Anti Juggalo protest!!!

big shout out to our homies in tulsa .
Tulsa Anti Juggalo League deserves some mad propz.
we support you brothers in arms.

Juggalo holocaust
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73 thoughts on “Anti Juggalo protest!!!

  1. fuck off !!! i will not say anymore then that cuz as a lette you are not worth my time i have and lette things to do.. you will not get far in this this war… simply cuz your all haters and have no love.. are family is is world wide bitchs .. so please step up .. go ahead try!!!!!
    lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah eat a dick

  2. i would love to see you haten mutha fuckers step to the 503! there is a dark lotus show at the roseland theater in portland oregon on july 13th. i would love to see any of you punk bitches show up there. you want it? COME GET IT!!!!!!!

    JUGGALO FOR LIFE MUTHA FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. all i gotta say is you icp fags guys aint got nothin else to do but hate, go do ur hatin and suck on some clown nutz, you will never bring JH down, the juggalo holocaust spreads more and more every day so just keep hatin it wont fade us

  4. u say that we are haters ..look at what your doing .. fucking fag
    wow you guys are sad..
    we ninjas will never back down..
    whoop whoop

  5. This is Hilarious, ya’ll “JH” bitches think ya’ll are really gonna accomplish somethin by sayin that you dont like the Juggalos or Icp. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! Most people do hate us but we dont gives no fuck!! I regret to say that the Lo’s and Lette’s in Tulsa, at least present this day, didnt have the balls to knock ya’lls asses out. But there’s nothin I can do about that unless ya’ll hoez willin to bring that shit down south to Murda Worth (Ft. Worth), Texas, in which I would be happy to oblige. Well, thats all I gotz to say except to all my Juggalos: KEEP IT WICKID!! AND ALWAYZ HAVE YOUR HATCHETS HIGH!!

    Please come to Ft. Worth….

    • and landofthebanned youre a bitch ass pussy come to reading ohio i fuckin dare you 1318 koenig st cincinnati ohio 45215 come do somethin if you got balls bring youre little juggalo holocaust bullshit on ill take on all you pussy ass bitches fuck jh JUGGALO 4 LIFE

  6. Are you kidding me?? I’m not a juggalo, but give me a break people. Meth is killing everyone everywhere! Leave the Juggalos alone, yeah there is some stupid ass ignorant ones, but it’s not right to target and judge every one of them for another persons actions. These kids love the music and they love having something of their own, because most of them have nothing at all! And it’s people like you who try to take away from them. So the more people hate, the more the juggalos relate! I support the Juggalos, not ignorant judgemental people. God shall punish you for the hate and judgement you’ve put on his children!


  8. hahaha
    thats all i really gotta say, cept that this website has actually given me something to do while i sit at home bored taking care of my puppy, and this shit just makes me laugh.
    now im not gonna go around making empty threats, because i really dont care what you think about me, and im not gonna tell you JH dudes how to live your life, but your hypocrisy is really quite amusing, so keep up the comedy you guys!
    this is better than TV! 🙂

  9. hey just because someone likes a band dont make a juggalo i like icp but i dont listen to that every waking moment i listen to other bands though i wanna go to a gathering this year but im not going skitsofrantic about it im going to a rock concert with five bands playing one night so dont judge a book by its cover

  10. hey tony you ever seen a louisville slugger smash in fuckin half when some one hits a ball too hard im looking for a youtube video on how im gonna smash a hole in the back of your fuckin head you punk wack muther fucker juggalo to the end nigger bitch

  11. You motha fucka’s need to come to my place and we’ll settle this shit. 1993 Westbranch Rd. Grove City OH 43123. Come and get it you bastards, me and the juggalo’s will be more than happy to get you.

  12. JUGGALO’S fuckin rule we got a shit load of juggalo’s and juggalette’s all over the fuckin planet you haters just talk shit about us just cause it makes you feel like a big shot but reality sheck icp in case you dont know what icp stands for you slim anus fagget’s it stands for insane clown posse you redneck bitch icp has a larger fanbase than your mom’s and slim anus combined your just a little nerdy ass bitch just what wtf said but it’s not right to target and judge every one of them for another persons actions. These kids love the music and they love having something of their own, because most of them have nothing at all! And it’s people like you who try to take away from them. and what BJ wickid said Most people do hate us but we dont gives no fuck!! . and otic said you will not get far in this this war… simply cuz your all haters and have no love.. are family is is world wide bitchs .. and me if you didnt hear the wraith shangra la to this they fallow god wev’e always been behind em if you hate juggalo’s and lette’s than you hate your maker the holy man GOD and the six joker cards there the essents of our live’s juggalo’s keep on swinging you hatchets and wear your facepaint proud and anti juggs and my brethren if you wanna give props or hate contact me you guys can email me at see ya joker out

  13. so you guys think your bad ass because you held some sign’s up and luckily none of those juggalos beat the shit out of you fuckin faggots you should feel lucky they speard your life i dare you little fags to come to denver and have your little protest watch how fast you HATERS get fucked up IM CALLEN YOU LITTLE FAGS OUT come to the biggest juggalo town in the world ill let you know right now we dont fuck around in clown town bitch

  14. wat i see here was a bunch of you pussy ass bitch startin some shit with my family once again… you showed no proof that juggalos and juggalettes started anything… all you just proved was that “the jh” are a bunch of instagateing troublesome moraons… YOU NEED TO SEEK OUT A FUCKIN THERAPIST

  15. I’m truly amazed that so many ignorant, egotistical youth and young adults are so supportive to a musical band, yet they don’t support any moral values. I can’t even consider you people for a few reasons, one would be you don’t contribute to society and second, most of you are leeching of others for money such as welfare check and food stamps. As for all of your threats you all make if you take the time to read all of the comment’s you’ve posted they are basically the same. For instance it is all about your mom this, I kill you that, and finally you use cuss words like you don’t know proper English or your keyboard has a permanent Caps Lock on. Also you call yourself ninja’s yet ninja’s hail from 15th century feudal Japan and were mercenaries that practiced ninjitsu. So tell me how you are ninjas?

    • let me tell you this just because we call our selves juggalos doesnt mean were stupid, as many other groups we do have the bad apples, but we shoud not be all held acountible for there actions they are humans to and to let you know i have beat all scores on a national standerd and im going to collage for a masters degree in video graphics and design, and ive been listning to icp since i was 5. so dont insult a groups intellegence unless you know every one of use independintly.

      meet me up at 11th and harverd friday the 24th of july.

  16. you know what we are PsychoPathic Ninjas and Ninjettes… interchangeable with Wicked Juggalos and Juggalettes… and as for us and our threats… you need to get some common sense… look who started the crap… The JH… not us… and when we threaten you we have every reason too… since your talking about killing us… and rapein the Lettes like nothings wrong with that… and you say we have no moral values… every life is worth something… and if you look at us like nothingness and tell us we dont have moral values when you wanna talk shit like no tomarrow… then fucking bring it on… Metropolis Illionis BITCH! i got your no moral values…

  17. you fuckin bithes know wat…im a juggalo and my girls a lette and for all u fuckin bitchass haters suck these juggalo nutz……u want some then come get some ill throwe down any time any where for the fam……i dont know why those “juggalos” let u sit there and talk shit but i would have smashed ur fuckin head in…….much mother fuckin clown love to the fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. oh yeah my girl would take out most of u bitch ass haters all by herself……….u guys just want to act hard when u r just a bunch of punk ass bithes………..whoop whoop……..sac-town clown……..

  19. come to the gathering
    its amazing no one starts this shit wear im from .they know better …daville and clowntown would own ya lmoa …

  20. haha, none of them did anything!
    you see, all you juggalos/lettes do is talk.
    sadly, ONLINE.
    JH exist because you are a nuisance.
    destructive members of society.
    i don’t mind people that like ICP. but don’t be ‘juggalo’.
    no one likes you. no one has a reason to like you.
    please, die out.

  21. Look, I do not know what the hell started all of this but its a little ridiculous. First off, whoever them ‘juggalos’ were standing across the street from you wasn’t shit! Let it be known that if you come fuck with my crew we got something for you. Secondly, if Violent J would have been out there you sorry ass skanky mouth bitches wouldn’t have had shit to say. Third, how the hell ya’ll gonna judge some juggalos when ya’ll look like you need some soap too bitches! Ya’ll look like ya’ll should have been some juggalos but just ended up being bitches. By the way, for the record, I have been down with the clown for some years now, I ain’t never touched meth, I don’t have a criminal record, I’m going to college, I got my shit together and I’ll still woop your ass.

  22. Hey, Never-Ever, I’ll let you know what makes me a ninjette!!! I ain’t got to cuss at all. You don’t know me, you don’t know nothing about me, right? You know I’m a juggalette and that is it. You don’t know that I was a virgin until I was 18, or that I obide by common laws, or that I am the realest person you will ever meet. I ain’t even mad at you for feeling the way you do, I am more sad at the fact that if you were to meet me on the street and see my face painted that you would judge me in a way that is so far from myself. Ya’ll might as well have called your site anti love cause that is all you are protesting.

  23. Hey, i would like to let you know, i live in Tulsa and i am a PROUD Juggalette. i would never be ashamed to admit that and i am repulsed at what people like you are doing. if you could give one logical reason as to why you hate Juggalos then maybe you would be worth arguing with, but since you cant, go poke fun at someone else. Juggalos stand for Equality, a Carnival which we can ALL Belong. we stand for the small people, the poor people, the people who arent ignorant to the truth in the world. yeah, we rep the Wicked Shit, but thats more than i can say for people like you who choose to ignore it. at least we know whats coming. so you just go live in your rich little world, sitting on clouds and treating people like shit cause one of these days you will know what hell is like. the hell the each and every one of us Juggalos have personally experienced in our live. just remember that once you cross over to hells pit, there is no coming back. keeping hating on us all you want, what you say cant tear apart the bonds we hold as a family. just answer me this. Do you REALLY know what its like and what it means to be a Juggalo? cause its not just ICP and Family. Its an unconditional love for you fellow human. its about a Carnival… where we can all belong…

  24. Juggalos are a burden to society.Well,well trailertrash finally gets a music scene and a fashion statement.They make these ridiculous statements like”They are about love and acceptance.”Oh really?Look up juggalo crime,just google it.Whereever this trash goes crime and violence follow.It is time for society as a whole and yes juggaloes decent and civillized people still outnumber you,to take action.If a person wears clown makeup or icp merch they revoke their license as a full fledged human being and should be treated like the trash they are.WHITE POWER 1488

    • so were the burden on society? look at you! you said white power well let me ask you this if you are truely white did you have sex with your mom like the rest of youer family because thats the only way to stay of one race and its called in-breeding its illegal ( for your crimes ) and morily wrong. geuss what we are the next gen we are taking over and you will soon be forgoten ” Like the trash you are “. so dont insult the next gen thats going to take over because well like all leaders learn you have to come to gether to give up the power or you can be divided and have it taken away by the people. so just a reminder i am a juggalo but not one juggalos crimes should hold the whole groupe responsible, we dont do that to you.

  25. Im not going to sit here and tell my life story to a bunch of people who I dont know, and most likely dont care.
    However, I will say that I come from a family who has money, Ive graduated from a great school with top grades, Going to college for a degree in criminal justice, and have NEVER in my life even thought about trying drugs (including marijuana)!
    I do also however support this “family” and am so thrilled to say that I am part of it. Just because I like the music and I am part of the Juggalo family, doesnt mean that I dont contribute to society! I do not vandalize peoples things, and I have never been in any “act of violence”!
    Ive seen many comments on here, youtube,myspace, and various other sites that talk down on this family. Its wrong! its hypocritical! You people are completely fickle! fake! Ignorant!
    How can anyone say we have no morals in life?
    When there are people fighting for this country, protecting others, helping others, and even raising a great family and still they are down!?
    it makes me sick that some will judge us all by the acts of one, but maybe youre all looking at it in the wrong way.
    If someone pisses off a juggalo and they scream in anger or fight to protect themselves its wrong, But when the average “prep” does it, it was self defence?
    Youre all judging books by covers. Yet if you were to see me walking down the street youd never even think that I am one to be down.

    I read a comment recently on Youtube, He said “you just happen to be the lowest of trailertrash.Vandalism,violence,disrespect towards women”
    Yet in the song “halls of illusions” There is a verse that quotes “back to reality and what you’re about, your wife cant
    smile cause you knocked her teeth out.
    and she cant see straight from gettin hit, cause your a fat
    fuckin drunk piece of shit.”
    How exactly does that portray to disrespecting woman? I do believe it them sticking up for us!
    Instead of just listening to the music, read the lyrics.
    Sure youre going to read “fuck” alot more than needed in most cases, But they make great points i some songs, they stick up for the “weaker”.
    For all those against us, take the time to read the lyrics to “crossing thy bridge” Now tell me.. are we really an embarrassment/cult/meth heads/ trailertrash?

    And now… in the video posted above, those people who protested against us juggalos, they talk about shangri-la in a negative way. yet if you look it up its defind as “has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical and a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world” Which is another way of saying Heaven.

    See not so different from all you “normal” people after all!

  26. People post the negative things that we do, so people who dont understand us get the wrong impression.
    The way people look at us is the same as racism.
    Most people are racist towrds black bc all they ever hear about them is sex drugs and crime! But living where I do, I know they are so much more than that. People think that just bc saddam was a bad person means that everyone over in Iraq is as well, when in reality most people over there had no choice but to follow his instructions or they would die, Yet the reason they are still fighting with out him is simply b/c how would you feel if another race came here and try to overtake your world? You know damn well youd fight back for your beliefs!
    Appearently you never went to that site I told you about.
    How is it that we are in blind worship of the band? is it any different than a 6 year old who is obessed with Britney spears? Backstreet boys? No!
    You know back in 1995 when the spice girls frist came out, they were idols to small children boys and girls! Go back now more than 10 years later listen to the music, read the lyrics, they talk real dirty in there music!
    And then lets look at Eminem! Wow Marshal mathers is a real icon to this world! No one protests him, no one takes this much effort in trying to prove a “family” wrong! Yet if you read about him, magazines have done articles on how “his music made my son kill himself” Does he not talk about violence, sex, crime, drugs? Shit listen to “confessions” But its cool, he doesnt wear makeup and sing on stage with a bunch of people standing below him that are now considered “followers”.
    Its pathetic, youre trying to prove points to me that you cant back up with proper information!
    If you go and read the lyrics to “crossing thy bridge” by Icp. They talk about taking childens pain away and endure it themselves!
    In “halls of illuisions” I will directly quote them “Back to reality and what you’re about Your wife can’t smile cuz ya knocked her teeth out
    And she can’t see straight from gettin hit
    Cuz you’re a fat fuckin drunk piece of shit”
    Violent? Yes! But when youre been through that ^ someone who sings about it in your defence, grows on you.
    Im not saying I hate everyone who doesnt listen, and I like everyone who does, cuz id then be lieing! Im not saying I dont listen to anything else, nor that i like every song the physcopathic records produce! But to see someone dis a family when they have no profound information, is just wrong.

  27. fuck u mutha fuckas u haters if i was there and u did that id kill u I DONT GIVE A FUCKING DAMN ILL KILL U ALL AND PISS DOWN UR THROATS

  28. fuck u mutha fuckas i am a proud juggalo and ill kill every fucking one of u haters talk ur shit in that vid our juggalos and lettes couldnt do shit cause the pigs where around yea i am poor i had it hard growing up but look at me now im a rapper in pcp and ive been stabbed 9 fucking times by u haters and im still sitting here saying fuck u . for all the juggalos and juggalettes out there i love all of u and dont be emabrrased of who u r be proud to be a juggalo or a lette cause we the meanest of the mean the most hardcore and the most proud we r a fucking family and fuck them haters i tell u in school i never was popular or had any money but now im big in pcp everybody wants us but fuck them i give my love to my family so mmfcl to all u juggalos and juggalettes i love u all fuck the haters

  29. alright that was the most pathetic thing i ever seen first off if you hate us so much why not just leave us alone we obviously mean something to you if your gonna spend your time gettin a group together just to protest against us and the reason no one kicked your asses is cause you aint worth shit to us we dont want to waste our time with you we got better things to do

  30. This is all a bunch of retarded bullshit. So what if Juggalo’s listen to music that you don’t like? You don’t see us fucking showing up to your lame ass get togeathers and protesting your retarded asses. Grow up and act like mature adults instead of a bunch of fucking babies trying to start shit.

  31. OMFG, I actually read some of the negative shit posted on here and it’s all either ignorant, contradictive, or just flat out stupid. Saying juggalo’s to provide to society? Well you can stick that shit right up your ass. I’m a juggalo for life. I got hatchetmen all up on my arms and I’m all about it! I’m not fucking white trash or trailer trash, I work for a living! All this shit about how juggalo’s are all about violence and hatred is just retarded. You fuckers obviously don’t realize what the fuck your protesting. It’s like going to protest drunk drivers at a bar where everyone takes cabs home. I really think that all you juggalo haters really need to reevaluate how you spend your free time. It’s just ENTERTAINMENT you fucking idiots!!! It gives us scrubs something to look up at in awe. Saying that juggalos aren’t accepting and understanding and then posting something about white power shortly after that is proof alone at how ignorant you are…

  32. ight all u little fags are really pissing me off ight i want to see u guys have ur little meeting here in IL we will kick ur fucking asses u think all juggalos are wiggers bitch guess wat in a lead vocalist in a GRINDCORE / hXc band u fags and ive benn a lo since i was 2 fucking years old and would never change for u fags sooo step upp u little fags im waiting galesburg illinios los and lettes will beat ur ass if u come here and creve tucky ans p town were waitng u little fags you have a good day and ill see u when u get here ohh trust me i wont be alone if u guys really show up see u soon and ur last times on earth is coming quick bye hit me up fam if u wnat in on this ***ZILE***

  33. Listen here you haten ass fucks. If you at the next show I’m kick all ur asses. So step up, the next show in PA (pennsylavania for you dumbasses) I know that my family will stand behind me proudly why’ll i beat you haten ass. And you’ll all know me when I carve TIGG in you forehead. To all my homies reading this Much Clown Love To the whole city.

  34. God, Juggalos are pathetic? Is there really a sub-culture any worse than Juggalos? Take white trash, mix it with wigger, and throw in a little red neck and some meth and you’ve got the average Juggalo. How many of you can identify with hacking someone to pieces with a hatchet? It’s fucking rediculous. Get over yourselves. You’ve never killed anybody and most of you never will and killing people isn’t cool or something to joke about in a “song” (if you can even call it that). ICP makes Eminem sound like music. Go eat a dick you fucking shit-for-brains.

  35. “(pennsylavania for you dumbasses) I know that my family will stand behind me proudly why’ll i beat you haten ass.”

    Learn to speak English before you insult the intelligence of others you fucking mongoloid.

    • ok first off juggalos hate rednecks, we dont do meth, and some are wiggers but not all juggalos are wiggers so next time you wanna call someone white trash look in the fuckin mirror ok you have got to be the most ignorant mother fucker in the world and while most juggalos have never taken a life i have im not proud of it but i had to protect my fuckin family and i dont mean my juggalo family im talkin about my blood family i had a fuckin choice let my mom and brothers die or kill the fucks who were about to kill them and not every icp song talks about hacking ppl up with hatchets its the hard road that we relate to the be dissed by everyone being beat down for who we are and look im speakin fuckin english does that shock you i guess it does i live the retarded ass united fuckin states i know how to fuckin speak english so go off and tell your friends that a juggalo made you look like a dumb ass and your little eminem bullshit weak as a mother fucker and why call yourself a fuckin type of candy thats fuckin sad clowns on the other hand is more enertainment than watching a peice of candy rap just made your idol look gay and retarded so go fuck yourself and do us all a favor go jump off a building or somethin so we dont have to take the time read your bullshit find true facts about juggalos once again fuck you and jump off a building and die mmmmmfwcl

  36. Orchid,JuggalosSuckCock,Never-Ever . you guys are a bunch of assholes but never ever you sound like a bitch who has knowledge i like smarts but you probably just got on google and looked shit up so you could sound smart you bet all the juggalos are stupid and lazy and trailer trash you dont have guts you couldnt take what we endure because your scared about how people would treat you and you guys are pissed off parents this is like the kiss thing and im 16 i know what happened with the Knights In Satans Service shit and if you read this Never-Ever i only cussed 6 times oh and Merry-Fuckin-X-mas bitch

  37. You know, it’s funny, you juggalos talk a big game, but as far as I saw all you did at that protest was yell “Who’s goin’ Chicken huntin? We’s goin chicken huntin!” You outnumbered them five to one and didn’t do shit. In other words, I smell pussies, and they wear clown paint. You really want to throw down? Prove it, beat someone’s ass. I’ve seen little bitchy emo kids with more guts than you assholes. Show up to a metal show in clown paint, see if you don’t get your ass beat into the floor for being a faggot.
    Kill me with your hatchet? Please, you bitchy little bozo wannabes scare me about as much as Elmo.

    • I saw the video and I noticed that the protestors stayed on the other side of the street too, they did not do shit either but talk shit. Sounds like they were a bunch of pussies too. Fact of the matter is they brought it to real physical level all those juggalos would of whooped the shit out of them but they just yelled out bullshit, real juggalos don’t have time for shit talkin haters

  38. “This is all a bunch of retarded bullshit. So what if Juggalo’s listen to music that you don’t like? You don’t see us fucking showing up to your lame ass get togeathers and protesting your retarded asses. Grow up and act like mature adults instead of a bunch of fucking babies trying to start shit.”

    Oddly enough, I have in fact seen a bunch of you tools show at one of my band’s shows at the gate telling everyone how much we suck and that they should have let the local Dark Lotus tribute performers play there instead. Please tell me what’s wrong with Punk/Funk? Diversify morons.

    • OMGZ AND YOU DIDNT FIGHT THEM CAUSE THEY WERE YELLING SHIT AT YOU? YOU MUST BE A TOTAL PUSSY OMGZ OMGZ. Hypocrit shut your fucking piece of shit mouth. Talkin shit cause juggalos didn’t fight a bunch of stupid rednecks yellin shit at them. Juggalos DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE LIKE THEM THINK. Thats the best part. Suck less cock faggot


  40. First of all I did not write this, I found it on Urban Dictionary and I think it is the most amazing definition of juggalos that I have ever come across: just read it: First off, the term Juggalo is uni-sexual. A juggalo is someone who has been saved by the dark carnival. Many people don’t recognize the intelligence behind the music. It is satire. Their intention is to influence people to free their minds (the most beautiful thing in the world to experience, recipe for wisdom = weed and music). We are anti-predjudice(sexism, racism,etc.) We know that karma is real and don’t see life in black and white, but with more colors than a gay pride parade.
    A Juggalo is someone who lives for themself, meaning they realize that if you care what other people think about you and try hard to be accepted, then you will always be a slave to your own mind. A Juggalo is someone who enjoys life to the fullest they possibly can and stops “to smell the roses”(meaning living your life in the moment). It’s not about having all the gear, posters, albums and trivia knowledge. You don’t have to know what faygo or a neden is or even have ever heard of psychopatic records in order to be a Juggalo. A Juggalo is an enlightened/reawakened person with a discovered wisdom beyond their years.
    Yes, there are hound dogs who haven’t discoved what the dark carnival is really about and perhaps sadly, never will and just really want to belong somewhere and have a loving family they never had. That is what you find with the fam-MMFL. Sure, there are many posers/’trashy people’ around at shows and mini-gatherings, but a real juggalo would show them love anyway in order to show them who we are and what we represent and welcome them to a life free of worries and shame and regret, where you are free to not give a fuck with wonderful people who think like you and have felt like you in the past.
    If you’re a real juggalo, then love and understanding flows naturally. Yes, there are hound dogs/posers that haters stereotype us as, but we were all that at first (and you know it homie so shut up). The important think is that we KNOW who we are now and pity haters who don’t know. We look past the superficial and easily see through bullshit.
    Our philosophy is the golden rule with a twist; treat others the way you want to be treated, but don’t take any shit. We see all human beings as equal. We give respect where it is deserved, but don’t put ANYONE on a pedistal. We appreciate the psychopathic family’s efforts, especially ICP(ya, I said it), to fish us out of the “hole” we were in and true juggalos are extremely greatful for their replenished, loving soul.
    True Juggalos know they don’t NEED the music anymore. We are now able to care for others and try to help all that we can. A true Juggalo doesn’t limit their musical taste and may appreciate/listen to all types of music.
    Most importantly, a realass Juggalo is not a sheep. They are leaders and independent and free-thinking role models. We Juggalo family recognize real fam when we meet them. We don’t try to be somebody else. We are realass people, real as they come. We speak our mind and keep it real and hate acting fake with a “good, how are you?”
    Very importantly, we see our glass as half full instead of half empty. We appreciate what and who we have in our lives instead of focusing on the negative like we used to. So yes, real Juggalos are optimistic people who used to be pessimistic during a dark time in our lives when we had given up and forgotten love.
    Thanks to the message of the dark carnival, we now know that GOD is love, been forgiven, and will never be duped by the lyingass demons again. Stay strong my Ninjas.
    And Juffalos, stop talkin shit like I put babies in blenders or I’m gonna assfuck Eminem. What the fuck is that?
    I will always be a Juggalo; from here, to the wagon, to Shangri-La, bitch What!?!

    And if you’re still not convinced go listen to these three songs… and i mean really really listen good:
    Afraid of me – twiztid
    Nothings Left – ICP
    Thy Unveiling – ICP… just go on youtube


  41. Okay, enough of this bullshit. You are claiming that juggalos and juggalettes have no morals and such, and you are entitled to your opinions. But, you are not entitled to encourage hate crimes, and that is the law, not opinion. Thats funny though, you juggalo holocaust fucks are proud of 7 women getting raped. See, I am a juggalo, and I have an open mind about things, so your views and protests and such, you are entitled to. After all, our country flourishes in diversity, positive and negative. Unfortunately, when it comes to encouraging murder, assaults, and rape, well, it breaks down to one of two things: you believe that you are anonymous and above the law of the land due to that, or you are just too damn dumb to cover your tracks. I mean, come on, when you encourage and welcome that stuff, you don’t think that makes you guys accomplices, especially when you fucks give the perpetrators props on it? And besides, the alleged shooting info that was tagged in a bathroom at FSU had nothing to do with you guys, right? Yeah, because you guys wouldnt encourage that shit for someone to do that in your self righteous bullshit. The sunday thing is a nice touch, because thats so fucking believeable that 11 people are gonna bust into a library on a sunday to shoot up books and maybe a handful of people. Now, obviously, it might be speculation and all, but shouldnt be ruled out. Now, its understandable that you would go after psychopathic records for the attention, because after all, even bad publicity is still time in the spotlight and gets your shit out there. But when you dedicate a lot of time simply for the effort of trying to tear down other’s interests and such, it just gets pathetic. Also, on the topic of being worthless, you guys simply spread hate, and I ask you one thing: what is that doing for your community? Is it creating volunteer time for you guys or something, or is it just spouting off bullshit? Oh yeah, by the way, a note for the admins of this site. With the hate crimes and shit that have been going on and all, congratulations on having people from your shit give you guys all the credit in the world for it. Any and all necessary information will be turned in to the proper authorities. Whether you guys get pinned with anything or not, hell, at least this hateful site will be taken out of your childish hands and disposed of properly. But then again, there has been proof that the crimes have happened, so with your videos and fucks giving you guys props, get ready to go from hoping people buy your propaganda to hoping you dont drop the soap. MMFCL.

  42. Oh yeah, jugga;ps not a threat. You will be receiving notification from investigators with the police in Sioux City, IA. I would suggest getting legal assistance, but with all the incriminating stuff, well, use discretion and all.

  43. Fuck JH im a juggalo 4 life bitches and i wish u all would start some shit in T~town again but dat right u all jus talk shit u no wat dont sing it bring it bitches Whoop! Whoop! (MMFWCL)

  44. Fuck the “JH”! Come to ohio and start some shit you little bitches! I’ll whoop all your asses! You call us haters yet look what your doing! You made a “juggalo holocaust” too eliminate all juggalos! You are ALL very very sad. You hate us for NO REASON other then that your pissed cause we are all fam in the juggalo world. Back down and LEARN too DEAL with us!




  46. first of all, to all real down juggalos out there…
    SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP MAKING HATCHET THREATS. seriously fam. they are laughing at you for it, if you dont realize it. hate breeds hate. and juggalo is about spreading love and acceptance. if someone dislikes you, and you want to turn around and hatchet their face off, i question if your even a real juggalo or not. -.-

    “yeah step up and meet me in real life” yeah but your not a juggalo if your willing to beat the shit out of some stupid people because they generalize you. theres people in this world that are actually worth our time, like people who are willing to accept the fact that not everyone is the same as them, and people that respect differences.

    to the people that are pro-JH: send me an email- – about everything you know about what a REAL juggalo is. watch me prove you wrong, and show you that you are to retarded to spread stereotypes, you hypocrites. “juggalos are haters! lets start a holocaust for them” basically saying “holocaust is not hate” i cant even believe this shit. its gone on way too long. some people dont have the maturity to see something they dont like and say “i should walk away and stay away”.. but no.. they attack it with as much human hatred as possible. haha. im baffled as to WHY this would be your first instict. but what ever. retards will be retards. MMFWCL to all you juggalos out there who are truely down.

    by the way- im preeching maturity, acceptance, and respect to everyone affilitated with JH and guess what? im 16. im not even an adult yet and i know so much mroe than you, and im so much wiser and so much of a better personon so many levels. i still see everyone in the world as equal, no matter what. but seriously, stop this shit and forget about it. people have died form it, so fuck…

    juggalo nation > hitler youth.


  47. I laugh at anyone who thinks the juggalo holocause is real. Buttsecks (their supposed leader) has addmitted too it being just a use in trolling. Stop beleaving it.

  48. Class not trash? You wanna see TRASH? How about all that tasteless shit they push on tv? How about all those skinny whores on all our spoon fed baby food information magazines? What about the politicians and doctors that care more about making a fucking dollar than helping the people they soposedly work for?

    You wanna call my lifestyle trash? I’m not the one following ordinary people around town telling them “I beat people like you up!”

    Your not accomplishing anything.


  49. they lucky i wasnt there cuz i woulda don some shit to those fuckers… and the morman shit… IM ROMAN CATHOLIC BITCH!!!!!!!!

  50. hey if you wanna c what a real fucken juggalo will do to your ass meet me up at 11th and harverd friday the 24th of july. hope you bitches show cuz this juggalo will fuck you up, one of your members has already punked out now how bout the rest of you?

  51. p.s. i wont fight as a juggalo imma kick your asses like a man should i will show you the true old school rules imma give you a good old country boy ass kicken

  52. Shit I woulda played it out like I was gonna agree with them and last minute start beating the shit outta someone if I was at that video protest.

  53. the tulsa anti juggalo league is nothing more than a hate organization. no different than the ku klux klan or a fuckin skinhead. the un-educated bullshit they say about me n my family is disgusting. they supposedly like to run around beatin on kids rockin da hatchetman. and its obvious the leader of this group cant handle the fact he isnt in high school anymore and cant bully people around. so he decides to make a HATE organization agaisnt the group EVERYBODY loves to hate. in short. FUCK! yo anti juggalo veiws. and if you gotz somethin to say bout that, im talkin to you Tulsa Anti Juggalo league, come to Southern New Mexico. Us southwest juggalos dont fuckin mess around. New Mexico will be the last place you wanna be preachin your ignorant hate propagnda on my fam.

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