Planet Lotb Post of The Day – Juggalos Found doing terrible things

Post of The Day - Juggalos Found doing terrible things

WOW JUST WOW …killuminiti bringing some crazy posts

Wednesday, March 16th, 2010

A federal drug raid occurred on the
morning of March 16th, 2010 at about 6am. When authorities busted down
the door to search and seize the home, four males with clown paint were
found having anal sex in a ritualistic manor.

“In my ten years
of being a federal agent, I’ve never seen such horrible things in my
life.” One DEA agent commented. “Three of them were having sex while
listening to horrorcore rap group Insane clown posse and the other was
spraying faygo brand soda on them while slicing his penis with a small
razor blade.”

Besides the homoerotic happenings, three ounces of crack cocaine and a small bag of acid was found.

four males, whose names were not yet released, claimed themselves as
“juggalos.” One of the suspects, the owner of the home and the one who
was slicing his penis while spraying faygo brand soda, attempted to
flee via window. Following procedure, one agent pulled his tazer gun
and quickly pulled the trigger in the suspects general direction. The
suspect’s luck must have been terrible because the tazer hit him
directly on the backside of his scrotum, needless to say, the suspect
didn’t get anywhere and was quickly restrained.

Despite the
terrible events the federal agents have went through, all four suspects
were charged with possession of crack cocaine and LSD. Three suspects
are being held at a local jail and the other is still in the hospital
receiving treatment. His testicles were badly burned from the tazer and
his penis is being removed due to extensive mutilation. He is to be
sent to a psych ward due to the ritualistic penis slicing. He is being
evaluated to see if he can withstand trial.


One thought on “Planet Lotb Post of The Day – Juggalos Found doing terrible things

  1. obviously it was drug related and u need to leave the word juggalo out of it that why us decent hardworking juggalos have bad names is cause i=of media hawk such as urself im not here to threaten or curse im more brought up than that so before u start slandering the juggalo name juggalo means family for those of us who dont have one

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