Hate Club / H8 Club – Juggalo hate group

if you hate juggalos and use a myspace or face book please add the (h8 Club) to the end of your user names so we can identify each other.
Long live the H8 Club / Hate club


5 thoughts on “Hate Club / H8 Club – Juggalo hate group

  1. Stupid fucks. If you hate Juggalos, why waste your time talking about it? Oh yea, cause you’re little cocksuckers and don’t have anything else to do when you aren’t fucking each other in the ass, so you just talk shit. Fuckin retards.

  2. ha just found this site. fuck all you juggalo pussies. your all just scared little girls hiding behind your clowns and make up.

    btw: bet you dont know how magnets work

  3. I got a pack of Juggalos who will kick all your ass’s you guys will never get big enough to take us on. Bitch if you really wanna kill us I dare you to come to our gatherings and try to kill us all before we get to you. I know some Juggalos cause problems but you don’t realize it might be just because they fake Juggalos right? Know the diffence between Juggalos like me who try to make the world a BETTER place and fake Ho’s who cause problems. Why can’t we just exclude the fake bitches and be friends

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