Jokers Smile recomends jugglos bow to the juggalo holocaust

My name is Jokers Smile and these are my thoughts on and issues with Juggalos and the JH Juggalo holocaust. So listen up juggalos, you might just hear somethin you won’t like.
juggalo cults , juggalo gangs and violent j and shaggy beat downs get discussed



34 thoughts on “Jokers Smile recomends jugglos bow to the juggalo holocaust

  1. JH -People thinking for themselves nice. I have to admit I’m sick of little know nothing punks that think they’re hard. These children wouldn’t make a pimple on a real mans ass.

  2. So You Wouldnt Stand Up For Your Family. Some of us dont have any other fam. I agree with a few things you say! It is Not a gang But there are Juggalo Gangs.
    This is all i got to say

  3. at first I wasn’t sure what this was all about but you speak a lot of truth man, I agree its not a cult or gang. and I have always felt that my fight is my fight just like you. MMFWCL

  4. I actually completely understand this guys point. The juggalo holocaust is just a front to ward off all fakes. At least that’s the way he see’s it. I don’t know, I can kind of see this as being the juggalo holocaust’s way of attacking from both sides, but he’s very very right. I’m sick of the fakes, the juggalo holocaust is cleaning up the juggalo world by threatening it. Even if they’re intentions are to destroy, they’re actually cleansing it in a way.

  5. fuck ya dats wut im sayin day are fuckin it up for duh true juggalos like in salem there is a big gang jsc and i was thinkin bout gettin in but den i found out some one slaped an old lady not dat long ago and i said day r fake we dont do dat and down town at the bus station now we cant wher icp any thing there thay will tell us to take it off or leave and me bein a real juggalo im like wut duh fuck we aint no gang wut duh fuck u talkin bout fuck jsc ight im out peace much motha fuckin true juggalo clown love and dats really wut day to hid under duh blanket and wait for homies to jump in and help its like dont be a bitch get out of duh blanket stand up tell yo so calld juggalo homies to stay back and start swingin back lol but ya i got wut u wher sayin it makes sence to me well mad mad props and peace to all duh real juggalos out there

  6. I finally watched the whole video and I agree with most of the shit you say, they’re excellent points. I think you basically nailed what being a juggalo is all about. But I will never support haters, I’ve heard a lot of people say why we need haters and I totally understand how the JH is doing us a fucking favor, but I still feel that hate is a waste. It causes nothing but problems in the world and the less hate the better. A lot of the people your saying aren’t juggalos, I know people just like that and I agree, but I feel like your practically hating on these people. Sure they piss me off but I try not to hate on them. People are who they are and you can’t change that with hate. Hate is a waste of emotion and time. All you JH supporters who want to get rid of juggalos and all you juggalos that want to get rid of juggahoes, go for it, but doing it with hate is a drain on the f***ing planet. Change people with reason and logic, not hate and threats. I’ve seen a lot of hate and a lot of lame things in my life, but I believe those experiences practically made me a juggalo, but they’ve also made me want to be one less person making this world worse, and I think that’s what everyone (and the juggalos especially) need to get through there head. Everyones seen some terrible times, but use those times to motivate yourself to be one less evil in the world, one less being of hate.(may have read this on another site, just want to make sure you get this jokers smile, I think you’re completely out of line (you and everyone else in JH) to support more hate on this earth)

  7. Guys, a lot of ICP is about letting the music doing the killing for you. You can consider yourself a juggalo all day but I feel that if you are just out there hating people you aren’t a very nice juggalo. We’re supposed to let psychopathic do the killing for us. Juggahoes are usually just people who have heard the message the average person hears and think they’re supporting violence and hate, give them a while and they’ll realize psychopathic is all about letting the music take care of your demons. HATE IS A WASTE! Never support hate, it causes nothing but problems, those dumb ass gang banging cultist juggalos out there need to be talked to, not threatened and scared to the point of taking off the hatchet, sure that might work for a few but that’s not helping the planet one bit. USE PSYCHOPATHIC AS A WAY OF BEING A BETTER PERSON, THATS WHAT THE DARK CARNIVAL IS ALL ABOUT. NEVER SUPPORT HATE!

  8. I was angry at first but like alot of people have said you make alot of interesting points which could very well shake the foundations of all juggalos out there i wonder how many people went wow i am really not with it i still do not agree with the holocost you may be right but you may be wrong on them time will tell but your right it shouldnt really worry us all that much peace man

  9. Jokers Smile, youve got a few good points man and I agree with almost everything you said. The juggalo family is not a gang (and shouldnt be treated as such) but supporting the juggalo holocaust …come on man i mean if theyre all about hatred towards juggalos how can you sit there your moral high ground and self enlightenment of being the ultimate juggalo and support them. Supporting discrimination makes you less of a juggalo fuck you and the fuckin horse you rode in on.

    As for them calling all juggalos stupid. Im at uni studying to be a vet fuck their generalisation….not all juggalos are dumb, and as you said not all juggalos paint their faces, sport the hatchet on every piece of clothing, have psycopathic tattoos or even listen to every psychopathic artist (blaze doesnt really do it for me) so how are you gonna be such a hypocrite?

  10. i got to say u made a good point and i support u 100% we need to get the fakes out of here and keep the real juggalos

    good job

  11. ok we need to quit argueing about what a juggalo is ok cuz a juggalo from icp’s point of veiw is a fan of icp….and they originated the term juggalo so quit trying to say shit…and they do refer to god and christ in thy unveiling…

  12. i ant bowing down to nobody u say ur a juggalo but u support the ones who r raping juggalettes u ant a juggalo bitch because real shit a tru juggalo would not stand for a bunch of bitch raping some juggalettes. these people r jealous because they will never have the underground fan base ass the wicked ones do, so they try to kill us off. and bitch i ant saying please stop don’t do that shit I’m telling u to come to my town Fort Wayne, IN bitch bring it to me I will show u how a real motha fucking juggalo stands for his shit bitch

    • hell yea tru juggalo u speakin tha truth fuck all those jh bitches if i see yall bitches its on imma fuck u up and i dont bow down 2 nobody bitch mcl whoop whoop

  13. All This Jh bullshit is a bunch of undereducated, wanna be skinheads trying to make something real bow down to a bunch of psuedo thug gangsta pussies. YOUR SHITS PATHETIC. And WE DONT DIE. im not afraid of you jh wana be thugs and the JUGGALO FAMILY isnt about to bow down. The show must go on. Mother fuckers giving us a bad name but that shit isnt gonna stop us. 3 Million strong and growing every day. Try and tear that shit down. Youll end up GETTING FUCKED UP. this JH shit will blow up in your faces. Just wait and motha fuckin see! JUGGALETTE TIL I DIE. CARNIVAL REJECT.

    BECAUSE as long as someone can still hate us, that means were still known, so we go through everyday and more and more people are being aware of us either good or bad, and trust me eventually everyone turns, the music n the fam n the love just gets to you, and then well be even happier, well accept you like your blood fam, juss cuz thats how we are, but yes im tired so its time to go bak to sleep so pce out n mmfwcl to all muh mofacin clown fam

  15. Man one awesome vid annd also i can use this vid to explain to my friend why he does not know shit about being a juggalo so yea awesome vid man. also the dude kinda looks like the dark knight joker 8). alright thats all im gunna say peace.

  16. fakes??
    how can you be a fake
    you never gave ground rules to be a “real” juggalo
    or did i miss something??

  17. Im thinking that most if not all of the people that have commented on this video are for the most part just trying to look cool and say they agree with it. I really dont care about his opinions or anyone elses opinions on this or any other subject really. It serves no real purpose to being a juggalo other than having a label for yourself. Im labeled a juggalo. Ive been labeled that for so long it just kind of stuck even though im only mildly into icp, vaguely into twiztid, and barely into blaze. I do like most of boondox’s music cause i dig his delivery and the southern style he uses, i also liked him before he got signed to psy. Most of the juggalos can eat a dick, to real juggalos that could really give a fuck less of what i or anyone else thinks, i thank you for staying true to yourselves. I also want to say fuck you, just because i can.

  18. Also i want to make this point, does anyone claiming that jh rapes juggalettes or beats down juggalos have any news paper clipping or video clips from there local news stations? I havent seen one bit of proof that any one involved in the whole jh thing has done any of this, SO JUGGALOS STOP BITCHING!!! Get away from the keyboard, get a life, and maybey, one day, you might be able to put your dick in a chick that doesnt have herpes and is 150 pounds over weight ;). How much do you REALLY have to be online or sitting your lazy ass down playing video games? Go do something productive for the world. My work revolves around internet and building websites so i have a reason to be in front of a computer for 6-8 hours a day. Had to throw that little tid bit in there before some mind fucked brain washed bitch tries to use me being in front of a computer and saying im a hypocrit ;).

  19. Bow to you fools?you are a couple of imature punks and if or when you show yourselves were ready. We’ll be waiting for you.woop woop mmwcl

  20. i listened to this whole thing and he did put it down well in my perspective…i feel sorry for the whole JH thing i think there just an internet hate group anyway drill them with a 2X4 in my opinionXD

    i dont need them anyways i like to keep the positivity of life going and not hate certain ppl for what they like and dont like i got class unlike haters on here …all the hate you wanna leash out go ahead it will bite you later on in life (KARMA PWNS xD) anyways your playing with your own immortality(just for a reminder xD)


    MMFWCL FAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. fuck you guys you are ninjas turning against your kind, because of the posers our family has, well FUCK that there will always be posers no matter where the fuck you go no matter what click or family your in the way i see it is you guys are the fucking posers, because you dont go against your family, and i mean all the true ninjas not the posers so oyu abandoning us because of the posres shows that you are igmorant and will never be a JUGGALO so FUCK THE FUCK OFF

  22. I was once a believer of the Dark Carnival when i was a younge juggalo. I am still a Juggalo but a very lonely one. I don’t hange out with other Juggalos in my area. Instead I hang out with hillbilly, bikers, and well normal people. WHY? Well because they are who is around. I don’t need other Juggalo’s to be one. I went to GOTJ09 and I only met 15some juggalos there. All I saw where a bunch of tourist tripping on acid. Glad you enjoyed our gathering, but I don’t believe even half those people where Juggalos. I don’t know the lyrics, don’t know the name of the songs, but I love the music and the few Juggalo’s I met. I do have to say this though it was ICP who helped me find God again but i don’t use the music as my bible. Just for entertainment only. I love the music, but it has very little meaning in real life, well most the songs anyways. So lets go chicken hunten, naw cop’s aint that bad, just don’t break the law.

  23. I agree with him 100 % I am a juggalo yea I hang out with juggalo’s but will I beat one person’s ass with a my juggalo’s no I would not if it’s one person do it your self now if it was alot of people that’s when you get your juggalo’s and fight side by side if you do it 5-1 or 10-4 it’s called being a pussy I know I probally done pissed a bunch of people off but he’s right we are not a fucking gang or a cult don’t try to be like shaggy and j be yourself be a juggalo not just a bunch of fucking imitaters

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