How to be a juggalette …

Attn all ‘Lettes Land of the banned discusses how you become a juggalette the first step is to watch this highly informative video with pictures of 99% of the juggalette population .

To Become a Juggalette it is about how much icp merch you have or the amount of lyrics about ICP. It’s about being a sheep – about being shunned from the world and from normal society and pretending about not giving a fuck where your opinion fits in.

Juggalettes take shit from other people, they dont know who they are a.

True Juggalettes act like they know what it’s like to be an outsider. It matters how many hatchetman tatoos you have, or how many ICP cd’s you own.

It’s about knowing that you always have the family to lean on when you need support – unless you dont fit the mold or commit a crime because the family will disown you. WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Attn all ‘Lettes



  1. u will get ur’s karma is a bitch n u fucked with the wrong family nigga
    get that pic of the lil ninja n the casket off b4 i come beat ur ass
    fuckin piece of shit juggalo holocaust dick wipe

    • Wow yea that pic of the funeral is fucked up man. Juggalos are people too and you should not take such a serious matter and throw it on a video that make fun of juggalos.Your cold.

  2. wow…… ya’ll are some stupid mutha fuckas….. you dont have the slightest hint of an inclination as to what it means to be a juggalo….. i dont deny the fact that yes a lot of juggalettes are skanks….. but the ones that arent should come down there and personally cut every single one of ya’ll fuck’s dicks off…… in fact i’d pay her to do it…. and the LAUGH HYSTERICALLY when i saw it on the news…… to all the juggalos out there reading this WHOOP WHOOP and MMFWKL fuck these dickless piece’s of bigot shit…. they are no fucking better than the mutha fuckin KKK…. and to all possible juggalos that watch this and are like wtf? dont believe any of this….. i have been a juggalo for the better part of 15 years….. i wouldn’t trade my juggalo family for anything….. without them i would have no one when i have no one….. the feeling i get knowing that any one of them would kill for me is unbelievable…… dont buy into this bullshit…… WE WILL NEVER DIE ALONE, JUGGALOS WILL CARRY ON, SWING OUR HATCHETS IF WE MUST, EACH AND EVERYONE OF US!

    • that vid is rilly fuckd up i love my jaggalo and jaggalette family look me up on myspace would love to be your friend


      • dude OMFG u are so right udont have to own every piece of ICP merch they aint the only juggalo band wholly crap I cant even believe this is up here WTF i outta chop his dick off and shove it in his ass!!!

      • i have a question ive been around juggalos since i was i want to say i was 17 and i respect it and i have listen to some icp songs and i was just seeing how to become one

    • u know boogie mans not lien wee juggalettes arnt all skanks! and we arnt all fat trailer trash ether! we juggalo’s and juggalettes stick together! WE WILL NEVER DIE ALONE, JUGGALO’S/ JUGGALETTES WILL CARRY ON, SWING OUR HATCHETS IF WE MUST, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!!
      WHEN I DIE SHOW NO PITY, SEND MY SOUL TO JUGGALO CITY,DIG MY GRAVE SIX FEET DEEP, PUT TWO MATCHES AT MY FEET, PUT TWO HATCHETS ON MY CHETS TELL MY HOMIES I DID MY BEST!! juugalo’s will never die bitches!! and i will find you and chop off your nuts as a stance for all us juggalettes!!

    • holy fuck. that video is so fucked up. ya i admit some juggalettes are skanks but a lot of them arent. i am a juggalette and i aint no skank, so shut your motherfucking mouth. never ever mess with a juggalo/juggalette, ever. well all fuck u up. juggalos/juggalettes are a family and we always stick toghether. being a juggalo or juggalette doesnt make you a bad person. ive listend to them sense i was 6. i would know this shit. if your a juggalo or juggalette, is that you love icp’s music and no matter what it puts a smile on your face.

  3. I have been a juggalette for 16 years. we are all from different walks of life and have been brought together by a shared passion for equality. Are you all really so hatefull that you have to (try) to exterminate people with a comon love for music and fam

  4. Wow. As soon as I came to this website I wanted to scream. Whoever wrote this ignorance knows NOTHING of the Psycho Fam. I am an 18year old JUGGALETTE from Texas, and I am forever proud to be apart of the fam. What I’ve never been able to understand is all the hate that we get, but mostly I think it’s because of people not knowing what we really are. Ignorance is acceptable, I suppose, but talking about us like this, and devoting a whole website to hate… when you know nothing…is not. First of all, there are no “rules” or “requirements” to be apart of the fam. You don’t have to have all the newest shit, or know all the words to every song. There are ALL KINDS of Juggalos and Juggalettes. Black, white, brown, hell even fucking purple! What I love the most is goin to a show and seeing ALL THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE THERE. The last Twiztid show I went to had what looked to be a 60 year old woman in a wheelchair with their logo on the back of it! I mean it’s that kind of thing that makes the fam what it is. Millions of people needing a light in the darkness of this world, brought together by what’s called the wicked shit and given a place where you’re not judged or hated on. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AS EQUALS. And that’s why you can’t touch us. Lol, we’re eternal. This love that we have can’t be stomped out, especially by bigots and fuckin’ fake ass people trying to give it a bad name. “Methed-out, trailer trash tub of sweaty shit”, my ass! I’m a beautiful mothafuckin’ JUGGALETTE, as are we all. And whoever thinks otherwise needs to FUCK THE FUCK OFF.

    =D M.M.F.W.C.L. to all my Ninjas and Ninjettes.

    • That is right. I’m very new at listening to ICP. I really wanna become a juggalette. The lyrics tell of how we feel inside and what we wish to do. But we never do it in action sometimes. Wich do these rather us do? Just be juggalettes or be fuckin murderers or some shitt. I am lookin forward to becoming a juggalette. I love this comment by the way.

      • We stick togheter and for shit like this.We anit got no rules never will.we dont die alone!People need to think about what they say befor they say shit im a new juggalette and nothing is going to stop that! Like really !! You people need to watch what you say aboout us!

  5. Like really people i stummbled across this website on accident, and to both partys you need to grow the fuck up, to the holocoast group you all are nothing but a bunch of hating faggots, and to the juggalo juggalettes you pull this onto urself so dont get so upset when people do hate, why would you assosiate with a group of people that have such bad rep.

  6. To the holocaust fuck you to everyone else we are family and these punks think they are something thats okay they just scared cause our family is bigger than theirs and i probably fucked thier girlfriends ha like they could get one
    find me on myspace fam

  7. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Anyone could be a lette or lo. It doesn’t matter what you have, material possessions aren’t shit. It doesn’t matter what race or religion you are. You can be rich as fuck and still be down with the clown. Nobody is judged. Fuck, we would even let you bitches be part of the fam if you quit hating. Being a lette or lo is about accepting people. That is why it’s easy to get close to us.

    I’m not sure what crawled up these peoples’ asses but, it sure isn’t a good excuse to be killing innocent people and being fucking happy about it. What exactly is the point?

  8. first thing i saw some fine ass lettes in this vid second get the pic of the lil ninjette out of a fucking hate video i mean if you want to come at us then thats cool but leave the dead out of it thirdly if you hate juggalos so much why not just try to come get us i mean stop being fags and making a website about it do some shit you can find me in the 414 mil town wisconsin come get at me oh and to all those lettes out there up in shangri-la and otherwise mmfwkcl so a ninja some

  9. wow dude that is fucked up i’m a new lette and i even know there are no fucking rules to being a lette or a lo. serosily we are people to and i wouldnt trade my family for nothing. i dont understand why all you dumb fucking idoits out there have to be hating on people that you dont even know. i mean really you dont know what being a lo or lette is all about and that picture of the lil ninjette you need to get out of the fucking hate video that is fucked up to all my lo’s and lette’s out there MMFWCL. like they say “…But i’m down with the clown and i’m down for life yo…”. get your fucking facts straight before you start hating on peoples ways of life.

  10. fuckin haters need to stop this bull shit b4 they get their asses kicked… I’m fuckin down and i aint nothin like they say’n we are fuck that shit..

  11. ok no one has the fuckin since to know what a juggalo juggalette really means.ok first if u have a prob against them dont say anything. really idc what anyone says to my opinion. but whatever. even tho some ppl listen to icp and twisted doesnt mean ure a juggalo/juggalette. theres wayyyyy more to it then the means u stay with ure homies through thick and thin (smokin weed all day, but not everyone does) considerin ure family as ure homies to. u dont tlk trash and ure out of the crowd. so dont try to be a fake bitch.

  12. i think that if you want to be a juggalette or a juggalo you should ask a juggalo or a juggalette that been down for 5-15 years or who you kw thats a real clown thats what you ppls should do whoop whoop

  13. this website is bullshit, anyone who goes on this site or comments about anything besides how retarded this site is, well ur jus all jealous hatas who need a life!! (: bye bye dumbasses!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. juggalettes are not all about being in crimes and saying fuck to the world…its about always having a family no matter what

  15. 2 al u haters..

    They only reason u be hatin on us is cuz we got family and people who care bout us.. U dont kno what it fills like to be the out cast for so long then u find a family that cares id kill for them no all lettes or skanks there r a lot but u have no reason to juge them that there choice not urs and if u dont like it then y the fuck u keep talkin bout? Heres what i think if u dont like the way we look or dress then look the other way if u dont like what we say then dont listen and if u dont like us y u keep talkin to us.. Fuck u haters the hatchet will find u one day and chop ur asss up and ima be laough my ass of WHOOP WHOOP

  16. JH can kiss my ass!!fuck you fucking faggots tryin to say that all juggalettes are skanks?nigga fuck you,you dont know shit about the fam!its not about knowin every lyric to every icp song,its not about how much hatchet gear you got,its about knowin that your family has your back no matter tryin to dis us?well guess what!us lo’s and lette’s WE GIVES NO FUCK! so FUCK YOU IF YOU THINK THAT YOU PUNK ASS HATERS ARE GUNNA GET TO US IF ANYTHING IT JUST MAKES THE FAM STRONGER SO FUCK YOU,YOU FUCKING HOLUCOST FAGGOTS WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL!!

  17. Dont say that shit, cause u dont commit a crime does not mean ur disowened. Thats a saying from a juggalette hater?! Every ninja has a purpose wether crimes, protection, or love. To say u would disowen a family member for their short comings as of the present is a hipocrite. Why if u have love and loyalty to the family do u not absorb their pain and dispair in regaurds to ur pain n except it with real family love? Don’t claim if u cant devote……fat homeless man…..basehead in need of a hit….. or that juggalo who did what he had to servive yet u don’t open ur doors to a stranger ninja family member in need of family?! Whoop Whoop ninjas do ur thing!!!!!!!

  18. look ive been down since beverley kills i csnt spell for shit yet at my 27th birthday i sit here n write my love to true juggalo’s n juggalettes…do ur thing fuck them and all there hater fiend. Tell em to fuck off make sure you whoop n holla to let ur family know ur arund where ever u r. We understand ur with a group thats not (living) J.R.B. ( Juggalo Riderz Bitch) We real ninja still got u with love to all you true ninjas n ninjettes whoop whoop. To u haters u suck dick! 1(321)225-1951 <—real ninja love try me!

  19. Fucku! Juggalettes are nawwt whores…. The whole idea of juggalos and juggalettes is one word…. Family… A family who dont care what others think.. They wil always be family and will always be backed up…. One ur in a juggalo/juggalette (WHOOP WHOOP) family ur always in it… Just cause u dont fit in in whats called normal society…( stuck up snobby people) dont me ur not cared About.. My juggalo/juggalette
    family all come from different backgrounds nOt all perfect…but hey thAts why we fit together i love my family… Im a juggalette and damn Projd of it… Im down with the clown for life!

  20. its funny bc everyone hates on us juggalettes and call us whores…they think it bothers us. we know what we are and what we are not. everyone just hates bc we are the biggest family group out there and we dont care what anyone things…well most of us, the ones getting mad and talking shit to everyone bc of what they call us arnt getting that a juggalette/juggalo doesnt care what ANYONE says or thinks we let it go in one ear and out the other. let them talk their smack and let them beleive what they want we know whats up. whoop whoop. ❤

  21. juggalo/juggalette are not bad at all because my ex boyfriend was a juggalo and he to go with him to his room and have sex and i said on because he was pushing down

  22. Whoever you are that wrote this post and made up that horrible video, you are trash! You have no fucking right to judge the juggalo/juggalette community! You know nothing of the family, so keep your damn mouth shut! Most of us wouldn’t have any one in our lives if it weren’t for our family! So fuck off! Mfcl to all the family! Whoop whoop!

  23. Ugh that video ..nobody gets usbwhile your talkin all that fuckin mess ill split your mothafuckin wig bitch! … WE WILL NEVER DIE ALONE, JUGGALETTES WILL CARRY ON, SWING OUR HATCHETS IF WE MUST, EACH AND EVERYONE OF US!

  24. Ya’ll are fucked up. And you don’t know shit about juggalos and juggalettes. All you are is a fucking hater.

  25. Alright, I really dont give a fuck about what people have to say about jugaloos and jugalettes. I am a Jugalette from Tulsa. I fucking love getting to do whatever i want and not giving a fuck ive been a jugalette for a couple months now but i am glad im part of the family

  26. i know this is old, but i just have to say who ever created this post is a piece of shit, whats the purpose of creating this? just to hate on lo’s/lettes? don’t talk about something unless you know what its about, because it makes you look like a dumb ass…all of those girls in that video are beautiful!!! and thats very fucked up that your hating on a dead child, your a suck human being, also i hate it when people say juggalettes are just fat nasty whores, becasue its NOT true at all, i have been a juggalette for 4 years and im not fat, also im also a virgin… so yeah… FUCK OFF!!! MWFCL WHOOP WHOOP!!

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