Another member of the ICP/Juggalo gang arested .

Local man with alleged gang ties arrested on drug charges
By Chloe Morrison
Originally published: March 08. 2010 3:01AM
Last modified: March 07. 2010 9:51PM

Alcoa police officers arrested a local man, who is allegedly a gang member, on drug and weapon charges Saturday.

Edward Michael Durham, 39, was being held in lieu of bonds totalling $9,000 pending a March 11 court date, after being charged with Schedule VI drug possession, possession of a prohibited weapon and violating orders of protection, according to police records.

According to a police report, authorities have previously identified Durham as a member of the ICP/Juggalo gang.

Durham was also arrested in December 2009 on a charge of violation of an order of protection, according to Daily Times archives.

Saturday Alcoa Police Officer Brett Romer saw Durham driving on Rose Road in a black Chevy Caprice Saturday at about 6 p.m., according to a police report.

Another officers informed Romer that Durham had warrants out for his arrest, so authorities began searching for the suspect, according to the police report.

“A short time later (at 6:07 p.m.) I observed him pulling into a parking space at Springbrook park, where he’s been known to frequent,” Romer said in the report.

Durham was in the car with two other males — one juvenile — all of whom got out of the car to talk to Romer. When Romer was arresting Durham he noticed a “strong odor of marijuana emitting from his person,” according to the report.

Romer called a K9 officer to search the area.

“The search uncovered a green, leafy material in a cellophane bag under the passenger seat, a brass fitting homemade smoking device and 29 unknown capsules inside a non-labeled pill bottle and a wooden billy club located inside the glove box in the dash,” Romer said in the report.

Durham’s possession of the billy club was in violation of his order of protection, which clearly stated that he was unable to possess or purchase a firearm of other weapon, Romer said in the report.

“Durham was not charged at this time for unidentified pills and drug paraphernalia,” Romer also said in the report.


3 thoughts on “Another member of the ICP/Juggalo gang arested .

  1. JH are outcasts that where not accepted in the juggalo family.theyre anger grew into what they now call the holocaust.they sit on there computers thinking of ways to make our fam look bad.your not fam material get te fuck over it JH

  2. I dont get why juggalos get pissed when people call us a gang i mean yeah we dont belong to the folk or people nation but in a sense in what classifys a group as a gang we are one. So fuckin what we’re just a bunch of homies taking over the world dont get your hatchets in a bunch if we get called a gang or a cult we do what we do and thats that so dont flip out about it mcl keep them hatchets high or burried deep in a haters nugget

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