juggaloholocaust.com Launches – Official website of all things anti juggalo

juggalo holocaust


Juggalo holocaust

Welcome to the end of the juggalo….


33 thoughts on “juggaloholocaust.com Launches – Official website of all things anti juggalo

  1. fuck all of you juggalos will live on forever wicked clowns will never die ur just a bunsh of fags all of you are to pussy to do n e thing come to my town for a sec and ull b dead no fuckin joke ill even give u my fuckin adress and evrything u fuckin pussies

    • swing our hatchets if we must
      each and every one of us
      we will never die alone
      JUGGALOS will carry on
      whoop whoop

      lick deez nutz faggot ass not even good enough to be maggot ass bitchez

      mmfwcl my clowns

      • you aint gonna do shit you stupid juggalo by the way if you get the chance snatch that stupid running man necklace if you do they will cry like pussies

    • Then what is it you bitch ass faggot JUGGALO 4 LIFE WHOOP WHOOP BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah…sureeee Skinny, you’ve truly scared the shit out of us all, believe me. Actually lemme turn the tables: Heres my address; 412 Smith Street. Many, Louisiana. If you are so goddamn tough, why not come prove it? Also, you are just furthering the stereotype that Juggatards are, in-fact, mentally challenged when it comes to spelling or anything requiring base though process.

      Bunch of bloody fucking clown loving degenerates.

    • yo fuck this websitew juggalos run the world problem wit wut i said do sumthing walk up 2 the closest juggalo in ur area say fuck the fam and see wut happens its a promise u gomma get fucked up yall fucking haters find sumthing better to do than hate on my family WHOOP WHOOP MCL fuck yall haters juggalo 4 life

  2. Fuck you juggalo hatin bitches r u so insecure with ur self that u gota hate juggalos wat did we do to uwe don’t talk shit about uget a fukkin life fukkin losers

  3. I getting tired of this, Juggalos listen to me stop leaving hate comments your making us look even worse. dont say “we dont talk shit about you” when at that very momment you were talkin shit. The JH gets on my nerves, yes. but im going to be a better person be reping the hatchet with peace like it was intended. peace mmfwmcl

    • I toally agree with you . the los and lettes tat are leaving hatful crap arejsut gonna get more ppl hattin on us. mmfwcl

  4. Know what?! Here’s a fucking responce! Come find me you pieces of garbage! I finally find a place who accepts me for who I am! Who demands nothing from me but that I actually -act- like a family which IS MORE THEN I CAN SAY FOR ANY OF YOU ASSHOLES! And you fucking come on it like any other religious idiot and try to destroy it! Nice! Really fucking nice!

  5. And ya know, I agree with the last person to a -point-. But ya know, I can’t just ignore the cries of my brothers and sisters out there when they are dying before my eyes! When all I hear is scrubs being killed cause they are scrubs! And frankly, peace is only gained by one thing, by being the biggest, baddest m/f’er in the playground, end of story!

    • Your “brothers” and “sisters” out there are a bunch of disenfranchised losers that can’t fit in anywhere so they choose to pain themselves up like circus rejects and preach about retarded shit, chant MMCWRFLT or wtfever that means, and talk about “family”, which you aren’t in any sense or form of the word. For fucks sake…get over yourselves. Every hate response from you people sounds the same.


      Start using proper fucking english if you wan’t respect, coming off as a raging doucebag doesn’t earn you any respect.

      Wicked clowns will die, very soon I estimate, because the atrocities committed in the name of your idiotic band of clowns is reaching national attention and hopefully at some point they will realize you retarded fuckers are more like a gang than a bunch of music fans.

      I do however, have respect for those of you [that like ICP] that are literate and cohesive in your responses, but this shit with all the ebonics talk from the others is terribly demeaning to you guys [I mean the intelligent ICP fans]. Seriously, you are white, talk like it. Lyf is spelled L-I-F-E. Just food for thought.

      P.S. Don’t bother trying to flame me, you’d just be wasting your time.

  6. What i dont get is what you people have against juggalos. We stand against everything wrong in the world, but you have problems with us?
    Listen to the songs, they talk about racism and poverty and all sorts of other problems

    • i agree. im not usually one to post on these things, but i feel i have to say something on this. ive been a juggalo for over 16 years now. i used to be the only one of like 3 kids in my school who even knew who ICP was and we were your typical pissed off at the world poor kids who found a group who understood us.
      as the years went by and we listened to psychopathic artists exclusively, we noticed the little hints and phrases here and there throughout the lyrics and even looked up shangri-la, the utopian society written of by aristotle. we knew even before “thy unveiling” that they spoke of and represented GODS anger and wrath.
      we learned through ICP and the others that we werent alone and werent crazy for being as angry at the world and people as we were, and thus we could let it go and move on. make somthing out of nothing just as ICP had.
      so keep blasting us and hating us, we feed off that hate and it makes us stronger and holds us together as the FAMILY, YES, FAMILY we are. just know this…JUGGALOS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE/WILL CHANGE THE WORLD INTO A BETTER PLACE USING THE STRENGTH YOUR HATE GAVE US!!!
      so please juggalos, stop wasting your time and energy postng hate back at the haters. hold your head and hatchet high, know that GOD has our backs, and “LETS GO ALL THE WAY!!!”

      • The fact of the matter is that there are a large number of ignorent juggalos out there. There are also some out thete that do have a brain, but shit thats life we are only human and the thing about you JH people is that you have to understand there aare many diffrent kinds of juggalos and in a way we are a family some of us came up from nothing and the juggalo family we have has stood by us and though thick and through thin so to my juggalo family out there mfcl and for thouse of you that dont know what that means MuchFamilyClownLove and keep it F.R.E.S.H Family Remains Etternial Stop Haittin

    • The juggalo world is similar to outlaw biker groups in that they have a 1% of members that stand out. Unfortunately on the juggalo side its the intelligent and GOOD people that are the 1%ers.

  7. It makes no sense why anyone would hate juggalos just because they are different we have tried leaving people alone but man must have an enemy its just natural plus why is it strange to dress up as a clown thats a real job.
    Plus people jump us even for just having the clothes on.
    One day me and my two juggalo friends were walking to one of their homes and for no reason we were jumped by thirty people just cause we had ICP on we did absolutely nothing but walked home from school because yes we do go to school and get educations some of are on the honor role so before you call us retarded and illiterate why dont you check your spelling because its just as bad plus we dont torment people or kill people they do that to us one of my juggalo brothers was almost hit a by a car and the whole time cars stopped at the lights and watched it happen without and interference or help.
    Because there is a group of us doesnt mean we are trying to hurt people it means we are just hanging out with friends so just back of or get to know us before you threaten to kill us morons.

  8. Ok. Frankly i googled this site with the hopes of mocking socially awkward dorks that irritate me, and act in ways that would make a dark man blush. I cant even wear Tripps anymore without people thinking I’m “down with the clown”. Point one: Tripps are a goth thing. Get your own. Point two: yes juggalos are hilarious in scadenfreude sort of way, but they are also living and breathing human beings. Their anguish at their rejection and mistreatneant can at times take hilarious forms, the buddhas forgive me. They clearly take shelter amongst each other because society at large rejects them, and they have been grossly insular & self-destructive in their compensation for this fact.
    Rejecting them and mistreating them only reinforces their antisocial tendencies, and further hurts their chances of finding a nitche in a society that frankly only warms up to consumer zombies. I am a goth freak that has your back, juggalos. Punks, anarchists and ,hell, even furries. Society is fuct and we all need each other.
    And if you don’t know, now ya know, nigga.

  9. This dedicated personally to K-Monk yes please enlighten me on your hatred of our family I really don’t understand any of it u claim your gonna stop us cuz we break the law this and that blah blah but what the fucc is ur JH bullshit doin running around beating up and shooting juggalos well guess what asshole that is a fuccing crime u iggnorant little maggot fucc!! Why don’t u jus sit back and worry bout ur goddamn self and not what were doing u no u do u and ill do me simple as I can put it get a life!! Lame ur little JH thing means nothing to no one its not gonna stop anything its jus gonna blow up into something u little worms can’t handle u see it jus takes a real motha fucca to check a little punk like urself and every other JH groupie out there here 4 words for u and I’m done GET OFF OUR DICCS!!!! Lames ha ha try checking me punk I’m out peace family!!! Ha ha

  10. fuck all you JH bitchs whoop whoop motha fucko
    they all just mad cuz we fuck thier bitchs
    and they cant get none……………………..
    thats what i call RAPE fake ass bitchs with your inferior cocks…
    stay wicked my brothers and sisters

  11. fuck all you haters your just mad because we are the most wicked shit out there so you could fuck the fuck out you dumb bitches psychopathic all day WHOOP WHOOP

  12. fuck that yo im a juggalo till death do i part come fuck wit me in my town and talk that nasy juggalo hatin shit to my face ill bust a head myself come get some Duncan oklahoma come get me all ya gotta do is ask around you find me niga betta yet ee me on utube smashin on ya h8r asses punk bitch how ab out to go talk shit to a brick wall cuz the juggalo family aint ever gonna fall…….MMFWCL J4L

    • And then you’ll go to prison for attempted murder/manslaughter. Real fucking tough in prison aren’t ya? Fucking clown.

  13. We gotten several reports coming in, dealing with your site mentioning its threatening, and its dealing with gangs. We are currently putting your site under investigation. Thank you.

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  14. Come and try and kill us then bitch Juggalos vs. Holocaust then mother fucker we will fight back and shut down your web site


  15. Wow….I’m gonna start by saying I’ve been down with the clown for 14 years. I’m 27 yrs old with 3 kids. I’m proud to be a Juggalo!!! I do what I gotta do for my family, blood and Juggalo related. I don’t talk, act or even look like a Juggalo. There’s so much hate towards the fam because of these kids taking the lyrics way to serious. I was so hateful and angry as a teenager because I was an outcast, abused at home and was alone. ICP showed me the light to a better life and I’ve never looked back. The “crew” I run with are friends I consider my brothers and sisters that I grew up with, we’re family. Been through the ups and downs in life together. We don’t go out of our way to cause trouble or break the law or any sort of the nonsense that caused so many people to hate us. I’m proud to say I’m a great father, I’ve served my country in the army and consider myself a productive member of society. The kids these days just don’t understand what the family and hatchet really represent!! I live by the hatchet and will die by the hatchet!! WHOOP WHOOP to all the true fam!! MCL and let the haters hate. Hold your hatchets and heads high!

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