No Royalites For Young Buck

Although rumors of an alleged reunion with former G-Unit member The Game, a return to Cash Money Records and a perceived failure to participate in a few rivalries have caused his loyalty to be questioned, Young Buck has maintained several times that he is loyal to G-Unit. It appears that the loyalty may not be returned on the financial front. In a recent interview with, the Nashville rapper reveals that while touring with G-Unit is lucrative, he has never received a royalty check from Interscope or G-Unit.

“I’m the only artist on G-Unit that ever recouped off of an album, meaning I went off on this Buck The World project not owing Interscope and G-Unit sh*t,” Buck explains. “I can say that much. I’m still waiting on a royalty check, period. I’ve never seen a royalty check since I’ve been signed with G-Unit. So, hell yeah, I’ll tell you one damn thing, the show money is that good. I’ve never in my career cashed a royalty check. How you like that?”

The amounts G-Unit and Interscope spent on promoting both Straight Outta Cashville and Buck The World have not been made public. However, during a February interview with HipHopDX, Buck did admit he wasn’t thrilled with the amount spent marketing and promoting his projects.

“I did feel there were a few things Interscope could’ve done [better] as far as marketing my project,” adds Buck. “You know, getting me a little better of a budget as far as videos and stuff.”

Straight Outta Cashville was certified by the RIAA as having over 1 million copies sold as of January of 2005. Buck also tells HipHopDX that, according to Nielsen SoundScan, Buck The World has sold over 500,000 copies since its release. Additionally, the G-unit album Beg For Mercy, which Young Buck contributed to, has certified sales of over 2 million copies. Representatives from both G-Unit and Interscope have yet to respond to the claims.

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