juggalo holocaust song

Its only a matter of time before the last card drops,
and I’ll be happy as fuck when all this clown shit stops,
To all the folks out there screamin “forks up and down”
throw ya middle fingers up say “fuck the clowns!”



66 thoughts on “juggalo holocaust song

  1. Fuck all tha Juggalo Bitches!!!!!!! Just because you like ICP dont mean you have to go around killin real ninjas your all just a bunch of bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • and youre a real ninja i highly fuckin doubt that you are probably some fat fuck who hasent gotten laid or off that fuckin layz boy in 4 fuckin years so go fuck yoself cause thats all you be gettin

      • Mmmk, So a true jugglette Gets fucked (however the guy wants it) by every guy in the “family” in the area u liv in (insest) and smokes whatever all the other juggelos and jugglettes wana smoke. Meth, coke, herione, paper, morphine, perkaset, tramadol, lol… anythingg. How fucken dumb is that? and then you paint ur face break out (aftr u smoke all tht shit ur prolly ugly as a 500 lb vagina anyway) and walk around like a queer bag for what? so u can listen to Whos goin chicken huntin? Lol… i may not b enstine or anything but… THATS THEEE MOST FUCKIN RATARDED THING IVE EVER GEARD OF!!!
        with most disrespect,


  2. i don’t know why the fuck you son of a bitches are doing this stupid shit. stop killing us off one at a time and seperately.if your going to do something be people with balls and step up to the whole family while were together. back the fuck off you sorry motherfuckin clown haters. we swing our hatchets proudly and if you’ve got a problem with that then you can fuck off bitch asses!

  3. The last card dropped a while ago and we’re still kickin’. So, when’s this shit-talk gonna get backed up, cuz I’m already tired of waiting.

  4. I will find you one day and butcher you like the fucking little shit pig you are. Don’t ever come to Tampa FL if u ain’t have a fucking army of dueches at your back. even if u do i will make sure you still die.


  5. you know what fuck you your just to fucking pissed cause your mom didn’t let you go to the conserts so shut your fucking ass up!

    juggalette fo life bitch anti changing for nothing

    • Mmmk, So a true jugglette Gets fucked (however the guy wants it) by every guy in the “family” in the area u liv in (insest) and smokes whatever all the other juggelos and jugglettes wana smoke. Meth, coke, herione, paper, morphine, perkaset, tramadol, lol… anythingg. How fucken dumb is that? and then you paint ur face break out (aftr u smoke all tht shit ur prolly ugly as a 500 lb vagina anyway) and walk around like a queer bag for what? so u can listen to Whos goin chicken huntin? Lol… i may not b enstine or anything but… THATS THEEE MOST FUCKIN RATARDED THING IVE EVER GEARD OF!!!
      with most disrespect,

  6. hey bitches the last card drop along time ago and were still here and bigger then ever and if u kill one then ther will be more so y the fuck bother cuz well never back down and if one of us falls then we’ll help them back up cuz were familyand thats wat family does so step to one of us and get ur head split bitch so fuck the fuck off wicked clowns will never die niggas

  7. What the fuk IS this SHIT?!? just that, SHIT. This is WANNA B JUGGALOS tryn 2 act all tuff n shit. FUK U CRAZY LUNITIC BITCHES. UR ALL PUSSIES!!!!! GET THAT SHIT RITE, FAGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ICP 4 LIFE, FUKERS!!!!!!!

  8. the last cards dropped if you so fuckin hardcore
    bring ya whole crew
    don’t matter what ya do
    you singing this lame as song
    yet you don’t tween the right and the wrong
    when i throw forks up and down
    i mean fuck you don’t fuck with this clown
    so bring em all i don’t give a fuck bout your lil bullshit takin one out at a time you attack me i’ll have a crew wit me n we’re down for life you come bring your lil bitch guns n shit
    we’ll be waitin wit mach 10s and full clips
    you’ve fucked with the wrong people
    you are not a juggalo if you ever quit
    either or down for life or your not down at all
    we’re a family we don’t tell you to do anything but show clown love for other homies n do whats right juggalos bring hope to those who have none so step the fuck off of my familiy or be warned

  9. lmao damn niggas yall aint got nothing else to do but to hate just because we are fresher than yall dont mean you lil homos gotta diss really yo you lil fags need to stop trying to get on our dicks get a mutha fuckin life n the song of yalls is really fucking gay


  10. Who in the fuck SERIOUSLY takes the time to fuckin write this WACK ASS song talking shit about our family. And takes the fucking time out of their day to go and kill us clowns one by one? A STUPID FUCK WITH NO FUCKING LIFE!

  11. Fuck! Who SERIOUSLY takes fuckin time out of their day to fucking make this WACK ASS SONG, and kill us clowns one by one. What the fuck kinda shit is that? SERIOUSFUCKINGLY! Fuckin bitch made ass niggas. And why in the fuck do they hate us SOOO MUCH that they’re willing to kill us?! Someone who has fucking NOBODY who gives a fuck about em’….. A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT with NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO BUT HATE ON US FOR NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL. Believe me he has it coming to him. When he less fucking expects the shit. Hahahahahaha.
    Fuck these bitches.

    Clown 4 Life

  12. fuck u haters hope yall start some shit in st.pete fl ill cut ur fuckin head of and lick ur neckbone clean bitch.what the fuck is wrong with yall?im just about to check some juggajo news and come across this hater shit yall are bitchs i never talk shit on the web cuz i do that shit in real life but i couldnt resist fuck yall you cocksukerz and keep hatin on the fam. we eat that shit up. hope to see yall in the streets and u wana fuck around try fuckin around at gandy beach on a saturday nite bitch and you can try to holocaust are ass faggetts!

  13. Come on, Niggers. Bring this shit to Alaska. Anchorage, for reals. Bring yo’ crew. I have mine. We’ll see who wins this shit. What do you think you even GOT on us? What? Are you..-jealous- because WE’VE got people to back us up, no matter WHAT happens. Who do you got? That preppy bitch who can’t even smack down a fly? Come on now. Try try with all your might. Bring your guns, I’ll have my hatchet. Guess what? Wicked Clowns? Yeah. WE DON’T DIE!

    PS: The last card dropped a long time ago, Sweetheart.

  14. those who choose to listen to ICP .
    juggalos are idiots as well and that pisses me off
    yeah sure alot of people are stupid but i’m a long time standing juggalo and i have an IQ of over 50

  15. Fuck u homos . You guys r a bunch of Biggots. . u say u are u hard.u guys pick us off 1 at a time. U guys aint hard enough to take us all out. u guys pick us off 1 at a time. . U GUYS AINT SHIT. Try to come to the gathering BITCH. watch UR ass get beatdown. U rape girls, u sick fucks. Try to step up to us all. i fucking dare u.
    Wiked Clownz for Life

  16. whoop whoop ,,,wat up all of family members, all i got to say to all this shit is that mothafuckas who start hating on 50,000 juggalos just cuz they feel that we are the enemy and that we are no good to the world ,,, fuck that shit cuz god damnit we are juggalos and we will rise and bring this world to our knees
    we own this bitch not you fairy fuck///// juggalo is wat i am and i will one till the world ends with my hatchet held high screaming juggalo till i die ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mothafacku MMFWCL

  17. fuck all yall bitches
    you mutha fackos are all talk
    have the fuckin tulsa cunts come to fuckin wichita
    ill beat ya ass’s all by mi damn self
    you want mi fuckin adress?
    hit meh up sexy_juggalette_from_hell@yahoo.com
    illfuckin give it to ya
    ima avenge our fallen los and lettes
    all ya bitches r gona die!

    ~Shadowed Wikid Juggalette~

  18. HEY YOU PEOCE OF SHITS! What the fuck did us “Lo’s ever do to your idiotic shit eating asses?! Dont hate us cuz you aint us baby! WE WILL NEVER DIE ALONE! JUGGALOS WILL CARRY ON! SWING OUR HATCHETS IF WE MUST! EACH AND EVERYONE OF US!! WOOP WOOP! If ya’ll got a prob wit me and what I have to say then hit me up on myspace and ill give you a peoce of my mind and whats left of your body! 😉 My myspace is SatansMyLilBitch_666@msn.com OR austinndazzy@yahoo.com The names Lollirot. FUCK ALL DA HATERS!!! DONT BE JEALOUS CUZ WE CAN WORK IT AND YOU CANT YOU CUNTS!! TO ALL MY FAMILY MYSAPCE ME!!!

  19. sup lo’s and lettes ,,,,,yeah its the mothafuckin j-dub jus got to say fuck yall richie bitches and biggots ,,,,,,o and let me give a shout out to my home girl OTIC and her man S!LENT o and i cant forget DEAD BODY BITCH,,,mcl

    o ya and if any of the family want to drop me a line im at CBCHYDROCRONICJDUB@YAHOO.COM

  20. o and i forgot to tell the JH you faggots think you realy can get rid of 50,000 juggalos and lettes and ICP and all of psychopathic records ,,,all i have to say is good luck cuz we is an army of one and no buddy can stop us from being who we are ,,,lol ur starting a big fight and your not going to be the one who wins the fight so if i was you i would stop now and turn your little bitch ass around and walk away if you know whats good for you,,,,,,,,

  21. Juggalos and juggalettes think their a real gang like the bloods n crips. They aint shit. Half of these motherfuckers are fake and only call themselves los and lettes bcz everyone else is doin it and they think it’s cool. be real we dont listen to music and worship the shit…well i know i damn sure dont. I don’t usually talk shit on the computer but i couldnt pass this site up without posting what i think about this dumb ICP shit. How many of you really have hatchets?…that aren’t plastic ( or is that fake shit yall’s style?) and your dad wont come home and be like wtf u doin with my shit? ALOT less than half of you im sure. well im done but i gotta say FUCK THE INSANE CLOWN PUSSY SHIT. damn put it to rest for real. “WE WILL NEVER DIE” BLAH BLAH or whatever yall stupid fuckers say, yeah well see 70 years from now motherfucker if not before from talkin shit and thinkin ur hard to the wrong person and u get fucked up. Anyway, PEACE MY ICP HATIN NIGGAS!

  22. Look at all the fakes gettin offended STOP THINkIN BCZ UR LOS AND LETTES YOUR GANGBANGERS. sorry but nah it aint like that icp aint shit and aint no one afraid of you keep talkin shit about commmin to FL bitch I li e in FL come see me if you wanna take care of this! bcz i know I DAMN SURE aint afraid of you motherfuckers! shit im out tho.

    Peace to all my INSANE CLOWN PUSSY HATERS!!!

  23. yea ICP sux and u bitches is just sad cuz ur secrets out. . .u all a bunch of fags and lesbos who wear makeup and try and rap and be gangsters. . . ur underground shit will always be underground cuz noone in the real world likes it u bitches. . .silent gay and faggot 2 dope are nutin but washed up wrestlers tryin to make it in the rap world. . psh as if they ever could

  24. yall are really stupid you cant just fuckin say oh he or she listens to icp so they are a gang man fuck that fuckin bullshit yall dont no a god damn thing about the psychopathic family if yall think yall being in a gang will kill us hell naw we dont mutha fucking die bring it on u fuckin idiot n yall talkin about plastic hatchets well come see if the hatchets plastic or not cuz let me tell u son of bitches something our hatchets are real n we will mutha fuckin hold em high if u punk asses come 2 fight one of us n we will get ur blood on em we dont mind and i see all these hatein comments n its sad cuz it shows the world yall aint got nothing better to do but try to hate but we laugh in ur faces cuz we know our life is way better then yalls

  25. wtf is is ur problem smith is it cus we stole ur girl at sum point in time or cuz u cant role with us wut eva ur problem u need to chill tha fuk out b4 sumthin happens fuk u bitch we will never die.

  26. look… just cuz the last card dropped doesnt mean that us juggalos and juggalettes will die down… ONCE WE DOWN WE GUNNA STAY DONT… you stupid ass ppl suck at life, and because of that you feel the need to hate on someone that is bigger than you… because you have nothing better to do with your life… so grow up and get a life…
    UP WITH THE HATCHETS… and down with the holocaust!

  27. you guys who made this song are nothing but a bunch of fucking bitchs, the 6th has fallen and nothing has happend yet, and if u go after juggalos one at a time when there by themsleves and you got all your boys thats just a bitch move, thats cuz u know if u see up at the gathering or sumthing then youll get fucked up come see up when were all together and then well see whos gana be talking shit, oh and by the way that beat was the wackest beat ive ever fucking heard and you had to borrow shit from the like of eminem and jay z what a bunch of fuckin bitches you are go fuck yourself and leave the juggalos the fuck alone

  28. why dont you bitches come to the place where it all started, Michigan, yall bitches wouldnt last bringit fake ass haten bitches wicked

  29. wow… look at all the juggalos proving how retarded they are… “we swing our hatchets proudly”? give me a fucking break. do you even own a hatchet? and if so, is it only because you’re a shitty juggalo? wearing stupid face paint, drinking faygo, and having no vocabulary is nothing to be proud of. read a book or something.

  30. hey bitches…if tha clowns are so gay and wat no then how come you know that we drink faygo,or that tha end will consume us all,and all that.
    its because you guys have nothing to do what your own shitty lives so you fuckin pay so close of attention to ours. you know wat all u mutha fackas can eat a big ass bowl of fuckin monkey shit.ur just pissed cuz u never had a tight ass family like ours you dont get no love. i bet all tha mutha fackas who are sayin there down to kill tha juggalos wont be down ne more when we start choppin mutha fackas up BITCH.. now think about that!!!………&& im goin ta college…WHUT!?!?!?!?!?!
    M.M.F.W.C.L. ❤

  31. hahahaahahaha wow this shits hallarious im a juggalo but god damn this shits funny
    arguing over fucking music wow what a bunch of lilttle bitches

  32. ICP does suck but why be violent towards there fans what have they seriously done to you.Why fuck with them just cause they dont like good music that is no reason to mess with them.If you dont like them dont listen to them I hate icps music so I dont listen to it thats all you have to do.If you like real metal listen to slayer if you like real hip-hop listen to nas and just leave juggalos alone.Let them do there thing and you do your thing all this hate is bullshit.

  33. allright all u fuk tards that hate juggalos
    first off u fuking talk shit when u dont even kno who the fuk they are plus if u fuk with them i hope u kno ur also fukin with mod crown 275 and isk thats alot of shit u fuckers

  34. Fuck u anti juggalos! U guys are such pussys, if ur so tough come fuck with us at the gathering ill be there to kick ur asses

  35. juggalo holocaust lol…this shit is corny as fuck. I know mad juggalos who have had nothing but positive and good experiences thanks to psychopathic records and the fam. The only reason you bitches is hatin is to try and grab the attention of ICP, to get some attention. Fuck the fuckoff! -MCL-

  36. whats funny as fuck about this is theirs more juggalos postin up on this bitch than you “JH” internet gangster fucks haha thats real juggalos will be around long after ICP is dead and gone to all the juggalos holdin it down much family love

  37. Because having a common denominator of being an asspie social reject, is enough to call another “juggalo” family. You people are pathetic.

  38. What the fuck! you are some sick as people in georiga i mean you fuckers fucken killed a 9 year old juggalo. Yall need to to fucken get a life all yall better run we all juggal/lettes will get you skinhead dick breath, pussy eaters, son of a bitch!!

  39. Dude… This made my fucking day. Horrorcore is a fucking insult to anyone with an IQ that exceeds five. That’s probably why most Juggalos and juggalettes are either twelve year old aspiring hood rats/welfare whores or on the retirement track at Wal-mart.

    Seriously… you’re all fat and smell like piss. Take a shower, get a gym membership and for fuck’s sake, start using some kind of birth control. You fuckers multiply like god damned rabbits… we don’t need any more.

    You all wouldn’t last ten minutes at a real concert. Go see Skinny Puppy and you’ll see what I mean. We’ll fucking eat you. Now go put away your hi points and your cute little dollar store pocket knives before you hurt yourselves.

  40. Wow, i’m hearing a lot of shit talking about “swingin hatchets” and all that bullshit that NEVER HAPPENS!!! “Juggalos and Jugga-whores are a fucking joke. All of you fucking morons are well on the road to digging ditches if you even have a fucking job, and all you fat trailer park bred pregnant 16 year olds Jubble-ette cunts need to die instead of squirting another generation of morons out of your smelly diseased cunts.

    You have no idea what the real world is like and you’re all basing your pathetic lives around a FUCKING FAD! You think Faggy 2 Dudes and Silent Gay give a shit about you?! They’re in it to make money and be the fat rich cock-suckers they claim to hate! LOL

    On another note, these homos can’t rap for shit and their lyric base consists of shit they have NEVER DONE AND NEVER WILL DO!!!!!! Fucking pathetic. All of you need to die.

  41. as i said about the last jh video lame lame lame just stop yall are makin yourselfs look retarded MUCH MUCH MOTHA FUCKIN WICKED CLOWN LOVE to the juggalos and juggalettes JUGGALO 4 LIFE

  42. you mutha fuckas just dont get what were about the music just tells the story we all family and were aint ever gonna stop. for every juggalo dead is another 5 thats gonna pop up

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