JH – the Juggalo Holocaust and Tulsa anti juggalo league membership drive

WE Need You to help us end the juggalo

how you ask
join the message board and lend your support
paint JH everywhere
help stop juggalos from invading our country.

join the offical land of the banned messageboard

what is a juggalo ?

Brainless selfish morons that live under the illusion that the entire world is against them. Fact is, they’re not important enough for anyone to actually care. These people are outcasts because they want to be, my thought is that they think it’s fashionable when they’re really just a small insignificant pimple on society’s ass. T
I’ve had a chance to speak with some of the Juggalos, they, as a group, are so ultra-violent that some (sick as it may be) actually have a plan to systematically cleanse the world of every one that is not “Down with the clown!” As I recall, a little more then 60 years ago a German leader had those same thoughts. Adolph Hitler was the OJ (original Juggalo) .

therefore we need to get them before they get us.


Jeff Nipples World – Juggalo Holocaust Supporters

join the offical land of the banned messageboard

the juggalo holocaust has been exposed in this radioshow.


26 thoughts on “JH – the Juggalo Holocaust and Tulsa anti juggalo league membership drive

  1. you guys are a bunch of scared little bitches who werent sick enough to be juggalos, so all you can do now is hate them. Your a bunch of pussies. So go ahead and do your little spraypainting bullshit, but well still be juggalos and juggalettes, runnin with tha hatchet, drinking faygo, being down with the clown and living how we want to live. Who the fuck are you to tell us that we cant? So you can check out my myspace and hear the song thats gonna bring you bitches down. Ill have it posted soon at http://www.myspace.com/misterytrajik so, you guys can get back to sucking that dick til you choke cuz im out homie. WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  2. FUCK THE J-H! you ignorant fucks obviously dont know a fucking thing about juggalos or what they are about!!! yall need to get your shit right! AND remember there are juggalos EVERYWHERE and they aint gonna fucking deal with this BULLSHIT! this is some hoe shit running around with masks on killing 13 year old kids! AND HOW DARE YOU COMPARE JUGGALOS TO HITLER! were not the ones running around killing people for what they fucking believe in! juggalos except everyone for who they are! FUCK YOU! JUGGALOS WILL CARRY ON!!!

  3. What proof do you have of Juggalos wanting to kill everyone who isn’t down with the clown? When has anyone from Psychopathic ever said, “Hey Juggalos, We want you to kill anyone who isn’t a Juggalo or anyone who doesn’t like us?” When the fuck has that ever happened? I don’t ever recall that. In fact, when have any of you from this message board given an intelligent argument over the reasoning of your actions? Because you’re all full of complete bull shit.

    If you’re referring to the joker cards and the fall of humanity as ICP saying that we’re going to eradicate non-juggalos, then you are sadly mistaken. In the words of Violent J himself “After all 6 have risen the end of time will consume us all. It ain’t got nothing to do with us, it ain’t psychopathic records.” After the 6 joker cards are released, the end of days will happen. They never specified when, just that it would happen. This has nothing to do with Psychopathic, but can be explained in a number of ways. If you’re a religious person, then the end of time is explained in the Bible as the Apocalypse, or the second coming of christ. If you’re not religious, then the end is the result of our (mankind) obvious abuse to nature. Global warming, mass pollution, ozone layer depletion, etc.

    Psychopathic has never said anything about the mass execution of anyone, juggalo or non. Any time you guys of JH want an INTELLIGENT conversation, then contact me. That is if you have higher than a 5th grade education.

    Fuck every single last one of you neo-nazi bastards dragging the Juggalo name in the mud. When the end of days DOES hit, you WILL be judged. Not by Juggalos oh no. By MUCH higher powers. It doesn’t matter what your faith is. This is murder and it is unforgivable.

  4. man we are not people walkin around tryin to even put down people who aint juggalos all juggalos are is friends you can rely on and a place you can go to be exepted for who you are. and do you even know anything about hitler? he thought that germans were better than everyone and he thought everyone who wasnt from northern europe should die AND he was racist. he killed jews for bieng jews and the real thing is, the only juggalo i can think of is that one guy who wasnt even down anyway and he went in a gay bar and shot it up. he was a juggaho and is burnin in hell right now. juggalos are just people waytin for shagrai-la or heaven to come for them. you also said juggalos are “brainless selfish morons” and i know juggalos who are now doctors, or in college, or things like that and i dont know any juggalos personaly who dont at least have there G.E.D or high school digree or there college digree even.

  5. You Dirty little J-H shits, how dare you I repeat how dare you bring our name down!, I agree with my homies up top there never once has psychopathic records ever told us juggalos to go an kill non juggalos , we are who we are, and all you’s mother fuckers hate us because you aint sick enough to be one of us, you never went up to a juggalo and lette and talked to them as a human being, i bet some of your best homies are juggalos or juggalettes and you dont even fuckin know it!!!! all yall niggas goin round killin and rapin us juggalos and lettes when we had never done no wrong to you!!! your just a bunch of fuckin pussies who fear what they dont understand. We aint like hitler we neva killed no-one because of there religion or skin color, so you little scum bags can eat your fuckin words and give up on your fuckin mission….why? because we juggalos…will never fuckin die, we will live on without fear we will not be brought down by your pregiduce of our being juggalos or juggalettes, we are around the world we are everybody we are everwhere. we..will enevr fail to be us

  6. WTF… hello you Adolph Hilter… your referring Adolph Hilter to US? US really US? HOW ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PUNK ASS PUSSY BITCH SELVES… Adolph Hilter started the fucking holocaust with Jews… and here… bunches of years later… you guys are starting a Holocaust with the Juggalos… and your referring Adolph Hilter to us??? HOW ABOUT YOU? yeah YOU… cuz your all just like him…

  7. First off i just want to say what up to all the real ass ninjas sayin how it truly is and secondly to the “jh” your just bent outta shape cause you cant even begin to comprehend the depth of love and respect we have for one another and your mad cause your own parents dont love you as much as we do one another alike. and as for hitler what the fuck does hitler have to do with any of this bull shit you speak of you should go back to school you lame ass fucks and study a history book… and yeah your right about one thing i am a moron but so fucking what thats me you fuck and im proud to say it. unlike you you have to go around and talk shit on us cause your to fucking insecure and scared to look deep down into who you are cause youll probably discover that your a shallow ass punk ass bitch who cant handle the facts of your existince…. FUCK OFFFF BITCHES keep hatin on the greatest keep on elevatin us…. the gimpy one is out this bitch

  8. oh yeah and selfish. what the fuck ????? if you even knew a juggalo or lette you probably would figure out within the first 5 minutes the exact opposite.. my family is the most giving and un selfish people i know… yeah just thought ya would like to know cocksuckers

  9. yea u all a fuckin bunch of pussys trying to say that the world is out to get us and that were not that important well look at ur asses now contradictin your selfs u say the worlds out to get us. well lets see you are. u say that wer not important for anyone to care well lets see oh yea U FUCKIN DO try that stupid jh out on me again ive already had one of you mother fuckin members start shit wit me and i whoped his fuckin to the point were he was crying like a lil bitch you guys are fuckin pussys. you could never kill us all JUGGALOS WELL NEVER DIE WE FUCKIN MULYIPLY IM A HATCHET RYDA TILL DEATH all u pussys cant match up to us cause u no y we got one thing that ull never have and thats family bitch and thay got out back till the end WHOOP WHOOP juggalo’s raize yo hatchets high and lets fuck up these jh pussys and bitches

  10. “therefore we need to get them before they get us.”

    Since you want to say that Juggalos as a group are like the Nazis of 60 years ago, let me point out that this kind of talk is exactly the same as some KKK members as well as other white supremacists from over 100 years ago. So if you think about it, by YOUR definition up there, YOU have just as much in common with these “Original Juggalos” as the Juggalos you are referring to, if not more so. Plus, seriously, using the word holocaust really doesn’t look good for you. Hate all you want, but do your best to stop being such a moronic hypocrite and grow up.

  11. yo u guys are a bunch of fucking pussies come up in my fuckgin hood and say death to the juggalos we will shoot yall asses u will never kill us all off never u fuckgin bitches i hope u mother fuckers live in colorado i will fucking find u and kick ur asses bitches fuck u JH U WILL NEVER kill ofF ALL OF US

  12. The “JH” is pretty pathetic. They want to go to the extremes of murder, just because they don’t respect the Juggalos…it’s pathetic. I mean come on this isn’t like a war between bloods and crips, but that is what will become of it. The Juggalo Family has done no wrong toward society, but you want to try to imitate the nazis and come after us. Why? Is it because we are a family and all have respect for each other? Not just respect but love. Us Juggalos all look each other in the eyes, and what do we see? We see family as close as blood relatives. We stick together. But what would you want to come after us for? Is it because your jealous that you don’t have homies as close as family? Or is it because your to pathetic to find something else to do with your time.

    Any of you so called “JH” pussies give me a time, a place, and a name.
    I will meet you there single handedly and unarmed. But I will put up more of a fight then you will ever want to deal with. I may not win, but i will put myself in jeopardy for the entire Juggalo Family
    Cause you may have taken or tried to take the lives of my family, but you will not succeed in tearing up apart or the extermination of all of us.
    Go on and try, I dare you. I won’t tolerate it, and you will fail miserably.

    Then who will be laughing? Us.

    Come on and try me.
    I’ll even give up my address if you ask for it.
    But you all are to weak and phony to try and face us, or even me.


  13. Hell fuckin yea juggalos. Mad love!
    I’d fuckin DIE, i would put my life on the line, for the mutha fuckin fam.
    Its what I live and breath. Its how I act, how i run my life.
    Shit man.
    –comment to the “crpis’n’bloods” thing–
    Even THEY used to be one big family.
    Shit, Tookie, the FOUNDER of the crips, won a fuckin NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!
    And yet he was still executed?
    Fuck these hatin ass JH bitches.

  14. I think we should round up all the Juggalos and spray zyklon-D on them until their skin falls off. Then they really will be “down with the clown”!

    Eat twat, faygo faggots!

  15. LOL…all of this BULLSHIT is funny to me the JH the Anti juggalo league lol…..what the fuck you guys cant come up with a better name then that look here you fat fuckin red neck i know all your shit its funny when you guys use to be down with us juggalos watch where you make friends cuz now you are known we know what you look like all what 5 or 10 of you LOL…why dont to step to some biger juggalos like myself stop fucking with the kids they did nothing i bet you guys feel like real men beating up on little kids…..come try to beat on a real man you fake pussy fucks ill stand toe to toe with you all day….Look at you JH TWAT POCKETS talking shit but cant back it up you wanting our attention well ok you got it….are you guys so fucking un-happy being chicken head rednecks that you have nothing better to do then pick on little kids….fuck ALL of you fake ass JH pussies you are nothing and never will be when you all can grow some balls and stand up to a true juggalo just sit there and shut the fuck up cuz we dont GIVE A FUCK……to all my fam out there what up yall much love to each and everyone of you out there dont let these pussies get to you fuck them lol we could alway all head to where this shit started lets all go to there town lets kick there ass in there own home town that would shut them up fuckin hold your hatchets high and wet a few necks along the way WOOP WOOP MMFWCL

  16. this is what i find funny as hell…..how you ask
    join the message board and lend your support
    paint JH everywhere
    help stop juggalos from invading our country……………………….LOL LOL LOL LOL i was born in this fucking country ARE YOU JH FUCKS really that goddamn retarded you must be to type some dumb shit like that…..Fam im just pointing shit out to you guys…..mock these mutha fuckaz as much as you can taunt these little bitchs find them beat the fuck out of them do what you must show them no mercy LETS DANCE IN THE RED MIST…..LOL Im Out JRB 4 life MMFWCL

  17. lmao and misspelled a founding fathers name. your patriotism should be commended “twat”

  18. ha i see you mu fuckas are killing juggalos callin yourself j h juggalo holocaust…yet we rep adolf pineapple up tha ass hitler nigga please you killed over 100 ninjas and raped just as much and we are wrong for being what we are …you are nothin for me to worrie about neo nazi’s and skin heads willy bubbas and all that hate ful shit go pray to your swastiksa you fuckin jokes yeah jokes you get no satisfaction from hearing my anger cus im happy as fuck …and you will be exposed and the truth will come out ill be happy to let you know how it is you fear what you dont know …i challenge you jeff nipple clamps you stay out of my town .i got one word for you after i say this why dont you come original seriously you gotta be kiddin me j h lol that shit makes me laugh and oce again one word …reterded…my chart says here that your shits all fucked up and it also say your tarded..ohyeah and you talk like a fag…maby you should smoke some weed instead of crack or stay off that meth shit …wheew damn tweekers……….lol hahahahahahahaah jokes

  19. jokes thats all you are im not pissed at you ….how pathetic can some mu fuckin red necks be any ways or are you wiggers with blond hair and blue eyes actin like your ancestors were oppressed and in slaved for hundreds of years …
    …i know you are doin this to get a rise …so i take that satisfaction away from you when i say …im not man im just makin fun of you joke ass white boy prolly live in the rich part of town wasnt down enough to be down withtha clown now trin to get back at em for breakin your widdle biddy hearts fulled with faggot and riches and fake gold like your fake mammas titties filled with silicone…they glicine in tha moon they shine in tha sun they wiggle and giggle and bounce

  20. Yeah, every message on here was funny as hell, most of you guys dont even realize what your saying when you post something up here, like the “eat twat” guy and the guy with all the dots. wow. the only one that made since in here was ToOdLeZ. Honestly its just a fucking band, JH. get the fuck over it, toodlez is right, what gives you the right to say this stupid shit about Juggalos. they are just people in a band singing their songs, making people laugh and smile and lovin the band, also makin shit heads like you hate every single one of us. Your childish, seriosuly your gonna go to great lengths to kill us?! Ha i like to see you try to kill ME!

  21. yall r bitches all i gottta say id fuck yall up in a hot minute.
    Clown Luv to tha fam
    eat a dick haterz

  22. these niggas is funny
    “we need you help to stop juggalos from invading this country”
    They asking for people to stop people that found their own way.
    And us juggalos are invading? we were born here just like yall.
    JH aint nothin but a pussyer version of the kkk no they cant even be compared to the kkk they just studio gangstas
    aint about shit scared to pull the trigga, thats what we call a real bitch nigga.
    U betta bring an army to get me or else ima injoy cutting yall up
    MCL to teh fam and the haters Come out and play

  23. YO YO YO what up fam ha guys check this out they say we are the killers juggalos are a peace loving people who say fuck who aint down with peace we only spit the wicked shit to encourage to NOT to commit murder at all. They say we are murderers and what not true juggalos dont do that shit we are just the muthafuckas down for anything and straight up proud who we are and what we do. LO’s and LETTE’s THESE GUYS ARE THE CHICKENS and VULTURES! and you know what we do to chickens and vultures right?? WHO’S GOIN CHICKEN HUNTIN’?? WE’s GOIN CHICKEN HUNTIN’!! CUTAMUTHAFUCKINCHICKENUP! RIGHT! remember this one WE ARE THE MUTHAFUCKIN UJSKJHF UNITED JUGGALOS SUPPORTING the KILLING of JUGGALO HATERS FORCE!! last as long as you can my man, cuz when that chicken head hits the fan you got BLOOD GUTS FINGERS AND TOES! IM GONNA SPRAY UJSKJHF in my alley when i get spray if i see any JH tags anywhere im gonna caption it with Jagwacker Homos!!!! THATS WHAT you are JAGWACKER HOMOS! hit me up sometime ill give my town n address we got sum fam up here that’ll give ya a warm welcome. itll be a tea party wit the juggalos we will dosey doe to that country jam and even give ya hugs! ha come up and see for urself! we can go to the carnival for EXTRA fun! come one come all to the amazing maze! its really easy its like a walk in the park. JUGGALO FAMILY! bring your supposed army of NEO NAZI BUTT PIRATES we hate all them. enjoy a big cactus in ur ass when u burn in hell’s pit. JUGGALOS WE KNOW WE ARE GOIN TO SHANGRI-LA! WHAT ABOUT WHEN THE WORLDS LIKE FUCK US KILL US WOULD WE BE DOWN? WHAT ABOUT WHEN IM ONE HUNDRED AND THREE WHAT WE BE? DOWN DOWN!

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