A Example of a Juggalo – Syko Sam

The suspect in the slayings of four people in Farmville may have been in Internet communication with the daughter of the Longwood University professor who lived at the home where McCroskey III keeps two MySpace pages — one where he goes by the name “Lildemondog” that is for his personal use, the other to promote his music under the stage name “Syko Sam.”

Wade Stimpson, acting chief of the Farmville Police Department yesterday confirmed that McCroskey used the name Syko Sam and said he had also heard that the suspect used the name Lildemondog.

His personal page, which lists his status as “out of town,” has a black background and in large letters at the top reads “I’m different. I’ve seen the dead come alive.” The last login to the account was Friday, according to the date stamp.

Emma Niederbrock, daughter of associate professor Debra S. Kelley and the Rev. Mark Niederbrock, went by the name RagDoll on MySpace. Her page is set to private, so details weren’t available, but she frequently left messages on McCroskey’s personal page. Though she doesn’t use her name on her MySpace page, friends posted messages throughout the day yesterday mourning Emma’s death.

On Sept. 7, the last message she wrote on McCroskey’s page, she wrote: “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwe baby the next time you check your myspace, YOULL BE AT MY HOUSE! I cant waiiiit to see you baby its like 6:17AM, and ive been up since 4ish filled with uber amounts of excitement . . . i love you sooo SO much baby; forever and for always.”

McCroskey writes that he’s 20, from Castro Valley, Calif.; is single and has a high school education. He’s 5-foot-9, with an average build and red hair.

The site includes 65 photos from a two-week trip to Washington state in early June, including pictures of McCroskey drinking a 40-ounce beer and references to him “defiling graves” with friends.

He includes on the page “Fun Facts of the Sam: I am.. the Sam, a Web designer, a graphic designer, a musician, a photographer, a gamer, a promoter, a juggalo. I am not.. a creeper, a stalker, a rapist, a serial killer, a zombie . . .

McCroskey also lists himself as promoter for Wicked Intent Records and Serial Killin Records. “I’m a Nerd, a Gamer, a Musician and a Awesome person. I love music, Its one of my passions.”

On his other MySpace page, where he goes by the stage name “Syko Sam,” he describes his music career: “Syko Sam is a new musician (sic) in the underground and only been rapping for a few months now. As a new artist I feel that I already have some talent in this scene but will only get better as time will do its job.”

The songs posted on the site have names such as “Murderous Rage,” “Creatures of the Darkness” and “Sick Minds Think Alike.”

Yesterday afternoon, someone posted a public statement about the Farmville slayings — including the victims’ names and MySpace identities — on the Web site for Wicked Intent Records and on KillMusick.com, which sells music, clothes, posters and other items.

The statement says the killings occurred shortly after an all-day music festival Sept. 12 called “Strictly for the Wicked 2009,” which was held in Southgate, Mich. That event was hosted by KillMusick.com and Serial Killin Records, the company that McCroskey said he did promotions work for.

“We would like to firstly and most importantly send out deepest regards, respects, and condolences to all the families involved,” the statement reads. “This was as much of a shock to us, as were (sic) sure it has been to everyone else involved, and this tragedy will forever impact the rest of our lives as we are sure it has impacted yours.”

Dozens of comments were posted online yesterday in response to the statement on the Wicked Intent Records and KillMusick.com sites, including some from people who said they had hung out with two of the victims and the suspect at the Michigan music festival.


2 thoughts on “A Example of a Juggalo – Syko Sam

  1. don’t you people have anything better to do with your poor little lives like i don’t know worry about what is going on with our country or the bills and laws being passed that effect your rights? like the patriot act or the constitution? how about my right to freedom of speech or does that not matter anymore go find the KKK and rag on them they kill more people then juggalos do + all the people you talk about on here have mental problems and its not due to listening to music!!! if that was true everyone that listened to county would be drunk,wife beating,uneducated hicks!! Just saying instead of talking shit why not try fighting for our rights!!

  2. lots of juggalos agree syko sam IS NOT a juggalo nor an example of one. Im a juggalo and have never done something so brazen for no reason. I know many juggalos who want this kid dead. what you are doing is no better than what he did. you are giving us a bad label for a hand full of assholes. if thats the case we can do the same for every other group out there.


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