Jugalos and Insane Clown Posse are not criminals or violent …. Think Again


Juggalos are criminals









Heres just a sample of the crimes commited by the peacful juggalo – this is why the Juggalo holocaust was formed.

I could go on ALL DAY.



7 thoughts on “Jugalos and Insane Clown Posse are not criminals or violent …. Think Again

  1. u JH guys r pussys y do u fight against the juggalos when there r real hard core gangs out there that do worst stuff

    The juggalo holocaust is full of pussy who wont try anthing against real gangs

    Police say they do run into juggaloes committing crimes, but add its mostly petty stuff, not the drugs and violence associated with hard core street gangs.

  2. Dood, thats just some juggalos that want to give other juggalos a bad name.
    Are you seriously that ignorant?…

    You’ll be the one burrning in hell for this.

  3. Ima Juggalo!! I’ve commited crimes and shit, beat the fuck out of people and have had my ass kicked, plenty times, so fuckin what?? Go cry to your fuckin motha! Jus cus i do that shit cus i honestly jus don’t give a fuck, don’t mean we all like that, and so what if we are?? Only ones scared are the bitches that can’t handle some motha fuckin unity. We ain’t a gang, simply a family! Cities classify gangs as groups of 3 or more people commiting crimes and and doing criminal activities together, yeah we do that, sometimes! But that ain’t what the wicked clown fam be about, the fam is bout havin a fam, unity, people that are there for you, people you get along with, a fuckin family. And if you can’t deal with that, deal. But come for family, I dare you, it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever fucking do.

  4. But whats more known and just because juggalos committed those crims look at all the crims in the world i mean if someone listened to Brittany Spears and killed someone would there be a holocaust for that too?? I mean this is stupid as fuck and if you think your right then yall are the ones that need therapy. My fam has been there for me time and time again I dare a mutha fucker to fuck with any lo or lette youll all have your day where we get our revenge

  5. you mothafackos dont get it
    im a motherfucking juggalo
    and its people like you we hate
    cuz you all hatin on us when we tryn prove the point that juggalos are strong we live and its not going to stop WE DONT DIE !
    were homies and a family most of us been thru shit u wouldnt survive
    wouldnt even get so see!and ive seen somethin up there sayin jigolos
    no fuck that juggalos get it right!
    we dont fuck with u if u dont fuck with us
    we worldwide if u dont like it do somethin

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