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    ICP – Missing link lost review – 100 samples and voice modulators mixed with fisher price raps and rehashes 

    Marvelous missing link is one of the crappiest and laziest icp albums – ICP trying so hard to revive the past they are destroying their future -one song uses so many voice modulators and sound effects its listenable . Confederate flag is just rebel flag badly remade . Vomit is ass . How and you should know are the best beats on the album… they fucking destroy it with lines like “fuck my dad i wanna slaughter thee ” . I see the devil the outro probably only worthwhile track on the album but also has issues with random yelling and the slow guitar and singing at the end – Have to wash my eardurms out with some PTAB

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      Unless you are humanist and can’t comprehend actual talent The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost) typically resembles the fact that people in todays world are the dumbest being’s on this earth. sheep fall for what ever the media exposes. Granted you sound like one of those sheep! If you really open you’re ears and mind into underground and typically catch the vibes on subliminal messaging you would probably shit your pants on the fact that the clowns are spiritual. intelligent, and most of all sick of crybaby fuckbags like you who ruin musicians images by simply following ignorance and foul moral integrity for what these men do for a living, yet i am sure you’re giving the white man eye brow stare reading this message because you are too stupid to understand the word “Truth Reveals” in a manner that you are just narrow minded.

      this being said, go ahead and hate my talk down upon you’re pathetic life. you and this site simply make me want to literally vomit. you say I.C.P are nothing but “Stupid Affiliated White guy’s acting black”

      you my dear dunce are simply part of an Affiliation by joining this Fuckbaggery website, you have completely stooped lower level than any affiliation or occult ever imagined in global history, and if you think spreading you’re nonsense viral hate towards a fanbase being mistaken for a complete out of league misled concept. you should just kill your emo self now and suck the illuminati’s peckers. because this post is a waste of space.

      you have no meaning in this life. i will stand my ground and i shall crush yours for the fact. i know my abilities behind this monitor compared to you’re laughing matter of this message, in other words let me translate

      I know what i can do to destroy this piece of shit site and you’re little faggot homies. so don’t arouse my anger or test my nerves.

      last but not least, crack you’re head open with a Hatchet, simply feel you’re own brain until you find the idiot within, once you expose you’re retardation simply kill it. and leave this site and be a human, and not a humanist. ICP would sue you for everything and this site has. because this is not only mockery, but its illegal boycotting the name, label, and brand, simply putting ICP in you’re mouth and spreading hate can get you put away. so please, raise you’re standards and be nice, or this site and your people will feel ice! got it mother fucker.

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    Humble Indie bundle 14 – shareware disk super_tax 95 folder 

    Kaitlin found a book one day, it said “SPY OF CAMELOT”. She thought it was another boring book that her dad wrote, but boy was she wrong!


    JFK was in a room with a beautiful woman. He had to remember his secret training because he was getting very close to doing it with a secret agent. “Go ahead, tell me anything” JFK smoldered.

    Her cheeks turned red just like her hair and then she turned JFK’s cheeks red because she slapped him. “JFK I am not going to give you a classified info about the luftrause — uh oh!” she blurted but it was too late.

    “Luftrauser! Thanks missy, my work here is done!!” JFK laughed to himself but he didnt say anything out loud because he was already french kissing her.

    JFK put his chin next to her quivering ear. “Your the prettiest thing in Cobrastan…..” and her cheeks turned red.


    Then JFK was smoking a cigar in bed and he decided to get some more information out of her. He turned to her and looked at her and turned on the camelot charms. “So whats your name” he said winsomely.

    She looked at him and said “The just call me The Redhead” but it was too late for JFK because suddenly some guy was pointing a gun at his back.

    “Haha you fell for it JFK, men are all the same!” the Redhead announced. She leaned over to give him one more kiss though, a huge french kiss.


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    Humble indie bundle 14 shareware disk contents 

     __ _                      __    __           _     _      ___ _       
    / _\ |_ ___  __ _ _ __ ___/ / /\ \ \___  _ __| | __| |    /   (_) __ _ 
    \ \| __/ _ \/ _` | '_ ` _ \ \/  \/ / _ \| '__| |/ _` |   / /\ / |/ _` |
    _\ \ ||  __/ (_| | | | | | \  /\  / (_) | |  | | (_| |  / /_//| | (_| |
    \__/\__\___|\__,_|_| |_| |_|\/  \/ \___/|_|  |_|\__,_| /___,' |_|\__, |

    SteamWorld Dig is an Amazing side-Scrolling Mining game with a lot of depth. It’s perfect for People who like to explore deep caves and Finding things to mine.


      ___ ___                                                     __         .__     
     /   |   \_____    _____   _____   _____________  _  ______ _/  |_  ____ |  |__  
    /    ~    \__  \  /     \ /     \_/ __ \_  __ \ \/ \/ |__  \\   __\/ ___\|  |  \ 
    \    Y    // __ \|  Y Y  \  Y Y  \  ___/|  | \/\     / / __ \|  | \  \___|   Y  \
     \___|_  /(____  /__|_|  /__|_|  /\___  >__|    \/\_/ (____  /__|  \___  >___|  /
           \/      \/      \/      \/     \/                   \/          \/     \/

    WHOA!!! Hack and Slash your way through a Crazy castle filled with traps and secrets, even with FRiends if you want! This game is Crazy Fun, whether you’re playing alone or with Friends from the Web (Web Friends)


    Strange Planks What do these do??? If you know, please E-Mail me at (NO SPAM!)

      ,----..                                                                         ___     
     /   /   \                           ,-.----.              ,--,                 ,--.'|_   
    |   :     :          ,--,      ,---, \    /  \    ,---.  ,--.'|         ,---,   |  | :,'  
    .   |  ;. /        ,'_ /|  ,-+-. /  ||   :    |  '   ,'\ |  |,      ,-+-. /  |  :  : ' :  
    .   ; /--`    .--. |  | : ,--.'|'   ||   | .\ : /   /   |`--'_     ,--.'|'   |.;__,'  /   
    ;   | ;  __ ,'_ /| :  . ||   |  ,"' |.   : |: |.   ; ,. :,' ,'|   |   |  ,"' ||  |   |    
    |   : |.' .'|  ' | |  . .|   | /  | ||   |  \ :'   | |: :'  | |   |   | /  | |:__,'| :    
    .   | '_.' :|  | ' |  | ||   | |  | ||   : .  |'   | .; :|  | :   |   | |  | |  '  : |__  
    '   ; : \  |:  | : ;  ; ||   | |  |/ :     |`-'|   :    |'  : |__ |   | |  |/   |  | '.'| 
    '   | '/  .''  :  `--'   \   | |--'  :   : :    \   \  / |  | '.'||   | |--'    ;  :    ; 
    |   :    /  :  ,      .-./   |/      |   | :     `----'  ;  :    ;|   |/        |  ,   /  
     \   \ .'    `--`----'   '---'       `---'.|             |  ,   / '---'          ---`-'   
      `---`                                `---`              ---`-'                          

    Gunpoint is a Stealth Action puzzle gmae about jumping out of windows and landing on guards and a lot of other Insane moves. You break into buildings and steal computer stuff, and then you escape by jumping out of a window and landing on a guard, or other ways. ,/P>


    1. Shoot him with your Gun
    2. Scare him with your Gun
    3. Hit him with your Punch
    4. Hit him with you rPunch until he’s dead
    5. Jump out of a window and Land on him
    6. Hit him with his Door
    7. Or else Kick his Door at his face
    8. Rewire his Gun (But how do I get to the Pink circuit box??)

     _______                                                          _______   __                                         
    /       \                                                        /       \ /  |                                        
    $$$$$$$  |______    ______    ______    ______   _______         $$$$$$$  |$$ |  ______    ______    _______   ______  
    $$ |__$$ /      \  /      \  /      \  /      \ /       |        $$ |__$$ |$$ | /      \  /      \  /       | /      \ 
    $$    $$/$$$$$$  |/$$$$$$  |/$$$$$$  |/$$$$$$  /$$$$$$$/         $$    $$/ $$ |/$$$$$$  | $$$$$$  |/$$$$$$$/ /$$$$$$  |
    $$$$$$$/ /    $$ |$$ |  $$ |$$    $$ |$$ |  $$/$$      \         $$$$$$$/  $$ |$$    $$ | /    $$ |$$      \ $$    $$ |
    $$ |    /$$$$$$$ |$$ |__$$ |$$$$$$$$/ $$ |      $$$$$$  |_       $$ |      $$ |$$$$$$$$/ /$$$$$$$ | $$$$$$  |$$$$$$$$/ 
    $$ |    $$    $$ |$$    $$/ $$       |$$ |     /     $$/  |      $$ |      $$ |$$       |$$    $$ |/     $$/ $$       |
    $$/      $$$$$$$/ $$$$$$$/   $$$$$$$/ $$/      $$$$$$$/$$/       $$/       $$/  $$$$$$$/  $$$$$$$/ $$$$$$$/   $$$$$$$/ 
                      $$ |                                 $/                                                              
                      $$ |                                                                                                 

    Papers, Please is a game where you Use passports to put people in prison? JK, it’s actually about a Country in the distant past where people are coming in from other Countries. I don’t think tehy’re real.


    Georgie Costello He makes a fake passport that’s really funny, and I like how he says OK a lot
    Mr. Anegovych He runs a train company and gives you $20 if you tell engineers about him.
    Carmen Drex He wants to blow up the government. Hard core!!
    Shady Shafady He’s like Georgie only with a cool mustache

     ___     __   __ _______ _______ ______   _______ __   __ _______ _______ ______   _______ 
    |   |   |  | |  |       |       |    _ | |   _   |  | |  |       |       |    _ | |       |
    |   |   |  | |  |    ___|_     _|   | || |  |_|  |  | |  |  _____|    ___|   | || |  _____|
    |   |   |  |_|  |   |___  |   | |   |_||_|       |  |_|  | |_____|   |___|   |_||_| |_____ 
    |   |___|       |    ___| |   | |    __  |       |       |_____  |    ___|    __  |_____  |
    |       |       |   |     |   | |   |  | |   _   |       |_____| |   |___|   |  | |_____| |
    |_______|_______|___|     |___| |___|  |_|__| |__|_______|_______|_______|___|  |_|_______|

    Whoa! Luftrausers is a Super-Stylized game where you take control of a custom plane to fight in Arial combat. You’ve got to keep your plane facing all the bad guys that show up while making sure you have the right guns and stuff for the job.

    Fangamer’s Amazing Humble Indie Bundle 12 Exclusive Sound Clip from Luftrausers!!


    56K WARNING: You need MP3 Capability to play this file (63 KB)

                                 .-') _   ('-.         ('-. .-.            _   .-')      ('-.   
                                ( OO ) )_(  OO)       ( OO )  /           ( '.( OO )_  _(  OO)  
      ,----.    .-'),-----. ,--./ ,--,'(,------.      ,--. ,--..-'),-----. ,--.   ,--.|,------. 
     '  .-./-')( OO'  .-.  '|   \ |  |\ |  .---'      |  | |  ( OO'  .-.  '|   `.'   | |  .---' 
     |  |_( O- )   |  | |  ||    \|  | )|  |          |   .|  /   |  | |  ||         | |  |     
     |  | .--, \_) |  |\|  ||  .     |/(|  '--.       |       \_) |  |\|  ||  |'.'|  |(|  '--.  
    (|  | '. (_/ \ |  | |  ||  |\    |  |  .--'       |  .-.  | \ |  | |  ||  |   |  | |  .--'  
     |  '--'  |   `'  '-'  '|  | \   |  |  `---.      |  | |  |  `'  '-'  '|  |   |  | |  `---. 
      `------'      `-----' `--'  `--'  `------'      `--' `--'    `-----' `--'   `--' `------' 

    Gone Home is a spooky game where you’re in an empty house and you have to figure out what happened to your Family and why they’re not in the House. Is Oscar a good guy or a bad guy?? That’s one of the many Mysteries Kaitlin has to find out in this game.

    Want To Buy SNES Games From Gone Home

    There are some Rare SNES Games in Gone Home that I would love to Buy, but none of the Funcolands in my Area have any copies. If you have one, EMail me at!! Here are some Pictures from the game:

    Adventurous The Cat
    Journey of Crystal
    Super Spitfire

                          ____         ____                             _____   ____        
    `````|`````|         |            |    ~.   |`````````,|``````.  .-~     ~.|            
         |     |_________|______      |____.'_  |'''|''''' |       |:          |______      
         |     |         |            |       ~.|    `.    |       |:     _____|            
         |     |         |___________ |_______.'|      `.  |......'  `-._____.'|___________ 

    The Bridge is a game that’s going to totally Blow Your Mind about a world where Gravity is weird and things keep flipping around when you walk on them. Everything is really Confusing, but luckily the Fangamer Humble Indie Bundle 12 Zone is here to help.

    This Image Map will help you figure out what to touch and what not to touch on Level 1-6, The Nook. (Make sure your Java is On, because this imagemap uses Java Script.)

    click map
    The Bad Guy The Door This is You First you want to put the Ball here, by rotating The World until it falls in The End

    |M.--. ||O.--. ||N.--. ||A.--. ||C.--. ||O.--. |
    | (\/) || :/\: || :(): || (\/) || :/\: || :/\: |
    | :\/: || :\/: || ()() || :\/: || :\/: || :\/: |
    | '--'M|| '--'O|| '--'N|| '--'A|| '--'C|| '--'O|

    Monaco What’s Yours Is Mine is a game about doing Stealth Crimes like sneaking around and Stealing. You have to use your Wits, and Hiding, and your Friends to avoid the guards, but you can only See what’s right in front of you.

    All The CHaracters I Found in Monaco

    The Locksmith The Locksmith can pick Locks way faster than your other guys. Use him to pick locks and also to Open Cash Boxes and other money stuff.
    The Pickpocket The Pickpocket has a Monkey, which is really funny, and he uses him to grab things without Guards noticing, even though who wouldn’t notice a Monkey? I would, right away.
    The Cleaner The Cleaner can knock people out even when the other guys can’t, and when they don’t even know you’re not around.
    The Lookout The Lookout can see the Blueprint even when she isn’t looking at it, because she’s got a really good memory. She’s also Very Fast at opening windows.
    The Mole The Mole can dig through walls, like a Mole. You have to unlock him.
    The Gentleman You have to unlock him too, and then when you do he has a Disguise that he can use all the time.
    The Hacker The Hacker is a lot like me, because he likes Computers so much. He can make viruses and then use them on Security, by hacking. You have to unlock him too, and then he can do your Computer stuff.

        ___      ___      ___      ___          ___      ___      ___           ___      ___      ___   
       /\  \    /\  \    /\  \    /\  \        /\  \    /\__\    /\  \         /\  \    /\__\    /\__\  
      /::\  \  /::\  \  /::\  \  /::\  \       \:\  \  /:/__/_  /::\  \       /::\  \  /:/ _/_  /:| _|_ 
     /::\:\__\/::\:\__\/:/\:\__\/::\:\__\      /::\__\/::\/\__\/::\:\__\     /\:\:\__\/:/_/\__\/::|/\__\
     \;:::/  /\/\::/  /\:\ \/__/\:\:\/  /     /:/\/__/\/\::/  /\:\:\/  /     \:\:\/__/\:\/:/  /\/|::/  /
      |:\/__/   /:/  /  \:\__\   \:\/  /      \/__/     /:/  /  \:\/  /       \::/  /  \::/  /   |:/  / 
       \|__|    \/__/    \/__/    \/__/                 \/__/    \/__/         \/__/    \/__/    \/__/  

    Race The Sun is an Incredibly hard game where there are these Random levels every day and you have to Race through them to get a High Score before you blow up……. which is going to happen because of how Hard it is.

    A Cool Race The Sun Wallpaper I Found

    This Wallpaper is 800×600, so only use it if you have Windows 95 or More.

                                              '   _    \                                               
    _________   _...._            .--.      /   /` '.   \    _..._                                     
    \        |.'      '-.         |__|     .   |     \  '  .'     '.                                   
     \        .'```'.    '..-,.--..--.     |   '      |  '.   .-.   .                                  
      \      |       \     \  .-. |  |     \    \     / / |  '   '  |                                  
       |     |        |    | |  | |  |     _`.   ` ..' /  |  |   |  |                                  
       |      \      /    .| |  | |  |   .' |  '-...-'`   |  |   |  |                                  
       |     |\`'-.-'   .' | |  '-|  |  .   | /           |  |   |  |                                  
       |     | '-....-'`   | |    |__|.'.'| |//           |  |   |  |                                  
      .'     '.            | |      .'.'.-'  /            |  |   |  |                                  
    '-----------'          |_..._   .'   \_.'             |  |   |  |                  _..._           
                         .-'_..._''.                      '--'   '--'               .-'_..._''.        
                       .' .'      '.\  .       .--.               __.....__       .' .'      '.\       
                      / .'           .'|       |__|           .-''         '.    / .'                  
             .-,.--. . '            <  |       .--.     .|   /     .-''"'-.  `. . '               .|   
        __   |  .-. || |             | |       |  |   .' |_ /     /________\   \| |             .' |_  
     .:--.'. | |  | || |             | | .'''-.|  | .'     ||                  || |           .'     | 
    / |   \ || |  | |. '             | |/.'''. \  |'--.  .-'\    .-------------'. '          '--.  .-' 
    `" __ | || |  '-  \ '.          .|  /    | |  |   |  |   \    '-.____...---. \ '.          .|  |   
     .'.''| || |       '. `._____.-'/| |     | |__|   |  |    `.             .'   '. `._____.-'/|  |   
    / /   | || |         `-.______ / | |     | |      |  '.'    `''-...... -'       `-.______ / |  '.' 
    \ \._,\ '/_|                  `  | '.    | '.     |   /                                  `  |   /  
     `--'  `"                        '---'   '---'    `'-'                                      `'-'   

    Prison Architect asks a Tough Question: How do you make a Prison? Using Simulation technology it lets you try to build the Best Prison you can, but you also have to worry about keeping people happy, and making your Staff good at things, and telling the Prisoners what to do. It’s even harder than you think!!

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    Tags: brock lesnar, cena, , , undertaker, , wrestlemania 31,   

    Wrestlemania 31 Lineup- Card / Thoughts / Results 

    Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (c) (with Natalya) vs. Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) (with El Torito) vs. The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) (with Xavier Woods) vs. The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) (with Naomi) Fatal four-way tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

    Really done care for this match – should be ok with the new day or Uso taking it – Should have featured the ascession but otherwise – meh

    André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    Hope Axlemania wins it because everyone else is a geek – expect to see some miz vs mizdow shenanagans but that should have been in their own match – Goldust also is retiring after this so he is another person with a shot but the booking for this has been trash .

    The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt Singles match

    Taker is winning this – Hyped for when the man comes around and to see if “hes still got it” – Atrocious buildup with taker noshowing and a chair set on fire. Hyped for when the man comes around

    Bad News Barrett (c) vs. R-Truth vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust vs. Daniel Bryan Ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship[39]

    More geeks fighting but should have some nice spots – Dbry or Ambrose winning it

    Sting vs. Triple H Singles match

    Could go eitherway – HHH may want to show dominance like he did to brock when he returned and book himself winning – Sting was OK in TNA so he should go Ok here . Pretty meh buildup until this week.

    Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins (with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury)

    Seth wins imo – To promote the cash in which could happen at mania but more likely at raw.

    AJ Lee and Paige vs. The Bella Twins (Brie Bella and Nikki Bella)

    Toilet break – this match is bad should have been AJ Vs Paige not some crappy tag match – Has AJ broke up with Cm Punk… Will Cm punk be in attendance ….

    Brock Lesnar (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Roman Reigns Singles match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    RR is probably winning because lesnar would be a moron to sign a contract without getting counter offers from UFC , TNA and Bellator – lettgo my eggo – attrocious buildup with some shining spots by Brock and Heyman but the booking wow – should have ended with a headbutt staredown instead of fighting like 2 bitches over a shoe sale – should be an ok match with alot of power spots

    Rusev (c) (with Lana) vs. John Cena Singles match for the WWE United States Championship

    The real main event

    Cena going to call spots and win this shit elevating the title – hope he has a new move like that hurricanrana he did against punk maybe cena kissing lana and getting a bit more badass.

    Overall an ok show

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    Tags: AAA, AAA luch, AAA lucha, AAA wrestling, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Rey Mysterio, son of perro aguayo   

    RIP Wrestler El Hijo del Perro Aguayo – Rey Mysterio in match that ends life 

    RIP to AAA wrestler The son of Perro Aguayo aka Hijo del Perro Aguayo

    Rip hijo del perro aguayo

    Rey did a double on Aguayo and Manik to set up a 619. Aguayo may of injured his spine wrong and was knocked out and never woke up or had a brain hemorrhage from Rey Mysterios drop kick.

    Who died in a match against rey mysterio when he hit the ropes.

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    Tags: anime rap, , , , ,   

    Crisis Of Faith – The Warrior's Oath [Official Music Video] 

    Music produced, mixed, engineered, composed, edited, and mastered by EKX. © EKX. All Rights Reserved, 2015
    Lyrics written and performed by Killa-mo 187 © Joesaradical Music [BMI]. All Rights Reserved, 2015

    The Official music video for the hit song “The Warrior’s Oath” from Crisis Of Faith. This song was created out of inspiration. When you feel down and out of luck. You need to just get back up, scream at the top of your lungs “I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!” and just handle your business! Underground Style!

    Like the song? It’s available on the brand new Killa-mo 187 EP “Killin’ Off Valentine’z 4″ which you can download for FREE at;
    The song will also be available on the upcoming CoF LP “Crossing Over” which is coming soon.

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    Tags: cody, ,   

    Goldust vs Stardust 

    This should have had this match at wrestlemania

    I could not give 2 shits who wins but enjoying goldusts jacket

    Goldust wins – will lose at mania

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    Tags: jon stewert, , seth rollins,   

    Randy orton vs Seth Rollins at wrestlemania
    Meh – unless jon stewart is in his corner

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    Tags: impact wrestling, like a prayer, madonna, say yes madonna, SayYesMadonna, tna impact   


    has denied me using ‘Like A Prayer’ on – I hope I can change her mind!

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    Tags: , , juggalo rapper, juggarapper, killamo, lady gaga diss, lil wayne diss, , , , underground hiphop   

    Killa-mo 187 – Killin’ Off Valentinez 4 thoughts / review 

    Just some quick Killa-mo 187 – Killin’ Off Valentinez 4 thoughts / review

    1 – Cold Open

    KM talks for a minute -about this album being all new music and dedicates the album to a fallen friend called Matt Hanson – leaves 30 seconds for him and has some songs dedicated to his freind.

    2 – I cant stand

    More samples , Tupac , irish music , Natas – Natas and the line about Jim Holley.

    Song opens

    KM talking about getting a feeling off his chest

    “Im tired of being some doormat , for any type of faith jack”

    “I cant stand this shit world no more” – in a robot voice

    2 minutes – skippable

    3 – Sucksalottococker – Diss to sykocutter

    “He claims to be famous – in real life hes nameless

    “I thought that signing to his crappy label would make it stable”

    “he got booed off stage at the first thing he played”

    “so fuck a sykocutter and fuck his spies”

    “your daddy never snitched to a gang – you would be dead in a day”

    3 minutes of talking

    “I took the only thing you ever had on me….”

    “yeah im fat , and i could give fuck less about the size of my dick ,I talked to brianna the other day she told me you showed her your dick on the internet and she told me the true size , talked to another ex – she said the same thing , bobby bobby bobby your a pinky nail , which means that im even bigger than you”

    “you use fake ass software to get your views on youtube and facebook likes”

    Worth it for the rant…

    4 – 70 second style part 3

    “If i moved back to my moms i know id be depressed ,id never see my check , it would be gone just like that”

    70 seconds , its ok

    5 – Lost Highway


    “As I fall, I twist and turn, I fly through the sky, I crash and burn
    As I fall, I twist and turn, I fly through the sky, I crash and burn”

    Nicely sung and a great way to sample and improve on eshams verse

    “I might be a juggalo , but i aint a juggarapper”

    Solid track – add in a sample from the david lynch movie or the bon jovi song and remove the onestophiphopdotnet nonsense 10 times in the song and it would be even better .

    Best song on the album

    6 – Made in Boyne city

    Samples wer Built this city on rock and roll

    “dont wanna rap like im ricky , or gay like little waynezy”

    “This aint crunk”

    “Mostly jacked esham beats – people thought it was neat”

    “Would never sell out , even if Gaga threw her clit out” LMFAO

    Only negative is the sample of someone yelling this is when we take over and Mr Midwest pusha productions – levels need to be checked

    Another solid track

    7 – Rambler pride – Exk Remix

    Aka Kevs Vision

    Already reviewed in the past – good remix of one of KMs Hits

    8 – Alex, Michael, Gaga, and Justin [skit]

    Sampling alex jones bieber rant with smome audio mods

    9 – Warriors oath – Crisis of faith

    Another Sykocutter diss
    Samples Arnold at the start

    “your right i became lazy , its time to become crazy”

    “Fuck sykocutter and his boyfreind the spy”

    Solid beat , Nice song , heard before so get your reivew from that

    Overall 2 brand new great tracks , 2 new tracks that have not been released before on an album – also good , one good funny rant – and 2 other meh tracks


    Worth a the download

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    Tags: fuck valentines day, , , , Killin' Off Valentinez 4, valentines day   

    Killa-mo 187 – Killin’ Off Valentinez 4


    Like it free?
    Than look no further for your Valentine’s Day Weekend!
    Killa-mo 187 brings forth Killin’ Off Valentine’z #4 for that ass!
    9 brand new tracks!
    Including the brand new Crisis of Faith track “The Warrior’s Oath” which has already caused a stir among the brainwashed wolves that live within our underworld. Download it now at the link below!

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    Tags: better call saul, breaking bad, tuco, unfunny   

    Better Call saul sucks

    What a lackluster prequel to breaking bad

    Not funny , Not action filled – just bland

    Episode sucks

    Random Saul working in cinabon

    Random dude with electricity and ice box

    Guys crashing into cars

    Random Tuco cameo at end of episode everyone saw coming – bet the two skaters die next ep

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    Tags: , diss, , , , , , warriors oath   

    Sykocutter diss Crisis Of Faith – The Warrior’s Oath [Produced by EKX] 

    If a series of random phone calls in various hours of the night didn’t stop him. And a simple internet video using a compuerized voice didn’t stop him. Did “Horrorcore’s greatest groupie rappers” actually think they are on par with KM? And do they really think that the producer-friend of theirs is the best rap producer in the underground? Yeah Bobby Loveless don’t fool the true fan’s of the wicked shit. We said you wasn’t worth our time but let’s face it, You had this coming… -KM-

    Song: The Warriors Oath
    Lyrics written & Performed by Killa-mo 187
    Produced, Composed, Edited, Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered by EKX
    Pieced altogether like a well oiled machine of decade-plus dominance by Crisis Of Motherfuckin’ Faith!

    Like the song? It will also be available on Killa-mo 187’s “Killin’ Off Valentine’z Part 4″ EP coming February 14th, 2015 at

    This will also be available on the upcoming Crisis Of Faith LP which will reveal it’s title at the end of the video.

    Now about the ad before and after the music?
    A few weeks ago a wrestler by the name of Steven Robinson was hospitalized following a wrestling event in Louisville, KY. So with the help of a few of his fellow wrestlers. They have set up a fund to where 10 dollars made from each of the t-shirts will go right to his medical bills. And since no “reliable” news sources will help lend support for the man. We’re going to. To order the shirt head to!pro&#8230;

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    Tags: detroit vs detroit, detroit vs everybody remix, ,   

    Due to seven the general reporting Poe Whosaine now can only upload his portion of detroit vs everybody remix – Detroit VS Detroit 

    In b4 removal of poes verse from youtube

    All because Poe put his name on first on his own upload and it was gaining traction, Seven the general needed to get his name in front so he reported someone on his own song …

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    Tags: , , , everybody, ,   

    Why detroit underground rap is a joke ft Seven the General – Its now Detroit vs Detroit – Seven the General vs Poe 

    “DETROIT VS EVERYBODY ft. Po…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Seven the General.

    Seven the general reports poe whosaines video – a guy featured in the same song so only he gets the youtube views around 1500 – losing 800 views from poes video in the process and reporting Poe – hurting his youtube account and potentialy getting it shut down if he gets a few more striked

    Well done – just fight between each other over scraps while the big guys could give a fuck and have 100000 different uploads of the same song on youtube and dont care.

    Its no longer Detroit vs Everybody – Its Detroit vs Detroit and people doing the same track vs each other.

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    Tags: bullshit, , ,   

    WWE fans chant bullshit and we want Dbry as roman reigns wins rumble 

    WWE fans chanting bullshit as Roman Regins wins royal rumbe



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    Tags: dean ambrose, , ,   

    Dean ambrose sucks and should not win the rumble

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    Tags: booed, , , ryback   

    Ryback – face , getting booed

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    Tags: big e, boos, ,   

    MIzdow eliminated = more boos

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    Tags: boo, booing, , ,   

    BOOOOOOOOOOO its reigns

  • landofthebanned 3:12 am on January 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: kofi kingston, ,   

    Kofi kingstons spot this year with the rosebuds sucked

  • landofthebanned 3:09 am on January 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: daniel bryan, ,   

    Non stop boos since daniel bryan got eliminated well done wwe

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    Tags: dbry, ,   

    Suck it dbry

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    Tags: bobby loveless, , juggalo hackers, , nuclear hacking, nuclear hacking group,   

    Killa mo 187 vs sykocutter and bobby loveless – aka nuclear hacking group 

    A message to Nuclear Hacking a.k.a Horrorcore Groupies who think they’re gods.

    This warning is for your own good. Just let it go. Your not even worth my time.


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    Tags: cakes, hip hop pie, Petoskey, Petoskey Pies, pies   

    Petoskey Pies 

    Petoskey Pies

    Petoskey Pies

    Petoskey Pies – the best damn pies in Petoskey

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    Tags: chemo, green funeral, , movie review, will for the woods, will for the woods movie   

    A will for the woods movie 2014 

    So i watched some crap movie called A will for the woods where a cancer patient wants to be buried in an unmarked wooden box in the woods – natural and chemical free – Dude was on chemo and a ton of other shit cancer treatments – you think the trees are not going to absorb his poisons ?? – dude should have just been cremated and his ashes thrown in the woods -no need to waste my time for 1.5 hours .

    3/10 – excellent photography , crap plot .

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    Tags: Doctors Without Borders, , Médecins Sans Frontières   

    Where the hell are Médecins Sans Frontières Doctors Without Borders ? Help OREM 

    Seriosly paging Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders

    Where is dcotors without borders ?

    Happy Monday everyone. We hope you had a good weekend. We wanted to give you an update about our progress with Orem’s case.

    We have been in contact with a number of surgeons/charities/hospitals with regards to helping Orem but haven’t been successful in finding a group or surgeon that would commit to surgery.

    We have written many emails and met with doctors but so far, we don’t have any positive news.

    We need your help. We believe there are many doctors/surgeons around the world that can perform reconstructive surgery on Orem. We just don’t know who the surgeons are.

    For that reason, we are asking you to share this picture of Orem on your Facebook pages and other social media networks you may be on. Hopefully, someone will see the photo and may get in touch with a team that will be willing to help Orem.

    We are 109 of us on this page. If we share this photo on our profiles, we can potentially reach over 100K people, and the message will get seen more, and hopefully some surgeons will be touched and offer to help.

    Please take 2 seconds to share this photo and let’s help Orem get reconstructive surgery.

    Be blessed wherever you are.

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    Tags: , Big Gov, , , , , Will Louchi   

    DETROIT VS EVERYBODY ft. Poe WhoSAine Big Herk Chedda boy Malik Awesome Dre Will Louchi Big Gov 

    Detroit vs Everybody produced by the Olympicks (MMG) features legendary emcees Poe Whosaine Big Herk Big Gov Cheddaboy Malik Awesome Dre Poppa D & Will Louchi x Dirty Bird Seven the GeneraL background vocals Latavia Parker WHOSAINIYAK MUZIK
    Follow @poe whosaine on IG & Twitter sub to the channel for more content

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    Tags: charity, , , kenya, medicine   

    Help Orem

    Orem was born in Kitale, a small agricultural town found at the foot of Mount Elgon, in western Kenya, near the Kenya-Uganda border with a
    population of about 150,000 people.

    Orem is the short form of Orembo (meaning ‘the beautiful one’ in Dholuo Language). He was born very handsome and his mother died when he was only 4. His father married another wife to take care of him and his two brothers. The step mother was exceedingly jealous of his looks and one morning while boiling tea, her jealousy graduated to indignation and she doused him in the face with boiling water, totally damaging the young Orembo. His name changed from Orembo to ‘Orem’.

    Orem has been known for his looks and jiggers; he has seen no joy from that fateful day to date. His education was put to naught as he stopped going to school to nurse the wounded face and live with the opposite of what he was born with; a totally deformed face. He then moved in and lived with his elder brother who took good care of him.

    Unfortunately in 2006 (2 years down with his malady) his brother died. He had to move in with the other brother who has not been very caring to Orem. His less than perfect wife has not been giving him food and he walks amidst all the humiliation coming from the screaming of kids who do that for fear as he begs for food in the nearby Matisi market. He walks for 2 kilometers every evening to this small marketplace for food.

    Orem has lived with a nylon bag to contain the saliva that keep dripping from his deformed mouth and protruding tongue. Every morning he has to tie a new bag around his neck.

    Rise Up Society volunteers bumped into Orem while carrying out the anti-jigger campaign exercise in Kitale. Orem was among jigger victims. A
    jigger is a bug that borrows into the skin and lays eggs there, enlarging and causing a lot of pain to the victim and it grows and sucks blood.
    After digging jiggers from him, the charitable organization decided to make his story known for possible multiple reconstructive surgery.

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    Tags: Ariel Helwani, bones jones, , dave meltzer, drugs, jon jones, mma torch,   

    Ariel Helwani and other MMA journalists ignoring potential cheating scandal by jon jones

    But here’s where it gets serious: cocaine is not the most newsworthy detail of Jones’ drug test results, even though the UFC makes it look as such. His testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio (commonly referred to as “T:E ratio”) and testosterone levels are alarming.

    Jones’ T:E ratio is abnormally low in the first test: 0.29:1. An average T:E ratio is 1:1 although averages differ based on, for example, ethnical background. T:E ratio tells us how much testosterone he has in his body compared to the amount of epitestosterone – it doesn’t, however, tell us anything about his actual testosterone levels.

    Having such a low T:E ratio indicates either a health problem (unlikely considering Jones is such a big, dominating athlete) or cycling off from testosterone usage. When you take synthetic testosterone, your body stops producing its own testosterone. Once you stop taking synthetic testosterone, it can take from weeks to months – depending on the case – for your testosterone production to re-start, which then leads to abnormally low testosterone levels. So with that said…

    Jones’ testosterone level is at 1.8 ng/ml – a more common way of putting it is 180 ng/dl while normal for an average adult is between 350 ng/dl and 1000 ng/dl. Since we’re talking about one of the top athletes in the sport, it’s highly unlikely that his testosterone levels would be lower than average, or as in this case, almost 50% below what’s considered the minimal normal amount.

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    Tags: , itunes, , , , spotify   

    iTunes and Spotify Announce They Will Be Removing All Insane Clown Posse Music From Their Library 

    Today it was announced that both iTunes and Spotify will be pulling all Insane Clown Posse songs from their digital media libraries. Fans of the Insane Clown Posse can expect to see all traces of the hip hop duo removed from iTunes and Spotify by mid-January 2015. The details behind the decision were relatively unclear; however a spokesperson from each entity has confirmed that they have been receiving large amounts of pressure from advertisers and sponsors to remove Insane Clown Posse music from their library.
    iTunes spokesperson Gerald Hutchinson told reporters, “The decision to remove them (Insane Clown Posse) from our digital library was not an easy one, however at the end of the day we are a business and have to make decisions that are conducive to our earnings and growth.” According to Hutchinson, iTunes has received an abundance of threats to terminate or decline renewal of advertising contracts from several advertisers and sponsors.

    Hutchinson declined to comment as to which sponsors and advertisers were threatening to terminate their affiliation with iTunes, however he did make the following statement, “The requests to eliminate Insane Clown Posse’s music from our library have been growing in size each month, it was clear that the issue was not going to disappear.” According to Hutchinson iTunes began to receive threats from the unnamed advertisers and sponsors in July 2014 after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit requiring the FBI to discontinue the classification of Insane Clown Posse’s fan base as a gang.
    It is clear to experts and speculators alike that advertisers were not comfortable with having affiliation with a company that provides its customers with music that speaks to gang members and criminal activity. Devin Larson, a social commentator for the Toolson Herald told fans of the publication, “It’s certainly an interesting scenario, on one hand Insane Clown Posse and their fans are protected by the freedom of speech, on the other hand iTunes and Spotify are entitled to make decisions that best serve their business and profits, advertisers and sponsors are a huge part of those profits.”
    Spotify spokesperson Kimberly Terrence told reporters, “As a company that does not charge our customers to access music, advertisers are crucial to our business model. As much as it pains us to upset any demographic of our current customers, we simply could not survive without the support of our advertisers and sponsors. “
    Though Insane Clown Posse founders Violent J (Joseph Bruce ) and Shaggy 2 Dope (Joseph Utsler) have not yet publically addressed the decision made by iTunes and Spotify, their seemingly loyal fans, referred to as Juggalos, have been very outspoken regarding their dissatisfaction with the decision. One Insane Clown Posse fan who refers to himself has Loco Chain made the following statement via twitter, “No more iTunes or Spotify, only Pandora 4 me…Why are they not removing GANGSTER rap like Easy E?”

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    Tags: Cormier, daniel cromier, DC, incredulous Cormier, , ufc 182   

    All the best incredulous Cormier pictures – UFC 182

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    Tags: #WHEREISHE?   



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    Tags: , donation, las vegas, memorial fund, , , terry jones, , tt   

    TNT – Memorial Fund for Terry Jones – TT

    Terry Jones, TT, TnT, little brother, big brother, cousin, friend, son, father……however he was known to you, he has passed on to Heaven.  We lost one of the greats.

    Sunrise: February 18, 1973
    Sunset: December 20, 2014

    Terry had the gift for gab.  He could make you smile on your worst day.

    TT grew up in Detroit with his family, and made so many friends from Richard to Osborn.  TT was in the rap group Natas, very well known as TnT.

    Striving for more, TT moved to Las Vegas to create a better life for him and his son, Terry.

    Most recently, TT worked at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino where he shared his wonderful personality with everyone he met.

    TT made so many friends in Las Vegas, even more in Detroit, and countless others around the country.

    Unfortunately for us, God has called him home.

    Now is the time to show our gratitude for the joy he brought into our lives.

    So many of you have asked where to send cards or flowers.  Instead, please send a memorial donation to his only son Terry.

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    Tags: , , , , Terry William Jones,   

    The car accident that took TNT – Terry William Jones life. 

    Coroner identifies man killed when car hits a parked van

    LAS VEGAS (KSNV — A man not wearing a seat belt was killed early today when his Cadillac hit a parked conversion van in the south end of the valley.

    The man has ben identified as Las Vegas resident Terry William Jones, 41. His official cause and manner of death are pending an autopsy.

    Metro said Jones was driving a 2003 Cadillac DeVille east on East Richmar Avenue (near South Bermuda Road and East Silverado Ranch Boulevard) when he hit the rear end of a 2012 van that was parked near the south curb.

    The accident report said the vehicles remained together as they slip to a stop and struck a light pole that then fell onto the Nissan.

    Jones was transported to St. Rose Dominican’s Siena Campus, where he was pronounced dead.

    The death was the 86th traffic-related fatality in Metro’s jurisdiction this year.

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    Tags: 2014 detroit, , , , , , tnt rapper, tnt terry jones   

    Rip TNT – Terry Jones 


    An update on the car accident that took the life of Legnedary Wicked rap icon TnT of the legendary NaTaS…. My heart goes to all of T’s family as well as his NaTaS brothers Esham and Mastamind. You all have my condolences. No matter the situation of the cause, it’s still always heartbreaking when you lose a love one. Rest In Peace Terry “TnT” Jones. Gone but will never be forgotten.

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    Tags: , facebook wars, john short, killa mo, Tonya Syko Pierson   

    Tonya Syko Pierson gets destroyed on Killa mo facebook 

    I’m starting to think that music was a mistake…. After being told by friends and family that I stepped up and made a major improvement on my own work. I get told that I’ve made ZERO changes to myself or my songwriting skills. So as I said. I’m thinking music in general was the wrong choice for me…. Maybe if I do make that life altering decision I’ll leave that part of me behind and try to find something to do that is more fit for a slow and dumb reject like me.

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    Tags: , faith newman, illmatic, mc serch, , time is illmatic   

    Nas Time Is Illmatic 2014 – was Nas only noticed for his acidrap lines ? 

    Watching this movie one of the main bits that stood out was interviews with how nas was found and why he was signed with Colombia – thanks to Faith Newman and MC Serch where they acted like these lines were mindblowing in 1994…

    It came down to two lines which

    Back to the Grill

    Verbal assassin, my architect pleases
    When I was twelve, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus


    Live at the Barbeque

    This is Nas, kid, you know how it runs
    I’m waving automatic guns at nuns
    Sticking up the preachers in the church, I’m a stone crook

    Better and stronger horrorcore lines were being spit before 1994

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    Tags: Comploy protocall, , , , , , ,   

    Breaking down the Crisis of faith – Mary Faith Music Video 

    Breaking down Killa mo 187 i mean Crisis of faith – Mary faith music video

    Many questions need to be asked such as why killa mo filmed a lamp for 10 seconds and footage of his bathroom? , why is mike brown in the film clip ?and what is a Comploy protocall ?

    This also caused the end of killa mo 187 – AITUSA album and alledgely his last ever facebook post which was broken in 5 minutes .

    Mary Faith into

    Mary Faith into


    Crisis of faith truck

    Crisis of faith truck

    Km burning EKX

    Km burning EKX – why is he buring ekx 

    Mary faith truck

    Mary faith truck

    Outsider productions

    Outsider productions

    Killa mo 187 in bathroom

    Killa mo 187 in bathroom

    Killa mo 187 in bathroom

    Killa mo 187 in bathroom

    Killa mo fish eye

    Killa mo fish eye

    Killa mo fish eye

    Killa mo fish eye

    killa mo bathroom

    killa mo bathroom

    for no reason a lamp

    for no reason a lamp

    Killa mo throat cut

    Killa mo throat cut

    Killa mo throat cut

    Killa mo throat cut

    Stock footage

    Stock footage

    Mike brown for no reason

    Mike brown for no reason

    Km hallway

    Km hallway

    Killa mo 187 random passer buy

    Killa mo 187 random passer buy

    Killa mo 187 random passer buy

    Killa mo 187 random passer buy

    Killa mo 187 last post ever

    Killa mo 187 last post ever

    End of AITUSA

    End of AITUSA

    Killa mo 187 last post ever

    Killa mo 187 last post ever

    Killa mo 187 profile pic

    Killa mo 187 profile pic

    Comploy protocall

    Comploy protocall

    Crisis of faith or Killa mo 187

    Crisis of faith or Killa mo 187

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    Tags: boyne city hip hop, , , , , ,   

    Crisis Of Faith – Mary Faith 

    The Official Music Video for “Mary Faith” From CoF’s “Crisis Of Faith” EP and Killa-mo 187’s “Trapped Director’z Cut”. This could very well be the most controversial music video KM has ever made. So with that said. Most of the footage here is only social commentary.

    Song info:
    Mary Faith
    Music written, produced, composed, edited, arranged, and mastered by EKX
    Lyrics written, performed, and recorded by Killa-mo 187
    Song:© 2013

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    Tags: The bridge is over   

    I finally figured it out, Magic mouth is used for sucking
    Roxanne Shante is only good for steady fucking
    MC Shan and Marley Marl is really only bluffing

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    Tags: , ekx beats, ekx returnz, hip hop beats, instrumentalist,   

    EKX-Kev’z Vizion (EKX Returnz 2014) 

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    Tags: coming for the #1 spot, female hip hop, , kick-starter, mandy candy, Mandy Candy Coming For The #1 Spot, womens hip hop   

    Kickstater back this – Mandy Candy Coming For The #1 Spot Mixtape Release – Female Hip Hop- 

    I am the best female song writer, singer, rapper around. Hit worthy music. I have the talent, stage presence. Doing so since age 5.

    About this project

    Mandy Candy has the hunger, drive, talent, stage presence and experience to make it to the #1 spot. For a female to have earned the respect in the music business is nearly impossible. I have worked with many talented underground artists and only strive for quality and success. Coming from the streets of Southern California and overcoming them by always knowing I was meant for much more. People believe in me. Salt Lake City is due for a huge Artist to put our music on the map.I hope you will believe in me as well and with that blessing, I can finally afford to get my songs Mastered, get CD’s produced, as well as posters and T shirts for my fans to enjoy. This is only the beginning of a very successful career in the industry. Any help to make my dreams come true will never be forgotten.I strive for nothing less than the #1 spot!

    Risks and challenges

    I have the hunger and drive to make this happen. It is not a goal out of reach of achieving. I will make it happen! You will see me succeed for all people who believe in me. Trust in me, One Music Life Love! Mandy Candy loves each and every fan. We will win together! Everything I touch I make it pop….settling for nothing but the #1 spot!

    Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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    Tags: , hurting people with microwaves, klearwaterkev, microwave, monsters   

    Goverment using microwaves to hurt people -proof

    Government is hurting people – check it out , maybe shedding some light on it will have it stop.

    Also dont hurt the poor cat.

    I really do not know when or why I was targeted by whoever or whatever is doing this but I have traced a lot of this back to as early as my 4th or 5th year being alive I really started documenting this around 3 years ago. Taking photos, videos, writing it down in a black leatherbound journal. I chose the format of written documentation because I didn’t want to put anything online due to privacy concerns but through remote neural monitoring they can see everything I see, and make me see what they want, so privacy is out the window along with any sense or understanding of reality.

    I will post the real gems along with an explanation here:


    They’ve burned my arms with microwaves


    They’ve burned my eyes with microwaves


    They’ve even triangulated their attacks onto my pets, which really ticks me off


    They’ve snuck into my attic, for what reason? I believe for surveillance or covert drugging. Theres no way I got up into the attic or anyone else, other than people who didn’t belong there.

    So there you have it. It’s obvious something is happening here but no matter how much supporting evidense there is there will always be someone out there who thinks I am just crazy. Well if you went through this program you would be crazy too. Before you say “Schizophrenic” please look at what’s happening. Yes I do hear voices (thats a future entry) but delusions are always just that, delusions, this is my reality.


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    Tags: , , , killa mo 187 trapped directors cut, , trapp3d, trapped, trapped directors cut   

    Killa mo 187 – Trapped directors cut , OUT NOW!!! 

    Pass it around…. The lone Wolf’s Back in town with the REST of the story.

    Tired of the same ol’ boring cookie cutter CRAP that attempts to pass itself off for RAP and HIP HOP on the radio and television?
    Are you hopin’ for DANGER to be restored and reintroduced back into the music?
    Are ya sick and tired of autotune this and disco/new wave that on every single rap song you hear?
    Are you tired of blonde whore’s with butch-haircuts ruining NBA legend’s good names?
    Have you had enough of very un-talented assclowns getting all the attention?
    Are you fed up with silicone bubble assed HIV-infected whore’s trying to be your sex symbols?
    Do you just want to FINALLY hear something different, new, unfiltered and uninfluenced by the mainstream?
    If your answer’s ALL OF THE ABOVE than Killa-mo 187 is for you!

    Pick up your copy of “Trapped Director’z Cut” today.
    Order “Trapped Director’z Cut” on CD:
    Order “Trapped Director’z Cut” Digital:
    Also available at

    Pass it around.... The lone Wolf's Back in town with the REST of the story.</p>
<p>Tired of the same ol' boring cookie cutter CRAP that attempts to pass itself off for RAP and HIP HOP on the radio and television?<br />
Are you hopin' for DANGER to be restored and reintroduced back into the music?<br />
Are ya sick and tired of autotune this and disco/new wave that on every single rap song you hear?<br />
Are you tired of blonde whore's with butch-haircuts ruining NBA legend's good names?<br />
Have you had enough of very un-talented assclowns getting all the attention?<br />
Are you fed up with silicone bubble assed HIV-infected whore's trying to be your sex symbols?<br />
Do you just want to FINALLY hear something different, new, unfiltered and uninfluenced by the mainstream?<br />
If your answer's ALL OF THE ABOVE than Killa-mo 187 is for you!</p>
<p>Pick up your copy of "Trapped Director'z Cut" today.<br />
Order "Trapped Director'z Cut" on CD: <a href=
    Order "Trapped Director'z Cut" Digital:
    Also available at" width="276" height="395" />

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