How to Kick A Juggalos Ass

this is only 2 things to knock a juggalo down they do work i have used them on a few juggalos so if your not a juggalo dont watch this!

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Jeff Nipples World – Juggalo Holocaust Supporters
the juggalo holocasut has been exposed in this radioshow.


32 thoughts on “How to Kick A Juggalos Ass

  1. fuck you you look about as gay as mike jacksons fucking monkey you would get you,r queer ass whipped where im from we can tell you,r not a juggalo cuz you a fucking juggahoe BITCH


  3. Bryan Flo aint shit, he’s just a little bitch, all he can do you is push you against a wall and try to suck your dick, oh shit, little faggot, try to step to me, Kardiak Unrest will make a fuckin EMO bleed, try to sock ME in the throat, ill give your eye a poke, then slash your fucking windpipe, on blood is what you choke, dont fuck with the juggalos, you bitch nazi wannabes, i bet you wanna take it up the ass, while you’re on your knees, im a ninja for life with a mind set on horror, so run the fuck away boy, and go sit in the corner!

  4. I could kick your ass you fake bitch! Done even try to start all this fucking shit. Better back down before its too late.

  5. This kid thinks he can take us all on? Does he actually think he can even take on one Juggalo? Doubtful. If he came to my hood…as a Juggalo, and also a hood nigga…I guaran-fuckin’-tee, he wouldn’t survive. He would be strung out, and hung to dry…like tha lil pussy he is. I’d get him from behind, no homo. Shit, I’d turn him around before I came up and blasted him. Now I have it imprinted in my head what this fucker looks like…if I ever seen him, he’d be don. No joke. It’s on. He signed his death wish.

  6. your a fucking idiot… you think you could even touch one of us? no… not with those techniques… your fucking stupid… a few punch and you think we will back the fuck down? HELL MOTHER FUCKING NO… will just fucking beat your ass…. you fucking pussy ass bitch… instead of running your fucking no good mouth about shit you cant handle… bring it… cuz your gunna get your ass served to you on a silver plater… YOU DUMB BITCH

  7. you are the biggest fucking fag i hav ever laid eyes on. pull the fucking cock out of your ass and come to my part of town bitch my down ass little juggalette sister will kick your fuckin ass. you gay lil fuckin cock suckin bitch you cant possibly be serious. yeah you would be talkin shit on a fuckin camera over the internet punk. say that shit to a down ass ninja and get your fuckin skull split . yeaah thats right

  8. eh if the fag on the camera is ever around to read this hit me up so you can come say that shit to my face punk. or better yet ill come to you i dont give two shitty fucks if i have to fly around the country to get to your cok suckin faggot ass. you remind me of the srtaight edge punks in high school who used to talk shit until they got thier head smashed into the road and their gay ass earings pulled out they head my e mail is hit me up ya fuckin punk. lets see where your loyalty really lies

  9. bring your face to me and ill show you how you think you can knock a juggalo down. i can put my head through your cranium and swing my hatchet through each and every one of your limbs and then eat your dead body and fuck your momma on your grave you fat fuckin juggalo hatin bigget ass piece of shit.


    2131 south 254th place des moine 98198 WA… quest it fool and bring all your little bitch ass homies so i can single handedly kill all of you.


  11. dude ur a fuckin retard u can do that with any one dumbass i should beat the shit out of u with a barbed wired baseball bat bitch come to fuckin dubuque and say that shit to my face

  12. lol Dude you look like such a fag. Seriously how do you expect anyone to believe you kicked anyones ass. “Works every time” yeah ok buddy lol thanks for giving juggalos your “technique” if it ever did work now it wont douche. By the way what are you 5’3 and 15 years old ? little tubby bitch man you couldn’t fuck anyone up. You must be picking on 12 year old juggalos in your town or something you punk bitch. Keep making videos showing how lame and fucking ridiculously stupid the juggalo holocaust is.



  13. i like your buddy holly glasses man. also, you should probably stop tryna squeeze your fatass into your little sisters pants ya fuckin emo fag.

    nonetheless, youd think if you guys were 100% serious about this shit, youd have the balls to go to the gathering n do somethin. this shit is just one big fucking joke to everyone, including psychopathic. you guys are fuckin pathetic, end of story. get a fuckin life. try taking a walk or look like you need it.

  14. your just a hater, keep talkin smack cuz it dont faze me , and if you really think you can whip a TRUE Juggalos ass try it see what happens. lol id like to watch ive seen what they can do …. so if all youve got to say is BS stop h8in on us all it does is pizz us off but WARNING carmas a bitch …bitch boys
    -amy babi Juggalo fer life

  15. u cant fight u …….bring that shit to southern indiana ,we are waiting, bring it ,dont sing it ……you all have 20,000 if that da fam has 2 mill..1 milll is da los the other are the letts …besides never FUCK WITH A WOLVES PACK … IWILL DEVOUR US …..U ALL NEED 2 STOP RAPPING LETTS I FIND OUT HOW DID THIS I WILL THROW BLEACH IN UR JEAN POOL HUMAN TASTES LIKE CHICKEN…..LATE homies r here were going JH HUNTIN …..woooooowOOOOOOOO

  16. I like how there are more Juggalos that Fags posting…Oh i mean JH bitches, posting here…seems you guys must not have as many suporters? weird realy. and to this dude who made this vid, what do you do when the Juggalo happens to be 6 foot 7 and would eat your rist if you tucked his head? Try holding my back with 1 hand I’ll rip the muther fucker off and stap you in the eye with the brocken bone after i feed the meet and skin to you dumb ass. If your going to talk shit try not to talk it about the craziest muther fuckers you know. kthxs by

  17. dude ur a fuckin faget as lil bitch who likes to talk shit i bet u if u were to step up to a juggalo u would get ur fuckin ass beat us juggalos don’t take shit from any one and i promise u if i ever see ur ass in real life im gonna fuckin kill u then bury 6 feet in the ground after i take a picture of ur corpse and send it to all ur lil faget ass juggalo holocaust friends to let them kno that were not to be fucked with all of u lil bitches r hatin on us bcuz ur jelous that u don’t have a fam like we do all juggalos stick together bcuz were a fam if all u juggalos feel me let me get a woop woop N.B.K out

  18. This fruity lil bitch aint been in a fight his whole fuckin life, Only thing this little posin pussy ever fought was him mommas fat nasty pussy. Bitch boy mutherfuckers, FUCK YOU AND YA ANTI JUGGALO MOVEMENT!!!! Fake ass wanna be thug. Yall mad cuz a juggalo sees thru ya to tha very core of tha pussy homo dick wranglers you are???? Beat up a juggalo, hahahahaha, Thats cute, Where im from boy, youd be somebodys wife faggot.

  19. C’mon chicken boy! Come and get me.

    385 stokes st, china grove NC, 28023

    Im not fucking scared of you, or your Juggalo Holocaust bullshit!

  20. first he did pick good music (props)
    but honstely stuff like that only works on dumb asses whos dont no how to fight
    its funny how he acts all big and bad on his computer but he just looks like a fat dumb ass nerd who sits around all day playing WOW and D&D i would love to see a video of him fighting a real juggalo and winning
    have all u people noitce that with all these videos ppl post on how to fight or kill juggalos i never see a real JH guy fight a real juggalo
    r guys to afred

  21. Oh my fucking god! That made me laugh so hard i almost pissed my jeans.
    You are such a bitch boy, man. You haven’t even fought a juggalo. In the beging you can soooo tell your lieing.
    You are gonna get the shit beat out of you.My friend is like 5 foot 1 or something but he can kick your ass.And he is like 100Lbs tops.
    I am sure if you saw a Juggalo or Juggalette you’d turn around and walk the hell away from them so fast. Then you’d have to change your underwear.
    That video made my day :D.

  22. you know it is really easy to kick a juggalos ass. there weak posers that cant make a living and think there not in a gang but a family but they have two groups the fight and killer each other the so called original juggalos and the so called new ones it makes no scene how they can call each other a family if they kill each other you never see the mafia killing each other and that is a true family. even there names sound wrong juggalo sounds like giggalo-(male whore) ICP i see pee what kind of idiot would follow a band named that all i am saying is that if your a juggalo go shoot your self now

    • wow you dont know how to talk shit do ya well if you think we’re weak come see for yourself if you are not at this address in lets say 2 months with in these 2 months if you are not here your a pussy the address is 1318 koenig st cincinnati ohio 45215 now i want to see you in front of my house with in two months ready to see that juggalos are not weak so if you are not at my home within 2 months you are a fucking pussy and ill let everyone on this site know how much of a pussy you are untill then you are a pussy ass bitch

  23. fuck you bitches you a bunch of fack ass hoes come to detroit bitches i will fuck your biutch ass up you want a holcast you got one bitch death to JH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will kick every single of of your asses extend do it cuz you will never ever ever conquor this family you want a front you want war you fuckin got it wanna be ass skinheads SUCK A DICK LIKE THAT HOE YOU CAME OUTTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hahahaha. Internet pussie. ooh your scary, you can make videos and put them on the web. Fuck you you bigoted fuck. Whoop Whoop! MMFWACL, to all the fam.

  25. hahaha, he ran outta breath, he went to go swing at the camera and got winded, haahaha. funny shit. Fat Ass,lose some weight

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