Was Soulja Boy Influenced by Esham?

In a recent MTV interview soulja is asked what music was a influence to him

he slowly replied “well… i dont know too much about music today…. but i like Lil jon, Three 6 mafia, Usher, Michael Jackson, Prince, Mariah Carey, and Esham the Boogieman”

he was also asked about his years in high school

“well,” he replied “I wasn’t there much, I always felt i was too cool for school, I usually just spent my hours of the day smokin weed at my house listenin to music, i always wanted to rap its been my dream since i was 10, i never thought i would be this successful I’m glad i made it this far”

Soulja was also asked who he would like to tour with in the future…

“well, I’d like to perform with Bizzy bone, Fall out boy, and Avril Levine. I’m tryin to get a mix of a audience, hopefully I sell more records

Soulja was also asked what the name of his next upcoming album might be…. he slowly replied “I don’t know”

the two best artists ever ,,, i hope theres a colab.

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