some reasons why we hate juggalos

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  1. FUCK U! u dont even know half the shit ur fucking talken about and half that shyt u describe is from dumb ass fucking juffahoe posers who dont even know wat the real fucken family is! None of yall do! Who gives a fuck wat we listen to its our choice! just like its urs to listen to what you do! and just because i am in the family does not make me think that I am some hard ass tough motherfucker that comes with experience just like fucking everything else. WE NEVER DIE! so go ahead and bring on ur pussy shit all ur gonna do is piss us off but we WILL NEVER EVER FUCKING DIE!!!!

  2. dude fuck u half of us dont even want to be invovled with the world cuz of people like u i on the other hand AM one of those respectable juggalos yeah i might look scary ass fuck but my intensions are good just like any one else and the gathering is just the one and only big party we have at the middle of the year so we can all come together and see one another we travel from state 2 state city 2 city town 2 town to spread our messages and support our positive influnces U ur self might have meet a couple of us and ur intake from that was probably bad but dont think of us as a whole were certain selected indiviuals who r trying to make a living . just remember this weh n u go to jewel and ask the guy in aisle 12b were the creamer is he probably a juggalo , go to the car wash hes probably a juggalo, sitting down in ur favorite restuant ur chef is a juggalo, sitting in the court house the lady staring at u in the front desk is probably a juggalette and if u keeep spreading hate then ull end up eating through a straw… WE ARE EVERY WHERE BITCH BOY AND U URSELF CANT STOP HALF OF THE WORLD FROM LISTEING TO THE POSSE WE WILL RAIN BLOOD UPON UR TOWN STOP THE HATIN BULLSHIT CUZ THERE REALLY IS NO FUCKING REASON .. HOW OLD R U ??? WHEN DID U CUMM SLIDING OUT UR MOTHERS LOOSE PUSSY RUNNIG DOWN THE HALL TO SUCK ON UR DADS BALLS ?? STOP THE FUCKING HATIN AND WE LL ALL BE HAPPY CUZ IF NOT THERE WILL BE A JUGGALO REVOLUTION AND IM PRETTY SURE THAT U WONT BE ON THE LIVING LIST
    without clown love,

  3. Alright you incompetent piece of shit, you should get a clue as to what the fuck you are talking about. You can talk all the shit you want, but something tells me if one of us approached you face to face you wouldn’t have shit to say. You’re just another bigot who can’t handle the fact that nobody likes ‘Emo’ pussies and their whiney faggot-ass music. Listen, you’re a nobody, nobody gives a fuck about you. Nobody gives two shits about what the fuck you have to say. More people are likely to kick the shit out of you’re pathetic ass then to actually consider what you have said as an agreeable argument. You’re opinion is about as valuable as the steam on dog piss.

  4. wicked clowns tell the day i die mother fucker!!! i have an offer for you. i will tell you where i live and you come here so i can beat your ass. you wanna meet a down ass juggalo… well you just did.
    this is lil lotus your a bitch come see me in the co i wont back down punk bitch

  5. who da fuck do u think u r u punk ass bitch juggalos.. jus cuz u had bad experiences wit sum of our JH fam dnt mean we r all alike and ur such a fukin ignorant .
    i bet u juggalos dnt even have a fuckin job..
    u should also get ur shit straight n nt start talkin bou sumtin u dnt knw shit about stupid dumb bitch. we aint no fuckin fakes n we do have love for da holocaust family but wtf why should i even explain my self u would never understand wat we are about so stop talkin bullshit n fuck off. JUGGALO HOLOCAUST NEVER DIE!!!!


  6. omg you are such a bigot one not all juggalos and juggalettes do drugs yes there are some of us out there that do drugs but i for one dont and ive been down with the clown since i was thirteen years old and im eighteen now i have graduated from high school in top 50 of my graduating class i also have a legit job its called working in the military to keep america free for everyone and sadly for you to and also why do you care so much what we beleive and what we do unless your jeoulous of us and three if you and me were to meet face to face and if you started to trash talk thinking your better than me i would beat you down just me and you emo boy so please stop hating on us everyone is equal but the fact of you hating makes you seem low ok i dont go around saying lets kill all the emo kids because they dont beleive in what we beleive in and act the way we act so why do you have to hate us and the only reason that you were aproached was for your loud mouth ok so shut up and get your facts straight before you start a war

  7. fuck you haters wicked clowns never die mother fucker. If you have a problem with us come to my house and i will put a hatchet in your fucking head you bitch so come the fuck on

  8. all these people want is to get a rise out of the juggalo and juggalette family. first of all im a very respectable person and i do have a legit job. my family does love me and we are all people and if anybody needs to grow up its you because your the one making a stupid video and being immature. juggalo holocaust is the stupidest thing ive ever heard

  9. aight check this, me and my homeboy, we got a whole group in Colorado Springs called the Wicked Jesters
    bring your asses up here
    Colorado, the biggest juggalo state in the World (said by Violent J himself at the Hatchet Attacks) We will destroy all of you involved in this “Holocaust”
    Bring it
    Colorado Springs 719
    We’ll fuck this shit up!!!


  11. I think you’ve probably just been around the wrong juggalos. Most of us are very social, educated, not “methheads” and are easy-going people. You just have to remember that an asshole is an asshole no matter what they try to latch on to.

    Most of these juggalos you’ve probably seen are juggalos just for the fact that they do act like idiots, act superior and hate on others. That is not a juggalo. I regret that these idiots above me are proving your point for you though. Especially since they do not even know they are.

  12. Do you really know what a juggalo is it doesnt matter who you are or what you do think. As long as you live the life to the fullest its not who owes you cause most of them probably do anyway i know a whole lot of people that owe me stuff but i aint worried about it i know i probably aint getting it back thats the way life goes. Its never a big deal, you ever been down on your luck thats the main thing that they are trying to say that there is always someone thats in the same situation that you are too thats the real reason for the wagons and the juggies everywhere even in the first two cards there where messages listen closely its even in their new shit LISTEN thats all you gotta do. In closing fuck yall that think your juggalos your doing what they want you to do fight back chief up and pass it to the haters and prove them wrong cause they the same way youse is.

  13. Dude the AS you call Juggalos u faced at school arent juggalos they were probabily juggahos so u dont know shit i listen to twiztid and icp icp has a meaning to it that shit is deep so SHUT THE FUCK UP WIT YO BITCH ASS IF U DONT KNO WAT UR TALKIN ABOUT U BITCH ASS BIGGIT U DUMB MOFAKU IF U HATE US THAT MAKES YOU GAY FOR POSTING A VID OF IT IT WILL JUST GET YOUR ASS BEAT SO IF U DONT LIKE US THEN U CAN FUCK OFF

  14. you’re just a hating ass bitch, you’re saying juggalos need to grow up? sounds like you need to grow up, you dont even know half of what your saying! Juggalo’s come from everywhere, different typed of backgrounds, and cultures. I admit some may be piece of shit but so are people who arent juggalo! I know police who are even juggalo, thats not a respectable job? sounds pretty respectable to me even if we all do hate cops. Theres juggalos in out military serving our country, that also is respectable, it’s more than you can say for yourself. take the thumb out of your mouth quit crying about why you hate a certain group, learn about what your talking about before you open that cock sucking mouth of yours and GROW UP!

  15. you claim to hate juggalos and what the represent? why is it in your myspace your favorite music is esham… isnt esham juggalo and also once part of psychopathic? you also claim to like mastamind who alot of juggalos also like, dude grow up learn about what the fuck your talking about

  16. look im not gonna start with hatred and shit like that because it just causes problems that dont need to be started i wud like to meet the person who made this video because i am a juggalette and i am very respectful of others i do not think everyone or everything owes me something its my parents that owe me that and no my family doesnt love me but that is not my fault and you shudnt be sayin shit like that i also do get sick about once a year i get extremely bad pneumonia and my mother always has better things to do sorry bout it and i have a legit job i make 8.50 an hour workin 40 hour work weeks and all of my friends are like family to me because i dont hang out with ppl who just pretend to be my friends those kind of ppl are waste of my time i dont do drugs and i get straight A’s in school whoever the fuck said they was gonna chop you and ur band up for no reason is a stupid idiot and those juggalos at ur high school are fucking juggahoes with no respect for themselves if they dont have the balls to go fight someone i admit it when i get my ass kicked why lie there is no point it just makes u look stupid but yah im srry bout ur experiences ppl but if u were to meet me ur views might not be exactly the same as they are now

  17. alright dude, first off do u kno what ur talkin about? out of every juggalo i kno i cant think of one that does drugs!! an the fact that ur still in high school i cant even fathom the childish things going on between u an the juggalos there, juggalos are all suppose to be all about peace until we’re fucked with, idk, im not gonna threaten u or whutever, i just want u to kno just because u’ve not gotten along with a few juggalos, it doesnt mean that we’re all bad, u’d probabley have a few awesome ass homies if u would quit hatin on us!! but ur entitled to ur own opinion an im not gonna judge u for that, i just hope someday u wake up an realize we’re not whut u think we are!!


  19. ok this shit is seriously starting to piss me the fuck off… first let me tell you… juggalos and juggalettes arent all drugies nor do we just go around saying o we are going to kick you ass… you just push us to that limitation… I also wanna let you know that when you say we are outcast cuz we chose to be you couldnt be further from the truth… see we arent outcast just simply ourselves liveing life as we choose… when you say our families dont love us… you may or may not be right… and as for us and our JUGGALO FAMILY… they are true family… when we have no one else to turn to when everyone else turns around a says fuck it… we got our homies… when our moms or dads kick us out and we have no place to go we kick it with our homies till we get on our feet… see you have no idea wat you are really talking about… you cant judge us by the music we listen to or the way we act inless you truely can comprehend what it is you are talking about… oh believe that when you say that all juggalos believe that everybody owes them something that you have no idea what you are talking about… and actually because of the person that i am i believe that… everybody everywhere in the world owes everyone something… THE RIGHT TO A LIFE WITHOUT JUDGEMENT! that means i owe that you, and you owe that to me

    and id like to take a few minutes to address one of the commentees from above… i do believe she refered to herself as Mrz. Madrox…

    you call your self a jh bitch… and you running your mouth about how us juggalettes and juggalos need to stop running our mouthes about stuff that we dont know… how about you… i bet that the reason you hate juggalettes and juggalos is because of the ppl you hang out with… and i have reason to believe that by the way you talk you yourself were once apon a time possibly a juffahoe… and that you werent down enough to roll with us… you say that “we aint no fuckin fakes” and you say you guys have mad love for you holocaust family… and that you dont have to explain yourself to us… and that we should stop talkin bullshit and fuck off…

    now lets take a minute a think about everything you just said… juggalos and juggalettes arent fake either… we are as real as real gets… we dont talk bullshit… we werent the ones that started steping in the first fucking place… the shit your preching goes both fucking ways… DUMB ASS… and just to set things clear we shouldnt have to explain ourselves to you either… oh yeah way to take our stuff and make it yours… i believe the proper way to say that line is:
    the Juggalo Holocaust on the other hand… will probally end up being encarserated and sentence to life in prision or death…
    (oh and about your name Mrz. Madrox… Madrox… HIS A JUGGALO!)

    other than that there is really no reason for me to continue to give you guys wat you want… the anger that you push out of us… but i will tell you you need to stop talking shit you dont know us… just like we dont know you… you prech about meeting juggalos that are pussies… but how about this… maybe they just arent going to give you the satafaction of anger and rage that you seek and strive for…

    But either way it goes… Im a down ass Juggalette thats down wit the wicked clown 4 lyf!

  20. i know a lot of people who act like the reasons you gave, the only difference is their NOT JUGGALOS!!! theres a lot of people in this world that dont have jobs, that dont have social skills, dont have manners or respect. plus a lot of people dont love their family. its not only the juggalos. so get your shit straight. everyone in this world is like that and everyone in this world will fuck you over.

    who in the world said that juggalos wanted to take over? ive never heard a juggalo say they hate non juggalos. are you people insane or do you guys have nothing better to do with your time? shit i hate emos but you dont see me going around beating their ass. sounds like you guys are the ones like hitler. do you want more people to join your lil anit juggalo group? well no matter how much you try juggalos will always out due you because our love for eachother will never die. its not even a cult. its just music. get over it. its just like a kid going around saying hes a head banger cuz he likes heavy metal or hes a hippie cuz he loves the weed and classical music. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND DO SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT IN YOUR LIFE!! WHY WOULD YOU MAKE A ANIT JUGGALO GROUP ANYWAYS?? IF YOU DONT LIKE THEM THEN STAY THE FUCK AWAY FORM THEM. NO NEED TO START A UNDERGROUND WAR.

  21. 1) you/the world owes me SHIT
    2)I think like every other mitherfucker, regardless whether he/she a juggalo or not
    3) Isn’t the “problem” supposed to me in said lyric
    4) i’m not ACTING tough, im BEING pissed, theres a bid fuckin difference
    5) dont fuckin call us fake, we got sum crazy dudes over here
    6) I say what i mean, and do what i say, and i got 1 face homie
    7) im damn near top of my class, and im a juggalo
    8) aint a person at my old school that i wasnt friends with, and i moved a month ago, so dont try to play that card
    9) im 16, off in the woods, and everywhere near me isnt hiring, but im studying to be a business owner
    10) i get MAD LOVE from my fam
    11)your fuckin vid is bullshit homie
    12) my WHOLE family cuz i was at my homie ricks last time i got sick, and him and shane stayed wit me for like a week
    13)look out a damn windom man, kids are killin at like, 6 now
    14) just cuz they dont wanna fight dont make em pussies
    15) its WAY mere than tail gating
    in conclusion, your a fag, no1 likes you, and i feel a need to drown yuo in a tub of rock & rye
    that musics the shit, btw

  22. haha stupid ass juggalos why dont you go run around the city with a hatchet and attempt to show people how great you guys think you are instead of posting pointless lies all over the internet, you and your “family” go ahead and try to start shit and all that ever happens is a bunch of fat dumb asses laying on the ground crying and bleeding

  23. i have absolutely nothing to say to you except i will beat the life out of your body and every other JH rep.

  24. listen here bitch u aint shit just u got ur little boty hole tickled dont mean u gotta come sideways at any of the other family cause if i ever c ur azz in the streets u better hope u have something to protect urself with cause ur teeth r gonna be halfway down ur throat BITCH ASS FAGGET!!!

  25. ok, now ive heard a lot about this holocaust thing. what i want to know is why? i mean what kind of hate posesses you to start killing? i would never want to live my life like that. what all of you jh people need to understand is that we’re not here to threaten you. yeah some of us do threaten but thats only because you threatend. and yes i also know that there’s some of my family that just bitch and talk shit because you dont like what we like. but most of us really couldnt care less for your approval because we found something in this music. we’ve found a family that cares for us no matter what we do or say, because that love is unconditional. and you could come back hard with examples about how we’re nothing but killers and druggies and shit like that. but i could come back just as hard and give you examples of what the carnival’s message really is. and if you actually cared to listen i would gladly tell you. all i have to say is that i hope all of you jh people find some type of love in your lives. i hope that you will someday find the unconditional love that the carnival has brought to all us juggalos.
    much love and peace to you all.

  26. Every cult needs an enemy…manson-koresh-jim jones-hitler-applegate…
    If there is no enemy, the cult dissipates into enrotpy, so…an enemy, if nonexistant, must be manufacrured-a couple of websites-a catch phrase (Juggalo Holocaust…Haters etc.) and presto! Instant cult-binding paran

  27. moronic zombie fuckheads marching for NEW WORLD ORDER
    manipulated by fake straw-dog provocetuer “Juggalo Holocaust” webssites
    lash out in “family” (manson) paranoia
    Hate reading? It shows…

  28. It’s nice to see that all the bullshit over this one video has died down. Two years have passed since the last mention of the Juggabitch family. I understand wanting to have fun. I understand needing a way to vent aggression. I can even understand why you fucks like Faygo, but in the end you dress up in face paint and hide/bottle your issues. You become exactly what you say you arent. You may not be violent. You may have a respectable job. You might even be a decent person, but the longer you remain a clown the longer you’re gonna be considered a clown and I don’t mean in the juggashit sense. So what if you don’t do drugs? So what if you have numbers? So do we and I’m gonna have to say that we’re sober too.

    Also, have you read your own 13 commandments? You’re following a crazy, homicidal cult leader. Be who you want to be, but keep in mind that people hate people who arent themselves. You arent yourself when you hide behind face paint. You become one of a collective of idiots. Say what you want about me. Say you’re gonna kill me. Say all you want to. I want to see you act, not hear you talking about it. That’s what makes you pussies. Stand up and do what you say you’re going to because I hate poser, bitch-ass, fake, fucking clowns.

    Come find me. Call if you want. I’ll give my address to anyone of you clowns that ask for it. You have numbers. I have skill…and so do all the others I know that hate you as much as I do. I’m not telling you to find me so you can kick my ass. That wont happen. I dont care how many fuckers you bring. I’m telling you to find me so I can exterminate you and prove once and for all that your “family” of clowns can and will die.

    • we are not a gang we are a family im not being mean just telling you the truth and if I were u I would watch what I say

    • I may be a juggalette and what u are saying is true but we are not pussies we will fight and we are not scared to fight and I don’t know why the hell we drink faygo yes idoo live by our commandment but I don’t wear that face panintjust to let u know there are juggalos and lettes that act like them self and I am one of them

  29. God damn, Juggalos need to to be put in check. If I were in a position of great, despotic power, my first initiative would be to liquidate all Juggalos to the child. Shoot them and burn the bodies. A collection of the wholly unwashed, generally racist, fake-ass gangsta, crack-babies they are…

    Have fun with your date-raping, posing, and issuing of empty threats.

  30. Id personally love to see you Juggalo Holocaust people do your Job and maybe well have alot less Juggahoes/Juffalos Floatin around…Their a Plague on society and to my Fam, they multiply like pests, and they act as Such too…Im not even challenging you..I am Pleading to you, because wed consider it a great service.Like one of them Quid Pro Quo type of deals…You get to take your aggression and crack a few Clown skulls,and We will see an astronomical amount of Bullshit going on in our Ranks.Real Juggalos have better shit shit to do then to fight you guys.Im gonna probably spin some vinyl, work at my nursing assistant job where I care for your Grandparents or go to a Rave and hit on Candi Bitches,I only fight when im Hit firsr and words are meaningless to me…Juggahoes will flock tho..They got tiny lil brains and fragile egos so theyll either talk shit or act……Its 2013!!!…You guys have been slacking big time…everyday I see a Faggot dressed in all the merch who doesnt know shit,Talks shit,Bottom Feeds.has a sub 70 IQ and is a waste at life and their still multiplying…I know hood rats with more class…Their making us look bad and we desperately need your help!!!…

  31. and to destroyer of clowns…A bigot is still a Bigot and youll always be considered a bigot…. you’re a Poser and are blowing hot air because were still multiplying and for every juggalo there is probably 20 more juggahoes and im not seeing anything related to Juggalo murders on the news or on Faygo lovers and if JH does act we will hear about it…every person hides behind a Mask..a Facade if you will,It may not be as obvious as Paint but its still an outward appearance that you project so people may fear you (I guess your not so different from Juggalos After All)…when in real life you probably have a respectable job and pay bills as I do,and asde from the bigot bullshit your probably a chill ass dude and wed probably get along in Real Life I got a shit load of friends that hate juggalos ,One of the best chicks I dated loathed the very fact Im a Juggalo(I didnt tell her til later,,,(Sadly we broke it off for an unrelated reason but the breakup sex waz impeccable and I still cum over from time to time) and My landlord who live with thinks their Retarded…but you know what.I dont care cuz life is too short and everyone has their quirks…somtimes I like it better when people like Me For Me and not for what I Rep..Its Quite refreshing.

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