Juggalos your scene sucks


are you “down with the clown”? his taste in music is about as painful to listen to as it is to get powerbombed off a bus by mike awesome (youtube it!), but the poor juggalo is too deluded to realize it.

he blindly follows two middle-aged, talentless hacks who like to play dress up- so he follows suit! buying into a merchandise empire bigger and more self-indulgent than that of hannah montana, the sad clown mindlessly purchases whatever icp sells… keychains, faygo soda, flags, purses, lighters, and athletic gear that will never be put to use. with his facepaint, lice-ridden goatee, coolio haircut, and outdated jnco jeans, the juggalo often finds employment at gas stations and carnivals.

he spends his minimum wages without a second thought at the annual gathering of the juggalos. this is the only place he can find true happiness amongst his brethren, whether it be at a psychopathic records concert lineup or a jcw wrestling event. just watch out for the broken light tubes and barbed wire.

insane clown posse
dark lotus
psychopathic rydas
blaze ya dead homie

psychopathic recs
juggalo wrestling
hatchet gear
juggalo gathering


8 thoughts on “Juggalos your scene sucks

    • right. whoop whoop motherfuckers. you nothing but haterzzz. thanks for making us so famous. thats what u do when u hate. u put our name out there and hate on us.

      • If you don’t care, why bothering commenting on an article that hates on Insane Clown Posse and their fans? You took enough time out to comment on this article, you must care. All you guys say you don’t care but you go on and on about haters. Haters with an “s”, not a “z”. And it’s spelled “you” and it’s called capital letters. Use ’em. Thanks.

  1. Ha you don’t realize this cyber bully bitches, but ICP work with many famous bands such as the misfits, snoop dogg and even kid rock so suck a dick. And just try to understand this with your one-way mind: Every Juggalo is different. Not one is the same so how the hell are you going to use a picture to describe us? You used a fat man, so whats your point? I’m skinny as hell. I don’t even where work boots bitches I where solid black chuck taylor converses besides you seem to know a lot for a hater I bet you used to be one of us. You hide behind a computer and make fun of people where we can’t get you I bet your bitch ass won’t stand up and say that shit in front of us. By the way some Juggalos hate wearing the make up any way, you arn’t nothing but a judgemental ass hole get a dick stuck in your as. Juggalo till the skys burn in flames, fuck that Juggalo For Ever. Look If I met you in person, maybe I’ll learn that your not bad who knows I’m a Juggalo and I have friends that HATE ICP but they love me so why the fuck all we all fighting over the internet anyway I’m sick of both of our shit. Both sides of us need to shut the fuck up. Juggalo Love!!!!

  2. Why complain about it? it only makes you seem jealous like seriously, Grow up and get over it. If you don’t like juggalos.. Okay who cares it is your oppinion, don’t really need to share it to the world because noone really cares, we don’t judge just because you are into whatever.. We can care less honosty. You have no life to sit here to make a point across and believe me you are not the only one because what is the odds that they will stop? i really don’t get why you have to make a point about it.. But you are stupid to do it because we are not gonna listen to what you say either love us or hate us it’s still an obsession buddy. haha MMFWCL

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