Kidnappers Assemble! Fansign contest easy way to win prizes

As you know, kidnapping is my biz. What you might not know is I got a tv show deal in 2006, before I was sent off to prison. The show was shopped around, passed on by the network that funded it, then stalled out, and shelved…mostly because of the sexual content and fetish stuff courtesy of the girls team 😉 , and because I was going to prison. But 2009 is a new year, i’m here, an the show is back looking for a home. The pilot has already been shot, and a few episodes. The shows being recut and is back on the circuit, so what i’d like to do is get some new fansigns for the myspace an other spots.

Heres the jump off; Get wrapped up in your best kidnapper gear, ski mask or whatever crazy lookin mask you got, ninja suit or workmens coveralls, guns, tape, whatever you want for props, and a sign that says Extremekidnapping: kicks ass, slaps bitches, tazered my mom, Rocks, whatever you want. Ladies (all 1 or 2 of you) you might want to go a lil softer an show some skin (i’ll let Dez spell it out for you) and the best signs say EK makes me horny, wet, spanked me hard, tied me up an I liked it, etc. Fansigns!

The incentive: The best one gets a brand new ExtremeKidnapping Tee shirt sent to you, or if you prefer, a handcuff key. Your choice.

Recap: Support your homie and EK by gettin dressed up in your best kidnapper apparel, make a fansign, and post your pic or send it direct to and get a fresh t-shirt or handcuff key. Simple.



3 thoughts on “Kidnappers Assemble! Fansign contest easy way to win prizes

  1. I say i have to agree with Arik Staley on that one…LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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