Juggalo Holocaust Anthem – War by Jeff Nipples

The war is on juggalos , you asked for it and now you got it

watch you numbers start to dwindle with more and more los converting to the ways of the Jh , you either live and be JH or die a juggalo.
even esham who you claim is a juggalo hates you clowns

The official theme gong and anthem of the juggalo holocaust
download full song here


Long live JH


14 thoughts on “Juggalo Holocaust Anthem – War by Jeff Nipples

  1. Couldn’t find someone that could actually rhyme to perform in your pathetic video? Juggalo Holocaust, bring it on.

    BTW, what’s up with all of you anti juggalo bitches feelin a connection with the nazi party and their slogans/acts? You hate on us enough, yet you dont seem to realize that you’re just another nazi bitch.

  2. Seriously people if you have to take this all to the extreme then you really have problems. If you have a problem with us Juggalo’s and Juggalette’s then so be it. We will not change for you now nor will we do it later. So give it up and let it go.

    Email me at Lyra_Marie_Shadows@yahoo.com

  3. Wow! Mr. Nipples hiding behind his little cartoon wants to say he’s coming to kill me and my homies for the life style we choose? When did we morph to a society of people that can accept homosexuals, people of another nation, yet kill others for thier musical tastes? Grow up! Put on your big boy pants and accept it we are who we are and you are never going to change us. You wanna go to war? Go to Africa where they are never at peace!

  4. fuck the jh you guys are just scared ass pussies fuck you ,you guys say we go around killing people you do the same damn thing you go around killin juggalos and raping juggalettes fuck you guys mmfwcl bitches

  5. u wanna war bitches, u say u kill me well nigga i be ya neck cutta and i am right here to stay bring it bitches

  6. yall juggahoes and juggabitches suk my fukn dik ill fight any of u comt to brownsvillt texas bithces ill beat ur ass up anyday:) call me faggots 956-908-3997 i aint scared. much mother fukn clown HATE 4 life hoes. fuckn faggot wanna be gang

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