Police Officer Safety – JUGGALOS and JUGGALETTES

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Date 07-06-06
This group (Juggalos) has recently surfaced… where they attacked 23 people in three separate attacks the week
of June 19th
. There were 7-8 men in their late 20s, claiming they were “Juggalos”. The victims were beaten
with sticks, threatened with a machete or robbed of cell phones, shoes, and wallets. ICP (Insane Clown Posse)
graffiti has also been present in the area… They are tagging, wearing black bandanas, and fighting with the
Surenos (Hispanic street gang). There have been fights, cross-outs of graffiti, and forcible taking of black
bandanas. In February 2006, an Insane Clown Posse follower, Jacob Robida, 18, used a hatchet and gun to
attack three patrons in a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and then fled. He was later captured in
Arkansas after a 16-mile police chase, but during the capture, he killed his female passenger, then killed a
police officer. He was then shot by police and later died. Although this group has not yet been labeled as a
traditional “Street Gang” they are starting to commit crimes (as in above case) where they are claiming they are
Juggalos, which does constitute the labeling of a gang.
The Juggalos and Juggalettes (females) have a heavy presence on the East Coast and rapidly growing across the
US with members in the thousands. They are followers with a true addiction to the Insane Clown Posse (one of
the most hated bands in the world) and have based an entire life style around them. They do not jump in to a
gang, but they are very dedicated to the Insane Clown Posse and each other. They claim no violence, but this is
not true
. The make-up of this group is mainly Caucasian. They have lines of clothing, jewelry, paraphernalia,
etc. Most that claim Juggalo or Juggalette will have tattoos. They also follow other bands such as the Dark
Lotus, Twiztid, Anybody Killa, Jumpsteady, Psychopatic Rydas, etc. These are all violent, sinister and vulgar
rap/rock groups. The Insane Clown Posse began in the early 90s out of Detroit, giving themselves the identity of
clowns to better fit in while preaching the messages of the “Dark Carnival.” The Juggalos can be identified by
heavy clown make-up (sadistic wicked-type faces and jester style), tattoos, clothing, and specific music
possessions. The hatchet man (tattoo above) is the most common tattoo as it is the symbol of the Insane Clown
Posse record label, “Psychopathic Records”. The hatchet can be seen in numerous colors. They also tattoo other
music groups they follow – “ICP”, “Dark Lotus” (tattoo above), etc., along with many other types of tattoos.
They wear dark clothing, but do like to also dress in bright clown colors, dye their hair in bright colors, and
wear Mohawks. They like to stand out and be noticed. They tag areas with “ICP”, “Dark Lotus”, etc. They also
have their own hand signs.
Excerpt from internet: “A Juggalo is someone who doesn’t give a f_ _k what people think about them. They have
entered the world of the Dark Carnival and Insane Clown Posse because they themselves have been considered clowns,
buffoons, idiots, and freaks. Being a Juggalo reflects an entire lifestyle and state of mind… it is something that is
impossible to define, even for a Juggalo. To understand what a Juggalo is, you must truly be a Juggalo.”
There is an ongoing dispute with the Insane Clown Posse and Eminem – you may see reference to him in
graffiti and tattoos. The ICP also references the “Dark Carnival” in their lyrics, which to all Juggalos is
“GOD.” It is the ultimate heaven for Juggalos, “where they will experience paradise and never have to worry.



11 thoughts on “Police Officer Safety – JUGGALOS and JUGGALETTES

  1. Fuck this shit juggalos dont start the fucking fights its the god damn JKs doing this dumb shit ,JK: juggalo killer assholes and scum fuck them also know as a prep and wannabe i have not seen any juggalos starting fights my friend got jumped by a bunch of jks the other day so fucking u pig and gets ur shit straight im tired of this shit juggalos are people just like u and i we just wanna get high yeah we tag but ur more worried about us more than the bloods and krips ect. so fuck this get ur info straight

    • Who the hell posted this lyin crap bout us juggalos/letts. man we always ontop of ppls shit list it aint fuckin fair wat the hell we do to the asshole who posted this shit. man ppl just makin asumptions if there were more juggalos/letts the world would be a beter place.

      • wtf its not a fucking gang its a family yea we believe in the same things and we dont hit first we only reply. we dont start fucking fights so get your shit straight

  2. Because of the music it makes us an easy target for the media to blame someone just because of appierance. We look scary and listen to music they dont like and have believes they dont agree with so the lo’s and lette’s become targets. hell we arent racist either but they are implying that too…hell some of the most down homies i ever met were black. and as far as attacking a gay person….UM LESBIAN HOMIE HAS BEEN DOWN FOR YEARS and so have i oh shes my ex! we dont hate on anyone who doesnt hate on us. they just wanna blame us because they cant do their fucking jobs right.

  3. hey fuck anyone out there that has not done the proper research on what a real juggalo or lett really is because what we really are about is being proud of who we are and standing up for our famlly and friends we consider family which is no fucking differant than and other person in this world and by the way to the bitch talking shit heaven to a juggalo is shangrila and which roughly translated means heaven and the dark carnivale is another way of saying limbo or the world between heaven and hell. Now me being a hard working tax payer trying to take care of my wife and kid these insultes going around calling juggalos gang bangers is a bunch of horse shit and these jk’s(juggalo killers) are just a bunch of white trash imbred biggote punk ass bitches that need to be lined up and executed with the rest of the racist trash in the world i think we wold be alot better off.

    and this gose to anyone that thinks were just a bunch of low class criminals. and all of the police and goverment officals need to learn what the fuck they are saying before they open their mouth. because them saying were all criminals is like every one saying that all cops are fat ignorante racist lazy donut eatting fucks that only harrasse people that look a little differant or are free thinking indaviduals.

  4. Man fuck the police! y do they gotta try to make us look like bad people, everybody iz different and people should b allowed to be who the fuck they wanna be and dress the way they wanna fuckin dress and listen to the type of music they want with out being judged or acused of commiting acts of crime. Fuck this society and the stuck up rich people that think they r better than everyone else, fuck money, all i need iz family and some good weed and im happy as a fat kid rollin around in chocolate syrup. WHOOP WHOOP!

  5. whoop whoop yea thats right an all these haters needa stop hateing on jugglos and jugglette we dont do one fucking thing to u guys n u go hateing just give it arest we going by the days and you cant stop us cus we a famly and we dont turn are back on are famly
    so why dont u stop posting crap about us and leave us alone we arent the bad guys we just think diffrent so go get a job keep your self bissy and stay of the internet if all u gonna do is talk shit bout us juggalos and juggalette WHOOP WHOOP LILLETTE POST THIS SHIT MFWCL

  6. all these posts are nothing but the truth because often toooo many people say things and make assumptions before they even know a thing about what they say or do,.,, juggalos and juggalettes are not any type of gang, & their also not emo … jeesh some people need 2 get their darn facts straight before they blabber their no goof for nothing mouths off!!!!! . . .

  7. Alright now this is some motha fuckin bullshit niggah we dont start shit and the people that did all that are considered “JUFFALOS” get that right motha fucka they give juggalos and juggalettes a bad name so dude fuck u ur prolly a fat lonely nerd in a cop suit u bitch ass faggot get a life and stop talking shit bioootch

  8. I’m embarrassed, as a long time juggalo, to admit that my tattoos and wardrobe choice show any affiliation to these criminals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very sparing with the term criminal. You steal from a store because you’re starving, and you’re surviving. You steal from a person for any reason and you’re a leech. You hit someone who has wronged you enough to deserve it, you are defending your rights and honor. You hit someone because you’re a juggalo and they’re not, you are a scumbag who is not being beneficial to society.

    Juggalos, it’s time to stand up for ourselves. Not by fighting. Not by name calling. Not by going out with this “mmfwcl, family whoop whoop fuck you if you’re not family” mentality, but by being upstanding members of society. Get a job. Go to work. Pay your bills. Provide a positive mark on the world around you. We’re not in this bullshit “strong only survive” and “steal all I can” world that many juggalos are trying to create. We’re in a world where there is good, bad, right, wrong… there’s love, hate, pain, fear, passion, friendship… we’re in a world where we CAN make a positive difference if we choose to.

    I am a juggalo. I’ve been a juggalo since I was 13 years of age. I’m not a criminal. I do not associate these people with my life. You can go be a juggalo somewhere else if you want to act like that.

  9. Any mothafuka who claims they do it for the hatchet could be a fukin juffalo cause the fam don’t do this shit for the dark carny we just wanna be wikkid n shit

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