Bad Parents – The Juggalos

Just a quick video showing youtube how juggalos are bad parents
look at how these poor kids are getting treated by parents with violent lyrics , face paint on innocent helpless children and unhealthy faygo poured down their throats , all because some band told them too.
clearly juggalos keep your musical crap from your children and give them a shot at life instead of taking them down to the gutter with you – just look at Anabelle Lotus.
JH will be running a orphanage for all juggalo children.


11 thoughts on “Bad Parents – The Juggalos

  1. Leave the kids alone b4 i put my boot up ur ass
    we will never die alone juggalos will carry on ill swing my hatchet n yo face and make u a bloody disgrace HA! why r u so serious get a life u computer fucks!

  2. That’s a pretty bold statement don’t you think?? You shouldnt lump us all into the same category. Im a juggalette and i have a two year old and 10 month old twins, all boys, and I never act like you described. I dont shove the music down their throats, soda isnt allowed for them anytime, the only time their faces are painted is halloween, and the majority of the clothes they wear are ralph lauren! I also have a full time job (so does their dad, my fiancee). I pay my bills, own 2 cars, went to college, and send the oldest to preschool ata church! so just because im down with the clown and have and will be for ever does NOT make me a bad parent and I take offense to that notion. I actually think Im a better mom than most! Yes, some lettes and los are shitty people, but dont be so quick to call us all scumbags. woop woop!

  3. P.S. I dont live in a trailer or ghetto either!! I have a three bedroom townhouse! My man and I worked hard to get where we are, and it’s people like you who seem uneducated in the end.

  4. ok, well first off…im a jugglette of course, and a mother…here are my words on this “juggalo Holocaust” bullshit. who are you to judge how well of a parent i am? im a very good mother, i have a healthy happy daughter. im not forcing my child to do anything that you people are saying. my daughter will grow up to be whatever the fuck she wants. she’s not a juggalette right now, no…she’s a baby. she has no psychopathic clothing right now, all pink little dresses you’d dress your kid in, she has a pink room like any other little girl, she has 2 cribs, 3 bouncers, 3 high chairs, four carseats, every toy out there, and i bought it all…i take care of my fucking kid, thank you. you can’t label a baby…and yes she will listen to icp, twiztid, abk, blaze, dark lotus, what ever she wants to listen to. but if she wants to listen to fucking gospel music and become a fucking nun, im not stopping her. and good job putting the kids with face paint up, are you telling me who ever paints their childs face on halloween while be a “bad parent.”? i doubt it, ok we may do it more than once a year, but who cares? its not like we force our kids down and make them paint there face, if my baby never wants to paint her face, then ok she won’t have too. and the annabelle lotus (god bless that baby) ok, there was compilcations and didn’t make it through. so is every parent who loses an infant child a “JUGGALO”? no, so shut the fuck up about that shit. and if i recall her mother wasn’t a real juggalette any ways…so hmmm…check your shit before you talk assholes. im a real juggalette, i love my family, would do anything for them, im not a nasty whore llike you try to say about us, i ware t shirts and jeans like any other girl out there, and i don’t have much psychopathic gear at all, i don’t know all the words to all the songs, i listen to some mainstream, i don’t carry a fucking hatchet (retards), i don’t have any type of weapon you assholes, i dont paint my face daily, im in college, i love my daughter, my fiance’ and i have never been to jail, never been in any trouble actually, i have a beautiful apartment, we pay for it LEGALLY, there are no drugs in my house, i do no drugs at all, i don’t even drink….does that make me less of a juggalette no, and any family out there would not deny me for having a good life, they’d be happy for me…just like a sister, or brother would. yes some of us aren’t perfect, hell no body is, some of us commit crimes…but we are the only ones. look at half the pedifiles out there….not juggalos, was charles manson a juggalo, no…was ted bundy, no…so lets not start with were all criminals. and seriously why put that fat mother fucker on your website…are you plain out retarded? you say how violent we are, but that kid says he’d punch a wonan, a pregnant woman, a child, or even a fucking infant??? i’d like to see his fat ass come near my baby. your fucking hypocrits you dumbasses. get a life, and stop worrying about us. we don’t give a fuck about you, so don’t give a fuck about us!

  5. I have 2 children that are being raised in and around the family. my children have more respect and manners than most.they have never lost there mom or seen child services. they are learning that equality and family are ones to cherish. not hate & racism

  6. the only reason you want our babys is because you all are either to inbreed from your cousin fuckin or gods being smart and not letting the handy tards redroduce . my e mail is juggalette_luv912 @ i dare you to come get my kids! i will skin you

  7. Ha ha see im on this site for like 5 minutes and already im spelling shit wrong. if you didnt catch that it was you short bus ridin pansys

  8. They’re just kidding, aren’t u understand?
    They’ve dressed their children just for fun.
    Thats doesn’t teach them for violence

  9. hmmm who has the websites with inocent kids pics? you do! who has the site with violent threats towards babys and theyre parents? you do! so lets get real here. you guys sound more like the problem to me

  10. I dont see anything wrong with the kids wearing baby hatchet gear, but giving them soda at a young age and all the other shit is kinda bogus. Im ajuggalo andI am a very good parent. My son gets what he needs and most of what he wants. I make $45,000 a year and live comfortable. I a not a sterotypical juggalo like yall make most of us out to be,

  11. i’m proud mommy of a 7 month old and he doesnt dress like that he has afew T’s but he def doesnt have n e soda ur probably a cunt whore that gave ur child away so u have to make stupid things like this to make everyone else feel bad… but u know what I dont give a fuck what u fucking say cuz u know whatur a bigot and IM DOWN WITH THE CLOWN TIL IM DEAD IN THE GROUND

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