juggalo holocaust involved in beatdown

Parking Lot beatdown by Cothern & Jack Dalton

these guys support the juggalo holocaust.
“Cast Iron” Cothern & Jack Dalton with “Boss” Campbell.

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8 thoughts on “juggalo holocaust involved in beatdown

  1. i hope its real and you fuckers catch me reppin the hatchet but u wont cuz this is fake some shit thot up by someone with way to much time on his hands.

  2. there is something wrong with you people this really pisses me off talking about running them all over there is lil kids there wat the fuck is wrong with you those kids didnt fucking do anything to you and not only that but this is fake as hell and if i ever catch any of you juggalo holocaust bitches in my town i will get yiour asses thrown in jail

    • Like you juggalos deserve to use the same justice as a tax payer. You can not want the system destroyed and then use it when you get hurt. Handle the discrimination you’ve faced your whole life and don’t expect a cop to help a potential gang member out. Why are you people even on these web sites. Because if you think your representing, then you have really destroyed the last of individuality. It’s tuat group mentality, huh.

  3. IS THIS SHIT 4 REAL u guys talk about juggalos being violent……. look at that shit, who were those guys any damn way did u rehearse that shit before hand and if not you need to get a fucking grip on reality practice what you preach you fuckin pussies!!! come round this way and youll be the ones left layin in the street punks… oh and was that fat guy wearin a fuckin skirt????????? go to sleep you lame ass fuckin HOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  4. …….this was probably THE MOST FAKE “juggalo beatdown” I have ever seen.
    I’ve seen shit that kids, KIDS – fuckin 12 year old KIDS, did in their backyard that looked more real than this.
    Try maybe rehearsing… or something.
    Also… you need a WAAAAAY better camera guy. That shit was dumb.
    You could barley see shit.
    And if it had been real… I guarntee camera guy woulda been down fast as fuck.
    Hands down the WORST “fuck juggalos” thing I’ve ever seen.
    Grow up you violent pricks

  5. fuck the juggalo holocaust they don’t even have the balls to really fight a juggalo. they just wish they were a juggalo. in the words of 2 Dope (song “we like it like that”) –
    Many hate us, but we the greatest
    Ya’ll just keep talkin, elevate us

    We like it like that, fuck you
    We like it like that, so fuck ya’ll

  6. Well hello young men, i see alot of you kids barking a loud game about what you would do if you caught me and all that jazz but thats all your doing…barking. I on the other hand give Juggalos my booking dates in the hope that i can get to beat up another one of you stupid fucks. A few months ago a Tulsa Juggalo tried to start shit at a wrestling show with me and got beat up. Thats what goes down when Juggalos try and act tough,so stick to pretending to be hard and leave the tough guy stuff to the pros.


    – Cothern

    • Cothern, if I caught that video right, you got your ass beat in the ring, one on one. Then, cuz you couldnt handle losing, you and two other guys jumped the guy who beat you when he was signing autographs for children.

      It doesnt suprise me that people like you think you prove something by catching someone by surprise, but its kinda sad.

      You couldnt beat that man one on one, and it hurt your feelings. Just one thing about this I need to know; Does the baby still need a bottle?

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