Worlds Biggest Juggalo Hate Group

Worlds Biggest Juggalo Hate Group
is located right here


52 thoughts on “Worlds Biggest Juggalo Hate Group

  1. all u dat r hatin on da juggalos r f**kin on crack.evry body has their own little group dat thay hang out wit.nd i know dis.all you who read this can say what you want but you should’nt hate on other peoples groups.dats not koo.
    from a juggalette

  2. ok. ginger… learn how to type… come on fam, get edumacated…lol… but honestly, as i’ve said before, we are people, you guys and/or girls need to chill, and i love everybody. no matter if they love juggalos or hate them. it doesn’t matter to me. i love everybody because everybody needs some love in their lives. whether it’s from friends, family, whatever higher being that person believes in or from somebody they don’t even know. oh and btw, no matter who you are, where you’re from, what color your skin is, or who you hang out with, you are still a person. you still deserve to live and be safe. you still have the same needs as a person that you can’t stand. please stop all of this hatin and start lovin everybody else. MJL

  3. i am juggalo and im down fo’ life im in class right now and im fucking pissed. this is bullshit. just cuz i like a certain type of music and i ENJOY painting my face i dont have to i ENJOY it you wanna fucking kill me. come on and try it. ill be waitin with my axe. f this shit. the juggalo holocoast wooooo, there is to many of us out there, we will nere die, you will never find me and my fam and if you do, WE JUGGALOS! WE DONT DIE! I dont fit in most places but unlike you, stupid fucking haters, i know where i belong and thats with my fam, and thats where ill. beatin your ass.

    • ill break that axe off in your ass queer u could only beat my ass if you had ten other juggalo queer with you faggot ass jew

      • idfk who this ajwhite is but he seem like he just acts tough to make him feel better about the size of his small dick and ur gonna brake the axe off in his ass? which means u would have to grab his ass and spred it so explan to me how hes the fag? and for the jew part i just find that to be uncalled for the jews have no part in this but im pretty sure that this juggalo could beat ur ass and soo could i but hey if u just wanna talk shit on the internet thats your choise but im pretty sure u dont say shit to the juggalos in your town bc u know damn well they would start curb stomping ur ass the sec u said one word to them and to the PISSED OFF JUGGALO mmfwcl juggalo

  4. look you butt pumping faggots yall think your hard wit all dat hatn ass bull shit bring your bitch ass up too Denver and will see who kills who.

  5. i hate juggalos so much i got this girl and shes in a juggalo family and shes not even a juggalete she has a older brother jugalo (pusy over protective friend) and a group they call a family i hope they all die stupid clowns

  6. all you haters on the juggalo family suck balls were family and you cant brake the juggalo family apart we will stand forever what ever it takes we’ll stay together so nomatter wat you do we will not die wicked clowns never die. why does it matter that we like different types of music just because we paint our faces doesnt mean you fuckin have to hate on us im a juggalo fo’ life and you can’t do nothin bout that. from a juggalo

    • ur gay i hate u cus ur a cocky bastard who basically says that the only way u would fight me is if u had ur juggalo incest family behind u

      • Last i checked hill-billies are incestual, and as your name implies youre probably some redneck sister fucker who licks his mothers cunt while being fucked in the arse by his daddy/uncle/brother… ya fucking hate mongering down syndrome spreading skeeze go fuck yourself with your sisters dick faggot…. nobodies scared of some neo-nazi wannabe pissed of because he’s got seven toes on each of his imbred feet, and despite his inbred upbringing, couldnt get into the KKK… get over it chump, the only place youll ever belong is a gay strip club….

  7. I hope that you haters would just get over it. Rockers listen to suicidal music and they don’t get a hit list on them for that, why should a bunch of people who wear make up and listen to ICP cant do so without being picked on for it. It’s just music. I don’t let my children listen to it but I personally like some of the songs. I’m not some high school slacker who listens to fit in, i was a 3.9 gpa student and never tried to kill anybody or anything stupid. get over it juggalo love

  8. hey bxtches… you wanna see a real down ass mutha fuckin juggalo… come to cc texas da 361… i got homies down here dat’ll blast y’all and not think twice bout it… shit they’ll fuckin laugh at it y’all fuckin pussies… lmfjao… so bring it you bxtch ass JH pussies…

  9. in response to pissed off juggalo

    youre a fucking waste of life and if i wasnt such a peaceful man id kick some ass

  10. All of you Juggalos that got offended by this shit are fake little Bitches.

    Learn your shit. Don’t be a stupid motherfucker. You make yourselves look bad by whining “OMG JH!!! WE’RE GONNA BE KILLED.” or “IMA KILL U HATERZ WHO BE HATIN ON JUGGALOZ. MMFWCL”

    Stupid bastards. Learn some grammar, go to school, or just End your life now. Save others from your ridiculous bullshit.

    If you were real Juggalos, you’d realize that there are going to be people who will hate you. Get over it. Violent J and Shaggy had to deal with the shit and they’re rich as fuck. Grow the fuck up and don’t let shit bug you.

    A REAL Juggalo wouldn’t give a fuck if someone hated them.

    alright. well. FUCK YOU Juggalos.

  11. This may be the booze talking but doesent this all seem like a joke? I mean the WHOLE thing! From what I can tell, the last album the ICP put out finishes a decade long joke. All the crazy evil scenarios turn out to be an allegory for being a good person and finding god. Please realize that they are clowns. Clowns exist to tell jokes and be absurdly funny. This decade long set up delivers one of the best punchlines I’ve ever heard! I mean it. It was a good joke delivered by clowns. And like most clowns, you can walk right by them if you don’t have a sense of humor. I deal with Juggalo’s at my work all the time. They come in, buy Faygo and leave. Some of them are fuckmooks but most of them are harmless kids. Why get pissed at clowns? It’s a fucking clown! There’s no sense in getting mad at a FUCKING CLOWN! That’s like getting mad at spilt milk. Why waste time over something so nondescript, absurd and trivial? They’ll either grow up or move on to the next fad like all people eventually do. I guess to the Juggalos I say “Quit screwin’ around ya’ little bastards”, be yourself but don’t be such a dick about it. To the Holocaust i say “Use your free time better! Time spent hating something could be used more constructiveley to actually fixing something in the world!”, for shitssake, read a book or something…

  12. you’re all fucking lame.
    grow up. your music is horrible, your pathetic and scum of the earth.
    humanity would be better of without you.

    • nigga idk who the fuck u think u r but u aint shit and if u dont wana listin to icp then DONT!! we all love the music its our life, its our soul! and yo i aintv scum bro im a fuckin millionair!! hah and actually humanity wuld b better off with out u cuz ur startin some unnessicary shit! sooo FUCK OFF BITCH!!!

  13. lets put it this way, if you had your choice between a juggalo and a doctor, and you have to survive the apocalypse. I think I just MIGHT take the doctor…

    how many SUCCESSFUL people are juggalos? 0 unless you count the ones that deal drugs because they dropped out of high school, I guess they are successful… In a terrible and wrong way, selling crack to little kids…

    is that how you want to be known?

    • Guess what bitch?

      I’m a juggalette and a RN. Let me catch up in my ER after gettin yo head split open with an axe. I’d rather leave you dying knowin my paint’s the last thing you’ll ever see.

      And for your information, there are a lot more successful juggalo’s than you’d think. 90% of the fam I’m around has been to and graduated or is currently in college. You might just wanna take a look around and see just how wrong you are.

      Grow the fuck up about this drug dealin’ shit. We don’t sell, we buy.

      You need to stop your pussy footin’ around about talkin smack and get your ass to the gathering, we’ll see how you hold up around ten thousand juggalos and juggalettes willin to kill your ass and not think twice about it.

  14. Ok you mutha fuckin haters
    1. FUCK OFF

    • soo basically your queer thats about all i have to say to you worthless bastard who wont fight unless your with alot of other people i feel sorry that your such a raging homo

    • Juggalos are not worldwide dipshit. The rest of the world could care less about your fucking problems in “da hood strght up g, keep it in the fam, Ya herd?” All of the Juggalos I’ve witnessed are fucking fat asses who can’t hold a D+ in fuckin’ high school. All 10 of you, come kick my ass, show me how much of a pussy I am for being killed by a gun held in each hand, or an axe, sure, whatever the fuck makes you feel better. 😀



      • umm yes we are world wide where the hell do u get that we aint just cuz alot of people hate us ? that dont mean shit and for the juggalos you know i cant say much but for the juggalos i know most of them are very smart are in collage and had grades of atleast a C so i dont get wht u r talking about and for the me killing u part i dont need a axe to kill ur stupid ass all i need is one open shot to ur nose and u’ll be twiching on the floor (yes i cant spell i’ve never been a good speller but just cuz someone cant spell that dont mean shit)

      • So basically youre saying that youre a crack baby, addicted to penis, and you like the feel of full grown porcupines in your anal cavity… wow, congratulations, you just came out of the closet… oh, by the way, do your parents know youre cock slurping cross dresser?

    • Hey uh juggalos/lettes arnt about killing ppl u fuckin idiot. It’s about being there and helping ur family no matter what.

  15. Juggalos are beyond a shadow of a doubt the worst pieces of shit to step food on earth. The best thing for humanity would be to gather up every fat disgusting faygo drenched piece of white juggalo trash, place them inside a stadium, and nuke the fucking thing and wipe those jokes of society off the face of the planet. Every juggalo talks like they are a “killa” or like they are hard and they are all pussies that cry in the cop cars when they get busted for sexually assaulting little children. Juggalettes are fat crusty-ass elephant looking bitches that talk ghetto as if their IQ was under 40 and they were raised on Soulja Boy records. All of you juggalo fags can kiss my mother fucking asshole and like it, and while you’re at it I’ll take a shit on your face since it will help you smell better than you already do from your lack of showering. Oh, and NICE HOCKEY JERSEY BRAH, WEARING IT FOR THE 6TH STRAIGHT DAY I SEE!!

  16. Fuck you you MOTHERFUCKIN haters!!!!! You’re all just mad becuse you don’t have a family that would kill for your asses……And comment to HateMosh.. you are the dumbest and blindest bitch of them all. There are plenty of successful Juggalos.

  17. I personally believe all of this is a joke. I don’t take any of this seriously. I just happen to be a Juggalette myself. I am 22 years of age, educated, and have career as a psycolgist. Sure I mispell words sometimes but for the most part it’s ok. I’m human. You should hate an individual for the stupid things that they do. Not just because of who they choose to assosiate with. I’m not calling most of you dumbasses for follwing someone who’s wife cheated on him with a Juggalo. I hate ants because they bite. Not because they colinize.

  18. To HateMosh:

    If you think all juggalos/lettes are unsuccessful, try takin another look. I’m a juggalette who’s down for life and I’m a Emergency Room RN. My fiance, also a juggalo, a successful graphic designer. And I know several other juggalos who have went to and finished college and most likely have a better job than you.

    This whole website is bullshit on my opinion. But think whatever you like, we honestly don’t give a shit and will have no problem splittin yo head open with an axe. And if I ever catch one of ya’ll fuckin bastards up in my er, you better fuckin hope that I’m havin a good day. I’d rather leave your ass on a guerney dying and I hope my paint’s the last thing you’re stupid asses see.

  19. First of all, I would like to say, all these people joining the “Juggalo Holocaust” you are no better than what you are accusing us for. We don’t give a fuck about what you think, why do you care so much about us anyways. To all the Juggalos, don’t even bother with this shit. I have had so many people talk shit about Juggalos and ICP, but guess what? It is always over the internet. Im pretty much always reppin hatchman brand clothing when I go out, in one way or another, and in over five years I have never had one person come up to me and say negative shit about me, juggalos, or ICP. Little bitches are gonna talk shit on the internet and never do a damn thing in real life, so just forget about it. MCL

  20. Questions to ALL juggalos:

    Why would you associate a lifestyle with a group of people that do harm to others? And then get upset when people assume that you are doing what the family itself is doing? I’m sorry but everyone, I reiterate, EVERYONE makes first judgements based on looks, style, etc. Even juggalos, who say that it is wrong. Have you ever seen an ugly girl? That is a first impression based on a look. You don’t want to have these problems, associate yourselves with a productive group of society.

    And by the way, saying that metal didn’t have obsitcles, was down right fucking dumb.

  21. Also to let you know, There are juggalo hoodies on sale for $65.00. But, you’re all family so maybe you can get it for $3.57, the actual cost to make a standard print hoodie. Doubtful because they’re not your family, they are men in business suits with goofy ass face paint, and just like corporate America, gives less than a shit about you if you have no money.

  22. this is just funny to me these fucking JH people think they are the shit HA u guys hate us just because u dont like our music our beleaves but u want to kill us ? ya cuz thats soo much better then just listening to music and painting up our face’s and standing up for our selfs and i know one of you haters is gonna comment on this and say you’ll fucking kick my ass and all that shit but i aint scared of u yes i have family that would beat ur ass for fucking with me but i fight for myself first then after i beat ur ass i leave it at that i dont go have all my fam beat ur ass to just so finally shut ur mouth u can find me if u wanna ! i dont care in no fucking way am i scared of u pussies i will put my fucking axe down for 5 min to make it a fair fight u guys aint shit yes im only 15 but i aint afrade of people that are 18 19 20 25 30 i realy dont give a fuck i aint exactly small for a 15 year old and u might say im so fucking stupid or some shit but i have a IQ of 113 so that aint exactly stupid either i get B’s and C’s in school so realy u aint got shit on me so ya thats all i would like to tell u haters MMFWCL !!!!

  23. Okay.. I don’t understand why all of you are fighting over what u listen to… Okay yeah if u don’t like icp, twiztid, boondox ect. Then dont listen to them…u don’t have to judge ppl on what they listen to.. I listen to them I know quite a bit about them. My bf is a juggalo but I do not concider myself a juggalette. It’s very dumb and immiture of you “JH” to diss a bunch of ppl on what they listen to. Apparently u have no life cuz u sit there thinking of stupid insults to say to ppl just cuz of what they listen to. Really? Just grow up. It’s not right.

  24. you do not understand. ICP is a religion. You follow your own set of rules and gods. AKA you music is your bible and the cards are your gods. and the fat singers like shaggy are your gods also.
    All in all. the music sucks. and the axe is rusty. so go listen to Lady GaGa!

    ps, the icp people are just in it for the $$$ they are not your family.

    • so youre telling me that youve met and talked to j and shaggs, and got them to spill the beans about this all, and now youre coming forward with more propaganda? Man am i glad you did, now i’m gonna go burn all of my icp merch…. NOT!!! NICE TRY YA REMEDIAL SCUM EATING USELESS TRAIL OF FECAL ROT….. LMFAO….

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