New Land of the Banned Forums

The New Juggalo holocaust and land of the banned head quarters can be found at
and the new land of the banned and juggalo holocaust forums where we discuss plans , new vids and recruit new members to help fight the war can be found at



6 thoughts on “New Land of the Banned Forums

  1. no shit homie they do fuck off and eat shit and die you belong on the dirtnball you stupid faggot ass mother fuckers Holocaust what we will show you the holocaust when the skys fall and the world burns to hell and were sitting on cloud nine smoking a blunt laughing at your crispy asses

  2. Get a life holocunts juggalos will reign over u bitches u can’t stop us I’d like to face anyone of u fags I’d smash u an call u the bitch u r then cut ur dick off and shove in ur mouth then wat u gona talk about its fukkin sad that ppl hate them selves so much and probably not well liked gota hate a certain group and for wat juggalo shit will never die so go on about ur pathetic life fukk haters or fukk off and die atleast

  3. you little bitches will never gonna do shit you will never end us you little rich bitches none of you under stand the true meaning of what it means to be in the juggalo family go suck a dick and die thats all your good for

  4. we are all going to die sooner or later why hate on some one when you really dont what thy are like just because their behind a phone or computer you can get balls to say something so thats why you say it now if you go out do some of this stuff then yea i can see where your coming from and they need an ass kickin but not all juggalos are like that so fuck off if you hates us it just makes us look better then you and wickid clowns never die whoop whoop! thats cyanide for your bitch asses

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