Holocaust denier Chris Rouleau – Blaze Ya Dead Homie

blaze ya dead homie hates jews
Chris Rouleau, also known as Blaze Ya Dead Homie, is an American rapper from Romeo, Michigan. His stage persona is that of a reincarnated gang member killed in the late 1980s, and his music is a fusion of gangsta rap and horrorcore.
Chris has stated on the latest eppisode of wfuckoffradio that the holocaust is not real and he has not heard of it.

“I aint heard of that shit and i dont believe in the holocast ” he said after a caller questioned his beliefs.
Will we see these nazi lyrics in his latest album Last House On Dead Street??
Only time will tell…


3 thoughts on “Holocaust denier Chris Rouleau – Blaze Ya Dead Homie

  1. Yeah, he was talking about the Juggalo Holocaust, because there’s probably like 3-4 of you sitting behind a computer like a bunch of bitches, which hardly counts as a fuckin’ holocaust. Let us know when you actually do something, I’ve never even heard of you bitches starting one fight, or ‘killing’ us. Come get your revenge bitches.

  2. What kind of revenge??? Just to be clear before I make you feel bad about yourself. Nice make up princess.

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