Juggalo Holocaust – what?

Juggalo Holocaust

Shaggy does not write his own music
“Hatchet-man” carries a meat cleaver, not a hatchet you fucking juggalo morons.
Faygo sucks.
ICP has to be the worse band in history.
AND The dark carnival is retarded!

Hate Juggalos too?
join the Juggalo Holocaust

Juggalo Holocaust

also paint a large JH anywhere you want
shirts , shoes and other clothing
icp posters
on walls
any where


Juggalo Holocaust


21 thoughts on “Juggalo Holocaust – what?

  1. SUCK A FAT MEXICAN DICK U JUGGALO PUSSY’S. ur all just pissed off becasue ur not as cool as the juggalo holocaust and u dont have what it takes to join our family so FUCK YOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! WHAT BITCH?

  2. join your fam wat the fuck we were around first wat the fuck?!!? how are you donna sit there and destroy our name and beliefs wen you sittin there copyin every single fuckin thing, MMFJHL? ARE YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS THAT STRAIGHT COPIED FROM MMFWCL wat thefuck and you guys think your hard you guys think your real think again fuckers

  3. why the fuck would we join you fucks. you fucking copy us and shit and all you want is to jump,beat juggalos and rape the juggalettes FUCK YOU. IM A JUGGALETTE AND I WILL BE DAMNED IF YOU TRY ANYTHING WITH ME

  4. Yo there will always be haters and to the juggalos this is a prime example. This group is going to bite everything. and you no what everbody going to think ya’ll is down; not hating. you sound like you got beat up a few to many times by your pops, or maybe you were outkasted like the rest of us. but wtf u gotta hate for. get a life and quit worring bout what other people do. the hate your putting out is what makes us strive and carry on our lives.it makes us stronger while your still the weak ass bitch who doesn’t no who he is…

    MMFCL to all my juggalo fam!
    Haters keep hating.

  5. the only time i even hear bout the jh is online guess u ain’t got the balls to do n e thin but run ur mouth and make shit up while ur livin in ur moms basement.. u fags go get a life and stop hatin or come do somethin

  6. firtst. .let me commend eminem! haha he bitched all u lame ass jugga hoes out! and 2 u guys r really just a bunch of poser faggz! kk actin all gehetto! HAHA icp didnt even start in detroit fags! lets get this strtaight icp are just lame posers.. get a life grow some bawls! hahahaha get a new set of cds.. tht dont have clown and posse in the name un less IT HJ! hahhaa fuck u juga hoe scum!

    • If your dumb ass knew your shit, you’d know that a JuggaHo is a FAKE Juggalo. Educate yourself before you come talking shit, dumb punk ass motha fuckin holocaust bitch.

    • fuck u bitch boyy ill sho u a big bloody axe oh nd it has ur name on it well aint that sum fucked up shit nd guess wat ima put it rite between ur fucking eyes so watch wat tha fuck u say

      whoop whoop fam much clown love
      to all tha juggalos we will fight this bullshit

  7. u no honestly u guy s just hate a band so u make a web site aginst it i should make an anti- fall out bot site
    i dont get y u ppl get so pissed about a fan base group (not a real gang)
    i talk with ppl in real gangs
    they think of it as a joke that you ppl are aginst juggalos when there r real gangs around that u all r to pussy to do anything aginst

  8. first let me just say FUCK JH! i see any of you motherfuckers in so cal ill show you a motherfucking hatchet, and insane clown posse was started in Detroit it was originally inner city posse from south west Delray which is in DETROIT you fucking morons. so call out JH all you want but if i see any of you fucking bitch boys doing it your gonna get chin checked get it!

  9. Honestly, the whole Juggalo Holocaust thing is entire bullshit. Firstly, like it’s already been said, the only place you guys think you’re so hard is online. Come say all this bullshit to a Lo or a Lette and watch how fast you get your shit split. You’re biting off our shit with the “MMFJHL.” WE started that and it’s MMFWCL. Get it right or don’t bite. And no, we’re not all ghetto, i actually pride myself on NOT being ghetto and still calling myself a Juggalette. If you really don’t like Juggalos, then you’ve never met a real one. But if you must hate on a Lo or a Lette, feel free to hate on me.

    ~*~Lady HomiCide~*~

  10. you guys are just fuckin pissed cuz we got sumthin you dont got. family. dont copy our shit you fuckin bitchez. youre prolly just a bunch of fuckin loney ass nerds livin in ur parents basments. fuck off suck a juggalo dick fuckin copyin dick licks

  11. my reply is simple im a juggalo and i dont give a fuck bout u jh mofos nor do u scare me im in callardo springs for 2 more weeks if u wanna mazke ur point come try im on fort carson bldg 1000 plz i welcome u with open axes thank u verey mutch

  12. Excuse me jh fags, can i get my dick out your mouth for a min? if yall r so damn tough and think yall the shit, come do something… thats right you aint out in the world doin shit because ur some pussy bitch ass hater sittin in a basement at yo moms house talkin shit on the computer… come try and rape me ill introduce yo dick to my hatchet… and my juggalo family has my back 24/7. and we started MMFWCL n u copied off of us so now you can put my dick back in yo mouth and suck away mother fucker!

  13. FUCK U!!! u basement liveing bitchies man if i ever c any yall bitchies on tha streets (im fuck u up)!!!!!! fuck that jh bullshit u mathafuckers need to grow sum balls nd face us juggalos nd c wat happens

    much clown love
    to all tha juggalos

  14. Fuck this Holocaust thing its bullshit, all they are is a bunch of lil nerds that live in there moms basement hatin on Lo’s and Lette’s casue they got no friends the talk tough online but then when they see you in person they are lil pussy’s. so Fuck the coppyed MMFJHL……MMFWCL fo life whoop whoop

  15. Bitch you steal shit from us juggalo’s and juggalette’s and you turn around and say we aint cool enough to join your mutha fuckin family We where around first We started everything We got blamed for murders and rapings and you stupid faggots go around doing the shit we get blamed for,You Fags wear our makeup You fags hate on us like we scared of you dumb fatass nerds sittin at your computers in your parents basements ya’ll probably got raped by your dad or your uncle and just want somebody to hate so you hate on us cause your all a bunch a Freckle-punching posers FUCK JH and if i ever see anybody in the fuckin NW i’m gettin my homies and all their homies and we’re gunna bust some fuckin coconuts

  16. YOu are all a bunch of narrow minded bithces who used to like ICP and now you dont because you discovered that they are religious. I think the whole Dark Carnival is God thing is retarded, but I’m still down with the Record Company and the music in general, even though ICPs shit is kind of wack now a days. But juggalos holocaust????? Wtf do you think you are Neo Nazis? YOU ARE AN INTERNET JOKE TO BE LAUGHED AT.

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