Teachers informed of juggalo and icp gangs and gang signs

ENID — Local teachers have long maintained they’ve seen signs of gang activity in Enid Public Schools, and information provided during a Monday professional day by Enid Police Officer Steve Miller confirmed for many that gangs are active in Enid.

Miller, who currently is a K-9 officer but also has worked in narcotics and has special training in gang activity, told a standing-room-only workshop Monday there are several gang associations in Enid.

He spoke as part of a day-long professional day training for EPS teachers. Teachers selected several seminars to attend, and Miller talked to a group of teachers about the primary gang associations he’s seen in Enid, including Crips, Bloods, MS-13 and Insane Clown Posse (ICP).

Miller said the appeal of being in a gang includes respect, reputation and revenge.

While gang members may have a twisted ideology of what those things mean, he said those three things are evident in every gang since the beginning of gang activity.

He said much of the gang activity that is in Enid began with gang organizations started on the West Coast back in the 1970s.

“Enid has a large population of ICP, Bloods, Crips and MS-13,” Miller said. The police officer spoke to teachers about some of the colors and signs worn by members of these gangs.

Members of the these gangs have traditionally adopted certain professional sports team colors and wear the jerseys of those teams. They’ve also adopted certain signs or symbols that can be seen on their clothes and also by “tagging” property, such as spray painting graffiti on property.

Teachers in the room nodded their heads in agreement with some of the information Miller was presenting.

He maintains the Bloods and Crips associations in Enid are often long-time family relations, saying he’s arrested sons, daughters and fathers from the same gangs. They mainly operate in selling drugs in the community, he said.

MS-13 is the largest gang in the United States, Miller said, and is primarily a Hispanic gang.

A relatively new group, and one he says many young people in Enid associate with — and one many of the teachers said they see on a regular basis — is the Insane Clown Posse.

Miller said they are less violent than the Bloods, Crips and MS-13 groups, but they still are dangerous. The ICP originated out of Detroit in the 1990s from a rap duo with KISS-like face paint, and they claim they mainly are “appreciators of music,” Miller said. Followers of ICP say they shouldn’t be classified as a gang just because they dress differently and listen to a certain type of music.

He said these young people like to go to the metro areas to go to concerts, they often wear outrageous outfits and paint their faces, and they have a fascination with knives and swords. Miller said they call themselves Juggalos, and their mascot is a cartoonish silhouette of a man carrying a hatchet.

He said many of the kids drink orange soda, specifically a brand called Faygo. He added they have a fascination with championship wrestling.

The crimes they have committed are primarily burglaries,attacks on the homeless and school children Miller said.

Teachers said they have seen the hatchet man logo on cars and also as tattoos on students.

Miller said many of the ICP will “grow out of” their association with the gang as they get older.

Miller said the motorcycle gang Mongols also is active in Enid. He said 99 percent of motorcycle riders are not affiliated with any kind of gang, but the Mongols are “one percenters,” who operate in drug dealing and other crimes. Oklahoma members will wear a leather vest or jacket that has Mongols Oklahoma on it.


18 thoughts on “Teachers informed of juggalo and icp gangs and gang signs

  1. man fuck them teachers all their are is christians that get paid 6 dollors an hour for working thing they know whats best for us man fuck them they can suck my nut for all i care this is all lies you aint a juggalo off your racist we have black juggalo and juggalettes WTF do you get the fucking messege yet??? well if you don’t then you ovissly are a hater of a fucking retard well fuck the cops too they aint all that honist them selves they wanna just put a good name out for them selves like the pigs they are cops i hop your reading this too ” go eat a fucking donut and suck your partner while your at it your probly do it any way” well fuck all you bitch ass haters and face as juggahos im out this part hope you all die

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  2. heyfuck all the people who thin we juggalo are a gang becaues we aint and that thats…. im’ma gonna be juggalo till i die bitches go choke on a dick…

  3. ICP is a gang? Wow last time I checked, the where a rap group… damn fooled the shit out of me. The people that make juggalos seem like a gang are the young dumbass kids who take everything that they talk about in songs tooo damn seriously. Juggalos are not a gang, a cult, or a terriost group in any way.

  4. juggalos aint no gang. we are people who grew up with out friends. we grew up as the kid in the back of the class room stairing at the wall beside because we were judged to damn much. we juggalos had know one. until i heard my first icp song i realized there are people like me out there. then all of us misfits and scrubs got together and felt each others pain. now everyones pissed at us because we now have friends or what? juggalos will be around for ever. so people need to suck it up and quit bitching. its life.

  5. fuck u all… we juggalo’s arnt bangers just cuz we like 2 do crazy shit
    and we like hatchits and axes not knives and swords you dumn fucks

  6. ps we a family so whatch what u post we talk and will find theas people who be talkin shit about us its your own falt u got to deal with us maby if u hadent made us the outcast you woulden be so afrade of us u label pusen pricks

  7. This is bullshit…………Why do people always have to say we are a gang? Well what ever i’m happy to be a JUGGALO and thats that.

  8. Just because we stick together and we’re a family does not mean that we are a gang. Do you OLD BITCHES remember The Greatful Dead? Thier followers were called The Dead Heads. People who listen and follow ICP or anything else from Psychopathic records is a Juggalo or Juggalette dependin on gender. Why don’t you go find a copy of A Family Underground (yes it’s a DVD) and watch it. Maybe you’ll understand a little better what our FAMILY means. But until them..FUCK YOU! Imma keep my hatchet swingin till I’m dead in the ground, Mutha Fuckos

  9. yeah thats wat da fuk i mean juggalos r till the end and u say we a gang just because we woop bitch ass haters ass 4 talkin shit dont mean we a gang i will always be a juggalo till the end i started wen i waz in school always 2 myself wishin 2 woop all preppy kids asses until i heard da first song of icp homies then i realized there r pepole just like me and if u want 2 hate on us den fuk u dirty ass hoes… ………..juggalo family 4 eva

    juggalo 4 lyfe

  10. i am down with the clown so go talk bs your cops and schools are just bitch boys its not a gang i should now i ride with a crew that about 10- 20 deep. look at bloods crips ms thats gangs k dumb fucking ass holes go to hell

  11. lo’s and lette’s are NOT gang related in any way we would just like to have somebody to care, a real family, someone to be by your side through evrything, to live with you fight with you and die for you, to be this strong to really care is alot for us, your opinion is your opinion but you dont need to dis what you dont understand, as for you teachers there’s a word for that its called ignorance-not to fully understand a subject…..FYI insane clown posse isnt the only psychopathic family leader… i will be a juggalette til i die, i’ll always be down with the clown…. when i die, show no pity, send my soul to juggalo city, dig my grave six feet deep, put two hatchets at my feet, put two hatchets on my chest, and tell my homies i did my best!!!!!!


  12. Whoop whoop thats what im sayin we represent the people who never had anything untill we found our family bein a juggalo is something special we take a person we dont know and dont judge them on being diffrent we find out how there unique we r a family we can take a stranger and make them part of a family thats what we do thats why theres so many of us and we protect our family no matter what happens if protecting ur fam classifies u a gang member then im the biggest one there is much mother fuckin wicked clown love to the family we keep representing what we represent the freak shit mmfwcl whoop whoop juggalos got it tatted on my stomache biiiiiiiitch..

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