Burglary Suspect Told Deputies He’s A Juggalo – The juggalo gang strikes again

juggalo gang

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A burglary suspect in Madera County claims to be a member of a violent face-painting gang. Nineteen-year-old James Bucheger of Oakhurst, is in jail — accused of breaking into two cabins near Bass Lake.

Bucheger told deputies — he’s a Juggalo. The Juggalos claim they’re just extreme fans of the band “Insane Clown Posse”. But many law enforcement agencies consider them — a violent street gang.

Deputies found the suspect covered in blood at a third home where a party was taking place. The two burglarized homes had smashed windows and blood splattered throughout them.
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3 thoughts on “Burglary Suspect Told Deputies He’s A Juggalo – The juggalo gang strikes again

  1. So who care if he done a break and enter or two. Its not like he’s advocating rape and murder. You are all a shame to your mothers.

  2. There are great buisnessmen who have been busted for embezzlement and fraud. So does that mean all the buisnessmen are bad? No.

    What Juggalo pissed you guys off exactly? Or are you just…jealous. I think the existence of other horror-rap bands on your website lets me and the entire world know you guys are dumb. Give it a rest.

    Or I have an idea. Interview a real Juggalo and prove your claims. You can make us look dumb all you want, nobody cares, there are dumb people everywhere. You can make us look like criminals, nobody cares, there are criminals everywhere. You can attack our parenting skills but you’d have to show yourself doing a better job. And use some real facts like they’re grades and behavior, also having more that 1 example might help sway your cause.

    But I think your dumb, won’t/can’t listen, and need to get a life, or a job.

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