanting people to die. your making us look bad when you are the ones trying to hurt people. your music is worse than icps. they are atleast trying to send a good message, maybe you would here that if you would un clog your ears. pull your heads out of your asses and get over it. you shouldnt call it a holocaust, dont you think that might hurt someone who is jewish. are you trying to be like hitler. you need to stop what your doing. you cant believe that this is the way people are, im not a hoe, i had a 4.0 gpa when i got out of school, i work two jobs, i dont do drugs, i dont have kids yet but i am down for the clown. i believe in god and jesus christ i live my life right. why cant i be a juggalette. why can people be rednecks, or preps, or juggalo holocaust members, because it is what they want. im not part of a gang, im part of a family. dont say i am in a gang, i am not a hater. i have respect for people and ill have respect for you to but the fact of the matter is im still a person. we all have feelings and you do too. please stop we are still people.

    email me with a resonse…. geminiskull13@aol.com

  2. in that case the juggalo halocaust (ooooohhhh scary) is a gangto and infact syko sam was not a juggalo he was associated with serial killin records who although juggalos are what made them popular when asked deny to have any juggalo affiliation what so ever. so do your research you ignorant pieces of shit

  3. im a juggalo and again have never condoned or supported killing. considering the guy who wrote this can’t even spell properly, i dont think its worth holding up as valid information. definitely is a simple fucking word. you cant even spell a 3rd grade word but you rag on juggalos? i’ve been a lo since COC and i have a fucking college degree and a NON EXISTANT criminal record. fuck you, you ignorant peices of shit

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